Nitro Game Injection #147: A New Challenger Appears!


After several guest appearances leading up to this point, Slider makes the logical jump and joins NGI as an official, semi-permanent co-host! She will be appearing on future episodes along with Kyle and Larry, bringing some much needed class to Nitro Game Injection.

On this episode, Larry pimps the upcoming Sound of Speed: Sonic The Hedgehog OverClocked ReMix arrangement album, Kyle fails at the English language, and Slider accepts Larry’s challenge to redesign the Cheetahmen!  The trio also check out tracks from Vomitron, Yoko Shimomura, bjkmenu, Trenthian, Brian Davis, and more, so grab it.


1. Machinae Supremacy – Paparazzi (from The Beat of Our Decay :: )

2. Vomitron – Double Dragon (medley arrangement from Double Dragon [NES] :: )
3. Random Encounter – Millennial Faire (arrangement from Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: )

4. Dale North – Knight Rider with Soy Sauce (arrangement of ‘Theme of Japan’ from Super Dodge Ball [NES] :: )
5. Yoko Shimomura – Kingdom Hearts (medley arrangement of Kingdom Hearts [PS2] :: )

6. rize – Flying in a Purple Car (arrangement from F-Zero: Maximum Velocity [GBA] :: )
7. Ryan8Bit – Overdeveloped Sense of Vengeance (arrangement from Dragon Quest IX [DS] :: )

8. bjkmenu – Q Dina is Underneath A Bol (arrangement from Q-Bert [GBC] :: )
9. Benjamin Briggs – Too Soon (Original work :: )

10. Nirreman – Teenage Mutant Cheetah Men (arrangement of ‘Main Theme’ from Cheetahmen II :: )
11. Gibs – Monty On The Run (Plug’n Rock ) [arrangement from Monty on the Run [C64] ::]

12. Brian Davis – Ecco the Dolphin Opening Theme (arrangement from Ecco The Dolphin [GEN] :: )
13. Dale North, Mustin – Team Gato 2.0 (arrangement of ‘Gato’s Theme’ from Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: )

14. Trenthian – Wizards in My Armor (Warrior in My Long-Johns ) [arrangement from Wizards & Warriors [NES] ::]
15. ddrkirby – Ending Theme (from Fasto the Speedhog 2 Original Soundtrack :: )

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