NGI Top Fuel #01: Giving Thanks (Thanksgiving Special featuring “The Lady” Paige )


Welcome to a brand new series-NGI: Top Fuel! This new series of quickie episodes will be released periodically to give you guys some extra tidbits of gaming goodness between full episodes. For the debut, Kyle and Larry celebrate American Thanksgiving the only way they know how to: By giving you more music! The guys choose two tracks that they are thankful for, while also getting Mae and Paige in on the act with their own thankful selections.


01. Taro Bando – Decide in the Eyes (arrangement of ‘Big Blue’ from F-Zero X :: )
02. Unknown Artist – Tetris Techno

03. Israfel – Cerebral Rose Jam (arrangement from Shivers :: )
04. Another Soundscape – Pretty Pleasantries (from Kaleidoscope Original Soundtrack :: )

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