Nitro Game Injection #167: Capsule (Capcom Special featuring Ian Flynn )


Ian Flynn returns along with Kyle and Slider to pay tribute to a perennial NGI favorite: Capcom! Despite a few arguable missteps recently, Capcom has a rich musical history, and the crew take a look at the music from both Capcoms greatest long-running franchises like Mega Man and Street Fighter, as well as obscure releases that Capcom may or may not be ashamed to have put their name on. They also lament the fact that Cadillacs & Dinosaurs didn’t blossom into a full-fledged franchise, discuss the Mega Man 9 Concrete Man ReMix EP OverClocked ReMix is putting together after forgetting to remix his theme for Back in Blue, and take a listen to tracks from Big Giant Circles, NESkimos, Nanaki’s View, Henning & Ingo Nugel, Quinn Fox, and more!PLAYLIST:
1. norg – The Journey Begins (arrangement from Willow [NES] :: )

2. CarboHydroM – Heart Cannon (arrangement of ‘Title’ from Mega Man 2 :: )
3. Hoha, AnisHaron – Look ma, no hands (arrangement of ” from Shatterhand [NES] :: )

4. Gonzo – My T-Rex don’t bite (arrangement from Cadillacs and Dinosaurs [Arcade] :: )
5. III – Concrete Jungle (arrangement of ‘Concrete Man Stage’ from Mega Man 9 [NES] :: )

6. Big Giant Circles – Fiddlesticks (arrangement of ‘Zangief’s Theme’ from Street Fighter II :: )
7. Tadayoshi Makino – The Great Desert Post, Loc Lac (from Monster Hunter 3 (tri- ) Original Soundtrack [Wii] :: )

8. Nanaki’s View – Final Fight (arrangement from Final Fight [Arcade] :: )
9. Danimal Cannon – no, the other ken from streetfighter (medley arrangement from Street Fighter 2010 [NES] :: )

10. Magical Trick Society – Ryuichi Naruhodo ~ Objection! 2001 (arrangement from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney [NDS] :: )
11. Sixto Sounds – The Skull Fortress (arrangement of ‘Flash in the Dark’ from Mega Man 9 :: )

12. Harjawaldar – In the Bitter Watches of the Night (arrangement from Gargoyle’s Quest [GB] :: )
13. Henning Nugel & Ingo Nugel – Ghouls’n Ghosts (arrangement of ‘Title’ from Ghouls ‘n Ghosts [Amiga] :: )

14. ansgaros – Cyclops and Storm Lose, Juggernaut Wins (medley arrangement of X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes [Arcade] :: )
15. NESkimos – Bionic Commando Movement II Part A (medley arrangement of Bionic Commando [NES] :: )

16. M-H – Mega Crush Unicorn (arrangement of ‘Area 88’ from U.N. Squadron [SNES] :: )
17. Quinn Fox – Vibe Victory (arrangement of ‘Mass of Cloud’, ‘Theme for Counterattack’ from Strider :: )

18. housethegrate – Go Blow Snow For a Year (arrangement of Snow Bros. [NES] :: )
19. Princess Tissue, Yutaka Sekine – Knightmare night (arrangement of ‘Knightman Stage’ from Mega Man 6 [NES] :: )
20. The OneUps – African Mines (arrangement of ‘African Mines’ from DuckTales [NES] :: )
21. Dhsu – Boxer Shorts Rag (arrangement of ‘Level 1’ from Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts [SNES] :: )

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