Nitro Game Injection #177: Protein Slider (Natsume vs. Data East Special )


It’s a short show this week as Kyle & Slider round out NGI’s Japan Month celebration with double the awesome, featuring tracks from Natsume AND Data East games! Kyle also gets confused by Japanese translations as they check out arrangements from Shatterhand, Robocop, Wild Guns, Bad Dudes, Shadowrun, and Lemmings!

Slider also gives thanks to the Harvest Moon series with four tracks from various games in the series, all lovingly selected by her!

1. Hoha – To Japan, With Love (arrangement of Shatterhand [NES] :: )
2. Andy Gilmour, LMan – Robocop Title (arrangement of ‘Title’ from Robocop [C64] :: )

3. Yasufumi Fukuda, Hideaki Miyamoto, Barbaraaki – Opening (original work from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade [Wii] :: )
4. Sprite Slowdown – Abadox (arrangement of Abadox [NES] :: )

5. LUV2 – The Oh Parutan Kusu (arrangement of Kung-Fu Master [NES] :: )
6. Kengo Hagiwara, Mitsutosi Kodama, Ryoue Takagi, Noriko Ishida, Masaya Tsunemoto, Yousuke Ago – Fall Theme (original work from Harvest Moon DS :: )

7. 8 Bit Instrumental – Wild Guns (medley arrangement of Wild Guns [SNES] :: )
8. Jesus is Dead – Stage 2 (arrangement of Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja [NES] :: )

9. Ryan8bit – The Dead Become the Living (arrangement of Shadowrun [SNES] :: )
10. Nakajima Dai – Autumn Joy (original work from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life [GCN/PS2] :: )

11. housethegrate – Karnov (arrangement of Karnov [NES] :: )
12. Marvelous Interactive – Sundae Inn (original work from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility [Wii] :: )

13. Dale North – Christmas in the Village (Silver Bells ) (arrangement of ‘Village’ from Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrels :: )
14. Prince of Darkness – ULTRA Lemmings! (arrangement of Lemmings [SNES] ::

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