Nitro Game Injection #129: A View to Kill


This week, Kyle and Larry take a look at Machinae Supremacy‘s newest release, A View From the End of the World. They also discuss the gray legalities of the Japanese doujin scene, the rise of game music composer prominence, praise NES game Shadow of the Ninja for it’s mind-blowing soundtrack, and tons more.


[1:33] Host Segment 1
-Happy Music Day! Every day is Music Day!
-Larry thinks some of the music sucks, but trusts Kyle anyway to open eyes to new music
-Discussion of AkumajoBelmont, including the SEGA Racing project: VRRRORRORRORRRRRROOOOOOOMMMMM!
-Larry votes NO on every Daytona remix submitted to OCR
-“For yooouuu!”

[16:37] Host Segment 2
-Turtle Wank!:
-Shadow of the Ninja: Greatest soundtrack on the NES? It’s in the running
-TMNT: Hyperstone Heist vs. Turtles in Time discussion
-Ashane totally cheated by covering TMNT4 for a SEGA month
-Shout out to Jeriaska, Japanese translator extraordinaire
-Perfect Dark ‘Dark Conflict’ OCReMix showing up in Japanese softcore videos
-Live House S.S.H. discussion

[32:33] Host Segment 3
-Abadoss ( ), Trenches, and the Independent Gaming Festivial
-Larry tells Kyle to build a time machine, Kyle says he’ll build it into a DeLorean, and Larry makes fun of him for it
-Kyle bashes Sonic 4 again, praises Colors
-Harjawaldar rocks faces with ‘Tercios’

[53:27] Host Segment 4
-DCT discussion (htp:// )
-Technical difficulties with Larry, but things get straightened out
-NGI ALBUM REVIEW: Machinae Supremacy – A View From the End of the World
-Kyle’s Score: 4 out of 5
-Larry’s Score: 4 out of 5

[81:31] Host Segment 5
-Larry wonders when we’ll review an album that sucks
-Kyle suggests that OCR sells Recapitated ( ) at Comiket
-Larry calls Scaredsim and BroHounF’s Shadow of the Ninja remix “the smoothest, silkiest song I have heard all year in the community.”

High praise!

[95:45] Host Segment 6
-Unnoficial album sales, and the grey area of doujin works
-Official game composer approval of the remix scene
-Larry details his meeting of Hiroki Kikuta at Otakon
-Vampire Hunter Dan discussion
-Bang Camaro and Titan Quest discussion

[115:40] Host Segment 7
-Chiptuned Rockman discussion
-Lagrange Point praise
-Demetori cashing in on Touhou popularity
-Show conversation falls apart

[127:43] Host Segment 8
-Another Soundscape’s works, including the upcoming CUBESOME game
-Metroid Metal RAWKZ
-David Wise, Grant Kirkhope, and Robin Beanland’s leave a landmark remix in the video game music community
-The recent shift to more open communication with VGM composers
-Closing out with the brentalflawesome

Christopher Tin:
Crush 40:
Eminence Symphony Orchestra:
Hiroki Kikuta:
Hidenori Maezawa:
Kenji Yamamoto:
Mega Ran:

Arecibo Radio:
Dwelling of Duels:
Game Developer’s Conference:
Independent Gaming Festival:
OverClocked ReMix:
ScrewAttack Gaming Convention:
Sonic Wrecks:
Thunder Game Works:
Video Games Live:
Return All Robots:


1. AkumajoBelmont – For You (arrangement of ‘Dr. Wily Stage 1′ from Mega Man 2 [NES] ::
2. Ashane – Let’s Kick Shell! (arrangement from TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist [GEN] :: )
3. Live House S.S.H. – Big Blue (arrangement from F-Zero [SNES] :: )
4. Kenneth Keyn, Troy Keyn – The Engine of War (from Trenches Original Soundtrack [iOS] :: )
5. Harjawaldar – Tercios (arrangement from Heroes of Might & Magic 2 [PC] :: )
6. DCT – Moonlight Vibin’ (arrangement of ‘Ending Theme’ from Mega Man X5 [PS1] :: )
7. Machinae Supremacy – Crouching Camper Hidden Sniper (from A View From The End Of The World [Original] :: )
8. Machinae Supremacy – Indiscriminate Murder Is Counter-Productive (from A View From The End Of The World [Original] :: )
9. BrouHounF, Scaredsim – Flying Shuriken (arrangement from Shadow of the Ninja [NES] :: )
10. Vampire Hunter Dan – Things We Didn’t Know (medley arrangement from Secret of Mana [SNES] :: )
11. Bang Camaro – Rock Of Mages (from Titan Quest Original Soundtrack [PC] :: )
12. KPLECRAFT – Opening, Snakeman Stage (2A03+VRC7 mix ) (arrangement from Mega Man 3 [NES] :: )
13. Demetori – Paradise ~ Deep Mountain [arrangement from Touhou: Perfect Cherry Blossom [PC] ::
14. Mattias Häggström Gerdt – T-Shirt Made by Sang Han (from We Express Ourselves With T-Shirts [Original] :: )
15. Stemage, chunkstyle – Tallon Overworld (arrangement from Metroid Prime [GCN] :: )
16. David Wise feat. Grant Kirkhope, Robin Beanland – Re-Skewed (arrangement of ‘Donkey Kong Rescued’ from Donkey Kong Country 2 [SNES] :: )
17. brentalfloss – Mega Man 3 with Lyrics (arrangement of ‘Title Theme’ from Mega Man 3 [NES] :: )

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