Nitro Game Injection #132: Breaking Barriers (featuring halc )


Kyle & Larry bring in Drew “halc” Wheeler to talk about his works and the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog: The Sound of Speed OCReMix album. They also praise chips of both the edible and musical variety, do the R.O.B., blast some masters with drummers, get chased in a haunted place, and get a visit from Zappa. All on this episode of Nitro Game Injection!


1. Ozma – Korobeiniki (arrangement from Tetris :: )
2. NecroPolo – Bionic Commando stage 4 (Dale vs Wray mix ) (arrangement from Bionic Commando [C64] :: )

3. Daniel White – Lava Reef Zone Act I (arrangement from Sonic 3 & Knuckles [GEN] :: )
4. CarboHydroM – Nuklear Duke (arrangement of ‘Main Theme’ from Duke Nukem 3D [PC] :: )

5. Prince of Darkness – This Chase Is Haunted (arrangement of ‘Haunted Chase’ from Donkey Kong Country 2 [SNES] :: )
6. Xoc – Paperboy (in the style of Frank Zappa ) (arrangement of Paperboy [NES] :: )

7. OA, Scaredsim – The Sound of Speed (arrangement of ‘Green Hill Zone’ from Sonic The Hedgehog [GEN] :: NGI EXCLUSIVE )
8. halc – Sinking Deeper (arrangement of ‘Beyond the Deep Blue Sea’ from Final Fantasy V [SNES] :: )

9. Wizwars – Telstar Arcade (Original from Telstar Arcade :: )
10. Mario Freaks Orchestra – Gyromite (medley arrangement from Gyromite [NES] :: )

11. Sprite Slowdown – U.N. Squadron (medley arrangement from UN Squadron [SNES] :: )
12. Rush Coil – Little Drummer Boy ( )

13. VANI – Chanpon Famikonatsuatsu medley (Medley of Ninja Gaiden, Blaster Master, Gradius II, Super C, Contra, Metal Gear, Super Dodge Ball, and Double Dragon [NES] :: )

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