NEW SHOW! GreenViper8 joins the KNGI Network with Viper’s VGMture

Presenting a brand new show coming to the KNGI Network, hosted by none other than RadioSEGA‘s very own GreenViper8! You’ve heard him on RadioSEGA’s Pick n’ Mix, Topical Resort and The Dreamcast Hour, and now you’ll be hearing him here with

Here’s a quick synopsis:

Every week, lifelong SEGA fanatic Viper will take you on his adventures to broaden his gaming horizons and refine as well as redefine his VGM tastes.

Viper says, “The very first special episode will be airing on Wednesday, March 16th at 5pm EST/10pm GMT (just shortly after KNGI’s birthday!), where I’ll be taking you through my gaming history and playing for you a whole host of my personal favourites along the way.”

Following the special pilot episode on March 16th, Viper’s VGMture will launch in a few weeks as a regular show on the KNGI Network!

Viper continues, “I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, but specifically to Twinny from RadioSEGA for the show’s fantastically cheesy name, and of course to for providing a host in KNGI, and for his expertise whilst planning this show. With all that said and done, see you next Wednesday!”