Molehill Mountain Episode 69 – The Funniest Number!


No matter how old I get, I still laugh at the most immature things.

We spend most of the first half of the show talking about superhero cartoons then discuss which games Nintendo might include on a hypothetical N64 Classic Edition (42:10).

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes.

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:30 PMThe Bag Volgs And Bikeshey

6:39 PMAndreas Protopapashi

6:43 PMAndrew EisenHello and welcome everyone. About 15 minutes to show time.

6:51 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone.

7:14 PMScottyJayManCan they run on a potato computer

7:17 PMeathdemonxmen evelution is my fav xmen

7:17 PMeathdemonevolution

7:19 PMeathdemon90s spiderman cartoon is best spiderman

7:20 PMScottyJayManNaked green Dafoe

7:22 PMeathdemonI still say avengers earth’s mightiest heroes is best avangers

7:23 PMeathdemonI think the olderish animated stuff crushes the live action stuff.

7:23 PMeathdemonbut I guess I am showing my bias for anamated stuff.

7:26 PMeathdemon70s fatalistic 4 cartoon is the good 1

7:27 PMeathdemonjl/jlu is best justice league

7:28 PMeathdemonI said both are

7:30 PMeathdemonezk watch my hero academia trust me

7:32 PMeathdemontrust me if you like marvel/dc stuff you will like mha

7:37 PMGasKanOnFireI would like to say that “number 2” is funnier. 😛

7:38 PMIcySon55hey guys!

7:39 PMGasKanOnFireyo

7:40 PMIcySon55Andrew: Did you mention the pro controller fund at all? Viewers: I mentioned the idea to him and was wondering what you guys would think of such a thing?

7:40 PMAnatoly Garbanzohello!

7:40 PMScottyJayManIf Salem using in Sabrina, I ain’t interested

7:41 PMScottyJayManSorry if Salem isn’t in Sabrina

7:45 PMIcySon55haha

7:46 PMScottyJayManIt would be a better value Kickstarter than Mighty no 9

7:46 PMIcySon55hilarious~

7:47 PMGasKanOnFireyup

7:48 PMIcySon55if they want to keep the same box size as the NES and SNES (they’re same and stack nicely)

7:48 PMIcySon55they’d have to redesign it

7:48 PMGasKanOnFirehave you all seen that Hori N64 Controller(only released in Japan)

7:48 PMIcySon55and likely, with slidepads (lala 3DS)

7:48 PMIcySon55a la 3DS*

7:48 PMeathdemonyour nuts andrew, the n64 one is one of the worst controlers ever

7:49 PMeathdemonsome of the best games, but worst controller

7:49 PMlittlegittellistening to you while I drive in my car. It’s pretty interesting because you’re coming through the radio. Oh Bluetooth

7:49 PMScottyJayManAndrew and his mystery magical bag of controllers

7:50 PMlittlegittelof course I can’t watch. I can just listen.

7:50 PMScottyJayManlittlegittel he’s doing very rude things.

7:51 PMGasKanOnFire2 controller slots vs 4 ???? too many 4 player games are 3rd party

7:51 PMeathdemonthe gc controller was good for games built for it, like smash, but the xbox controler beats it that gen

7:53 PMeathdemonreplace the c stick with another analog stick

7:54 PMAndrew EisenThe c stick is an analog stick.

7:54 PMIcySon55imagine a flattened N64 controller with a slidepad not much bigger than the SNES controller

7:54 PMeathdemononly 2 games on the n64 would be worth it. mario 64/oot

7:54 PMeathdemonyeah also majoras mask

7:55 PMeathdemonyes thats what I mean

7:55 PMGasKanOnFireThe yellow nipple FTW

7:55 PMScottyJayManI honestly thing Doom 64 should be on the system

7:56 PMeathdemonso 3 games, not much of a list

7:56 PMeathdemonno doom 64 isnt good

7:57 PMeathdemonheay I owned a n64, most of those games dont hold up

7:57 PMeathdemonearly 3d games dont hold for the most part

7:58 PMAnatoly GarbanzoPerfect Dark

7:58 PMIcySon55StarCraft 64~ XD

7:59 PMeathdemonmajora’s mask is weird, its nintendo’s take on a imersive sim/time managment game

7:59 PMIcySon55Armorines Project S.W.A.R.M.? Did nobody play that game?

7:59 PMGasKanOnFiresmash bros, mario cart, diddy kong racing, SO many mario parties

8:00 PMeathdemongolden eye does not hold up, trust me

8:01 PMIcySon55Army Men!

8:01 PMScottyJayManWell Microsoft is a lot more open these days. Biggest hurdle would be whoever holds the video game right now. I think it’s Activision?

8:02 PMIcySon55another first person shooter

8:02 PMIcySon55with aliens and couch co-op for the story line

8:03 PMIcySon55it’s fantastic

8:04 PMGasKanOnFireOOOO no conker BFD?

8:05 PMGasKanOnFireyup

8:06 PMSeakkennedTurok Dinosaur Hunter would have to be on there

8:06 PMGasKanOnFireNo “M” games 😞 No mortal kombat trilogy

8:06 PMAnatoly Garbanzoyes to Turok!

8:06 PMeathdemonki wont happen ms is activly selling a ki tittle

8:07 PMGasKanOnFirethey are on steam now

8:08 PMeathdemonMario party 2, only good one

8:08 PMeathdemonor quake, since quake was that time as well, but it was a pc game

8:09 PMGasKanOnFireI thought it was put out with the new version.

8:10 PMGasKanOnFire10 numbered and 4 on ds and 3ds

8:11 PMIcySon55they’d have to change the board compared to the NES and SNES mini which have the same board

8:11 PMGasKanOnFireyup wave race was the best.

8:11 PMIcySon55an optional multi-tap that could be included with a 2-pack of extra controllers

8:11 PMAnatoly Garbanzoyeah, Wave Race was a massive game back then – huge buzz / release title

8:12 PMSeakkennedYea waverace was awesome

8:12 PMGasKanOnFireWave race and 1080 will need to have the kawasaki and tommy hillfiger stuff removed

8:14 PMIcySon55Snap!

8:14 PMeathdemonpokemon staduim 2

8:15 PMeathdemonits not needed

8:15 PMIcySon55they’d also liekly have emulated memory cards for games that need them.

8:15 PMeathdemonits still a decent mp game without it

8:15 PMGasKanOnFireQUEST 64 is crap, Put in some mischief maker was great!

8:17 PMGasKanOnFireOh man rouge squadron!

8:17 PMScottyJayManI find it funny that Animal Crossing in GameCube was just the N64 game, so the entire game just went into the Gamecubes RAM and you could take the disc out and still play it.

8:18 PMIcySon55Episode 1 Racer was SO GOOD

8:19 PMGasKanOnFireSin and Punishment was pretty cool, very ANIME!

8:20 PMShinkei DEIHybrid Heaven is Metal Gear the RPG

8:21 PMShinkei DEIAnd by worst dressed characters you mean Diaz? Or the main guy? Both characters are pretty badly dressed xD

8:21 PMIcySon55Wetrix!

8:23 PMGasKanOnFireShouldn’t the conversation be the Virtual Boy Classic??? I am ready!!!!!!!

8:24 PMIcySon55We’ll add it in after the system comes out, like we’re with the other two. >.>

8:25 PMIcySon55we’re doing*

8:25 PMGasKanOnFirelol vb classic is just a box with a bunch of needles you stick in your eyes

8:27 PMeathdemonwow….. the ne db supper ep was so popular it caused all the ligit anime sites crunchyroll,funi,vrv ect to crash under traffic

8:27 PMeathdemontraffic

8:28 PMGasKanOnFireHe got that Nintnedo Playstation working

8:42 PMGasKanOnFireThat way they can burn the evidence

8:43 PMGasKanOnFiregg

8:43 PMIcySon55laters

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