Molehill Mountain Episode 79 – All About the Kugel


Swatting got someone killed last week.  It’s an unpleasant topic and one we spend the first part of the show yammering about anything and everything to avoid it.  But, as former GamePolitics writers, we felt we needed to discuss it.

46:00 – Gamers kill someone via swatting

1:13:08 – Copyright extensions keep hundreds of games from entering the public domain this year

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Chat Transcript:

7:57 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.

7:58 PMmatthew wilsonHI

8:00 PMmatthew wilsonso whats both of yours goty?

8:02 PMGasKanOnFireno hat? wierd

8:04 PMmatthew wilsonfor me its neir

8:06 PMScottyJayManMy game for the year is Amiibo

8:07 PMmatthew wilsonno soul sounds like most of the AAA games this year

8:09 PMmatthew wilsonIdn I dont mind flying. I do a 5 1/2 hour flight to seattle every year for pax

8:10 PMmatthew wilsonwhy didnt you do moon hunting in mario on the flight?

8:10 PMWarren LewisHeyo!

8:14 PMMixtape TroyDid Andrew like Xenoblade 2?

8:18 PMAndrew EisenI haven’t played Xenoblade 2 so the jury’s still out on that one.

8:24 PMmatthew wilsonI assume you 2 have heard of the swatting indecent?

8:28 PMTrey AhzzeNintendo sent me repaired Wii U to another address and it floated around for a few months, just two days after launch it died.

8:28 PMmatthew wilsonall kenect games are bad, you monster subjecting your children to that! lol j/k

8:29 PMTrey Ahzzesent my repaired….typo

8:30 PMScottyJayManThe Kinect’s Milo is the 2nd creepiest Milo out there

8:30 PMMixtape TroyFedEx is the worst

8:31 PMmatthew wilsonsounds like you have a bad fedex driver

8:31 PMmatthew wilsonor lazy

8:31 PMTrey Holmesi havent had any problems with Fed ex where i live…its Ups that gives me Hell all the time

8:32 PMMixtape TroyForget getting fedex packages in apartments. They leave your stuff at the end of the hall/bottom of the stairs

8:35 PMmatthew wilsonwhen I was in school, my apt complex had a big mailbox with a unique key. if they dropped a package off, they would put it in that box, and put the key in the mail

8:37 PMmatthew wilsonsounds like a persona or zelda botw dish

8:37 PMTrey Holmeslol^ it does

8:38 PMTrey Holmesthats what she said

8:40 PMTrey Holmesi miss French Toast sooo good

8:42 PMmatthew wilsondo you like it?

8:42 PMTrey HolmesI liked the Beta

8:43 PMmatthew wilsonI will end up going for one of the guns

8:44 PMmatthew wilsonso who did you kill in that game?

8:44 PMScottyJayManSee this is why games should have a “Play for storyline” easy mode so anyone can play them

8:44 PMTrey Holmesyea i like the Gun weapons

8:45 PMmatthew wilsonteenagers in harror movies are never good people

8:45 PMmatthew wilsonthat is horror movies 101

8:52 PMTrey HolmesThe guy responsible also has in the past called-in bomb threats to a LA news station

8:54 PMTrey Holmeswhat do you guys think the punishment should be for Swatting?

8:57 PMMixtape TroyUp to 5 years prison, 28 months community service, $100k fine.

9:00 PMGasKanOnFireThis why dont go to whichita anymore.

9:02 PMmatthew wilsonraise the standerd swat should never be first to the scene, and normal cops can only carry a tasser gun

9:02 PMA Leafhe should be locked up for life imo

9:02 PMA Leafbased on his twitter he has 0 remorse for what he has done, and he has done exactly this without a fatality seemingly many times before and bragged about it publicly.

9:02 PMMixtape Troy@matthew wilson with the current administration, no chance in hell

9:03 PMA Leaf>I’m 10 minutes behind

9:03 PMA Leafoh…

9:03 PMMixtape Troy“We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong”

9:04 PMfroilen13“you know ” is rising

9:06 PMTrey Holmesi knew it was only a matter of time

9:06 PMmatthew wilsonI stand by what I said

9:07 PMMixtape TroyThis topic doesn’t fit my expectations of a podcast ironically titled Molehill Mountain.

9:10 PMMixtape TroySomething something “intent to cause harm” kind of felony

9:16 PMTrey HolmesYAAAY Copyright

9:17 PMMixtape TroyYoutube has a Youtube problem.

9:18 PMScottyJayManTrump has the copyright to the term “Orange”

9:26 PMMixtape TroySo if these were public domain, what does it mean?

9:31 PMScottyJayManThe Platinum Games Transformers Game was removed from Steam, Xbox and ps store.

9:35 PMScottyJayManWas that Princess of Mars comic the one where everyone was naked?

9:36 PMAndrew EisenCan’t say for sure but everyone’s naked in the books so I would assume it’s the same for the comic.

9:37 PMGasKanOnFirei think the closest game in pd is a ds game that was entsngled is a lawsuit, so the code is in evidence which in turn can be got by anyone. I could be wrong 😉

9:44 PMTrey HolmesFinal Fantasy X-2 Ewww

9:57 PMTrey Holmes2098!?

9:57 PMCodeNameZhi guys

9:58 PMCodeNameZhow you all doing

9:58 PMTrey Holmes@CodeNamez Sup

9:59 PMCodeNameZits 7am here

10:00 PMCodeNameZalso I have a job now

10:01 PMCodeNameZusually I start to work at 8-9am

10:04 PMCodeNameZno work on weekends

10:05 PMAndrew EisenWell, enjoy your work-free weekend!

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