MrMAGFest, aka Inverse Phase coming to NGI, September 4th! GameFuel’s Crash Course: Crash Harder Random Playlist Episode, September 5th!

On September 4th, Brendan “MrMAGFest” Becker, aka Inverse Phase will be returning to Nitro Game Injection! Kyle and Larry will be finding out what Brendan’s been up to in the last four years since his last appearance on the show, including his stepping down as the head of MAGFest, his prominence in the chiptune scene and contributions to huge albums like the Super Meat Boy Soundtrack, his undying loving of classic computer hardware, and what’s in store for him and his music. Don’t miss it!

Also, on Monday, September 5th, GameFuel takes a random trip through the KNGI music collection with another incarnation of the Crash Course Special! Tune in to see what happens, because nobody knows!

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