Nitro Game Injection #149: Ninja Kick Kinder Surprise (Easter Special featuring Pongball )


Larry and Slider recover from their Easter festivities and join Kyle for some awesome Easter/Spring-themed game music. They highlight tunes from Infamous, Yasuo Sako, Rushjet1, Blak Omen, Press Play on Tape, Bladiator, SnappleMan, Masaya Matsuura, and more! Slider also tackles two NGI Art Challenges this week, resulting in Ninja Kick The Damn Rabbit and Yoshi and Kinder Eggs!

We also feature an NGI exclusive track from the upcoming Sapphire Skies Flash game, and composer Shannon “Pongball” Mason also drops in for an impromptu, unplanned interview to provide some insight on the project and her works. Check it out!


1. Germania Monte Mario – Egg Planet (arrangement from Super Mario Galaxy [Wii] :: )

2. Infamous – Nemesis (easter island mix ) (arrangement of Nemesis [C64] :: )
3. halc – Spring Junkie (arrangement of ‘Spring Yard Zone’ from Sonic The Hedgehog [GEN] :: )

4. M-H – Ninja Kick the Damn Rabbit! (arrangement of ‘Scene 1 – Fire! We Gotta Get April Out!!’ from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game [NES] :: )
5. Yasuo Sako – Spring Song (from Gran Turismo 4 Original Soundtrack ~Classic Collection~ :: )

6. Rushjet1 – Overdrive! Easter Egg Mode (Original work from Sounds of the 2A03 :: )
7. Máire Bhreatnach – Chocobo-Chocobo (arrangement from Final Fantasy IV [SNES] :: )

8. jmr – Meteorites and Rabbits (arrangement of ‘Stardust Road’ from Super Mario Galaxy [Wii] :: )
9. Pongball – Main Theme (from Sapphire Skies Original Soundtrack :: NGI EXCLUSIVE )

Interview with Shannon “Pongball” Mason ( )

10. Blak Omen – Shattering the Egg of Dreams (arrangement from Xenogears [PS1] :: )
11. Press Play on Tape – Thing on a Spring (arrangement of Thing on a Spring [C64] :: )

12. Hideaki Kobayashi – Easter (from Phantasy Star Online Songs of RAGOL Odyssey Soundtrack ~Episode 1&2~ :: )
13. Bladiator – MC Jazzer (arrangement of Jazz Jackrabbit [PC] :: )

14. BrainCells, SnappleMan – Scrambled Eggman (arrangement of ‘Boss’ from Sonic 3 & Knuckles [GEN] :: )
15. The Orichalcon – ElectroCute Bunny (The End ) (arrangement of ‘Cute Little Dead Bunny’ from Doom [PC] :: )
16. Masaya Matsuura – Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken’s RAP (from PaRappa The Rapper Original Soundtrack :: )

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