Nitro Game Injection #175: Deus Ex Machina (Square Enix Special feat. Robert Stjärnström of Machinae Supremacy )


NGI celebrates yet another milestone and continues Japan Month with the music of one of the most celebrated, venerable game developers in the East: Square Enix! Larry, Kyle and Slider celebrate the history of both Square and Enix with arrangements from Romancing SaGa, Rad Racer, Terranigma, Itadaki Street, Soul Blazer, Act Raiser, and more. They also get hyped for the legendary Nobuo Uematsu himself coming to MAGFest along with his band, the Earthbound Papas and discuss the original 3DS.

In addition to the celebration of Square Enix and the 175th episode, Kyle and Larry sit down for a chat with Robert Stjärnström, lead singer of the legendary SID metal band Machinae Supremacy! Slider also hits us with a simple art challenge this week: ‘Heart’ featuring Kitty-N from Bust a Groove!

1. London Philharmonic Orchestra – Main Theme (arrangement of ‘Main Theme’ from Final Fantasy [NES] :: )
2. Sixto Sounds, Theory of Nonexistence – Tant Mieux (arrangement of ‘Uneraseable Pain’ from Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song [PS2] :: )

3. OA – Afternoon Tea with SnappleMan’s Mom (arrangement of ‘Town’ from Terranigma [SNES] :: )
4. norg – Frenzied Encounters (arrangement of ‘Battle for the Glory’ and ‘Gypsy Dance’ from Dragon Quest IV [NES] :: )

5. Hat – The Wind That Shakes Da Marley (arrangement of ‘Wind Scene’ from Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: )
6. VANI – Seven Tastes Plus – Highway Star (arrangement of Rad Racer [NES] :: )

7. Thunderclash – Raiser Blazer (arrangement of Act Raiser, Soul Blazer [SNES] :: )
8. Nobuo Uematsu – Meranji Sand Dune (original work from Lord of Vermilion Original Soundtrack [Arcade] :: )

9. Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra – Sofie’s Cavern (arrangement of Itadaki Street 2 [SNES] :: )
10. Xoc – MAGFEST 7 MIX – Bonus Stage (arrangement from The 3D Battles of World Runner [NES] :: )

11. AkumajoBelmont – Bust This Groove ’81 (arrangement of ‘Blue Knife’ from Bust a Groove [PS1] :: )
12. Ryo Yamazaki – Wind Scene / X’mas Edit (arrangement of ‘Wind Scene’ from Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: )

13. Russell Cox – Evolutionary Means (arrangement of E.V.O.: The Search for Eden [SNES] :: )
14. Slovak National Symphony Orchestra – Kingdom Hearts (arrangement of ‘Simple & Clean’ from Kingdom Hearts [PS2] :: )

15. Israfel – Tears For A Moonlit Knight (arrangement of ‘Koibito no Inaiyoru’ from Soul Blazer [SNES] :: )
16. Earthbound Papas – Advent: One-Winged Angel (arrangement of ‘One-Winged Angel’ from Final Fantasy VII [PS1] :: )
17. Machinae Supremacy – Through The Looking Glass (original work from the album Redeemer :: )

18. Machinae Supremacy, 8-Bit Weapon – Paparazzi (cover of ‘Paparazzi’ by Lady GaGa from the album The Beat of Our Decay :: )
19. Machinae Supremacy – Force Feedback (original work from the album A View From The End Of The World :: )

20. Machinae Supremacy – Violator (original work from the album Overworld :: )
21. Machinae Supremacy – Dreadnaught (original work from the album Deus Ex Machinae :: )

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