Nitro Game Injection #150: Sesquicentennial (featuring brentalfloss )


On the sesquicentennial milestone edition of Nitro Game Injection, Kyle, Larry, and Slider are joined for nearly 2 hours by the one and only brentalfloss! They ask all of the hard-hitting questions, like “where did you come up with the name brentalfloss?”, “where did you get your Mega Man t-shirt?”, “what is your XBox 360 gamertag?” and “why do you hate Mega Man 7?” (they actually did ask that one. ) Brent also drops some announcements on upcoming projects, and takes a bunch of questions from the chatroom in a live interactive Q&A session!

Along with four tracks from brentalfloss (including two from the freshly-released G-Rated Karaoke Track Pack ) this episode of NGI also spotlights tracks from Hyadain, ComputeHer, Makke, the UMD Gamer Symphony Orchestra, coda, and more!

1. Sixto Sounds, zircon – Subterranean Kamikaze (arrangement of ‘Sewer Surfin’ from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time [SNES] :: )

2. Action Adventure World – Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (cover of ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson :: )
3. Hyadain – Four Friends of the Elements (arrangement of ‘Battle With the Four Fiends’ from Final Fantasy IV [SNES] :: )

4. Fumapero – Paris-Dakar Rally Special (arrangement of ‘Title’ from Paris-Dakar Rally Special [NES] )
5. ComputeHer – New York (Original work :: – )

6. brentalfloss – The 2-2 Blues (arrangement of ‘Swimming BGM’ from Super Mario Bros. [NES] :: )
7. brentalfloss, The Megas – Gotta Run/Be the One (arrangement of ‘Wily Stage 1’ from Mega Man 2 [NES] :: )

8. brentalfloss – Tetris With G-Rated Lyrics (arrangement of ‘Korobeiniki’ from Tetris [Arcade] :: )
9. brentalfloss – Zelda With G-Rated Lyrics (arrangement of ‘Main Theme’ from The Legend of Zelda [NES] :: )

10. coda – Full Tank Lammy (arrangement of ‘All Masters RAP’ from PaRappa The Rapper [PS1] :: )
11. Gonzo – MJ Jam (arrangement of ‘Another Part of Me’ from Michael Jackson Moonwalker [GEN] :: )

12. UMD Gamer Symphony Orchestra – The Legend of Trogdor (arrangement of ‘Trogdor’ from Homestar Runner :: )
13. Makke – Mix Dizz (arrangement of Dizzy the Adventurer [NES] :: )

14. Ailsean, ramblinmike – Zelda Sunshine (arrangement of ‘Ending’ from The Legend of Zelda [NES] :: )
15. Hale-Bopp – Charade (arrangement of ‘Title Theme’ from Mario Kart DS [NDS] :: )
16. MC Nachbar – Rock Band (arrangement from Guitar Hero: World Tour :: )

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