Nitro Game Injection #142: The Final Countdown (featuring Slider )


Larry is FIRED for going to PAX East, so artist and NGI fangirl Slider-Chan steps into his place for this episode! She uses her knowledge of Japanese to berate Kyle for his terrible pronunciation, confuses him by talking about Dragon Ball Z Kai (where the only concern Kyle had was that OVER NINE-THOUSAND remained, ) and they both read the chatroom on the air. Slider also helps with the playlist and makes some awesome selections that you should check out! bjkmenu calls it “the best NGI episode ever,” so you know you need to listen to it, NAO!

Also be sure to check out Slider’s art gallery: She does high-quality commissions at reasonable prices!

1. Keiji Matsumoto – Moon Over The Castle Type-R (from Gran Turismo 2 [PS1] Original Game Soundtrack :: )
2. Rina Genga – Wartteton (from Bust a Move [ARC] :: )
3. Crush 40 – Live & Learn (from Sonic Adventure 2 [DC] :: )
4. Akitaka Tohyama – Everlasting Love (from Katamari Damacy Minna Daisuki Original Soundtrack [PS2] :: )
5. Virt – Five Nine Seven Eight (from SOUNDSHOCK: FM FUNK MADDNESS!! :: )
6. Hyadain – Super Mario Western Show (arrangement of ‘Overworld BGM’ from Super Mario World [SNES] :: )
7. SnappleMan – Malicious Fingers (arrangement of ‘Final Boss’ from Sonic 3 & Knuckles [GEN] :: )
8. Bump of Chicken – Karma (from Tales of the Abyss [PS2] :: )
9. A.S.H., Kinya Sawaguchi, Jason Miller – Suck A Sage [Chipp’s Theme] (from GUILTY GEAR XX in N.Y VOCAL EDITION :: )
10. Mosquito-Milk – Monkey (from Mega Man X5 :: )
11. Michiko Naruke – War Demon (from WILD ARMS Alter code:F ORIGINAL SCORE :: )
12. The Megas – I Want to be The One [Acoustic] (arrangement of ‘Dr. Wily Stage 1-2’ from Mega Man 2 [NES] :: )
13. The OneUps – Professor Oyama’s Laboratory (arrangement of ‘Luigi’s Mansion’ from Luigi’s Mansion )
14. Star Salzman – Dreams Come True (arrangement of ‘Credits’ from Mega Man X :: )

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