Molehill Mountain Episode 59 – Bad Game Industry, Bad!


This week we talk about the video game industry’s myriad shenanigans of late.  I’m sure we’ll find something positive to talk about!

31:53 – Lawbreakers dev says game not Switch-bound because not enough buttons

41:03 – Metroid: Samus Returns gates content behind amiibo

52:47 – ThinkGeek hoards NES Classic Editions and forces you to buy overpriced bundles to get them

59:50 – Nintendo’s obnoxious Voice Chat solution

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Chat Transcript:
(I guess the YouTube chatbox has a limit because the first half hour of comments are gone.  Sorry about that.)

7:30 PMSNIPER dropperthat’s cool

7:30 PMAu8bsssBattlefield 1

7:30 PMBob DobbsNew battlefield?

7:30 PMBob DobbsAh.

7:30 PMSNIPER dropperlol

7:31 PMAu8bsssI like to crash the plane into enemies

7:31 PMSNIPER dropperLol boi

7:31 PMeathdemongdc vault is $600 for a year

7:31 PMSNIPER dropperThat’s fun as hell

7:31 PMAu8bsssAnd also the tank

7:31 PMBob Dobbshaven’t gotten far in it. lost interest, to be honest. maybe an hour in….

7:32 PMSNIPER dropperoh lol

7:32 PMeathdemonthis year will be my 4th pax west

7:32 PMAu8bsssIt’s actually my brothers playstation so I don’t play it often

7:32 PMBornDistractedlol

7:32 PMBob Dobbsday of the tentacle anybody?


7:33 PM13UcubeHe’s the Oh Dan Nintendo Take my money guy

7:33 PMAu8bsssWhat

7:33 PMBob Dobbswhat’s the game from e3 y’all are looking forward to most?

7:34 PMAu8bsssOh and also my second favorite game is The Sims 4

7:35 PMSNIPER dropperI got a Lamborghini and it’s hot pink

7:35 PMBob DobbsAu8bsss, are you a female? Not judging, just curious. I can’t tell gender from fish(?)heads.

7:35 PMSNIPER dropperfor my 17 birthday

7:35 PMAu8bsssYes, I am

7:35 PMBob Dobbswerd.

7:35 PMSNIPER dropperlol

7:36 PMBob Dobbsnever got into the Sims.

7:36 PMBob Dobbsagain, no judging.

7:36 PMAu8bsssSims is a good game you should really check it out

7:36 PMBornDistractedthe pro controller don’t count?

7:37 PMBob DobbsI tried it. I never fell into it. potatoes potatoes

7:37 PMeathdemonthe duke controler, I had one of those

7:37 PMSNIPER dropperI played it before but my friend broke it

7:37 PMAu8bsssWho is actually listening to them talk

7:37 PMBob Dobbsnot me.

7:37 PMSNIPER dropperI don’t play it no more

7:37 PMeathdemon360 controler was 5x better than the ps3 controler

7:38 PMSNIPER dropperkinda listening

7:38 PMAu8bsssI can’t anymore I lost the disk I used to play it on my computer

7:38 PMAu8bsssWhat happened to the video

7:38 PMSNIPER dropperHey wats better Xbox or playstation

7:38 PMBob Dobbswhich one?

7:39 PMBob Dobbsthey’re both good.

7:39 PMAu8bsssPlayStation

7:39 PMAu8bsssDid the video go wrong on your guys

7:39 PMBob Dobbsrefresh it. It’s still good here.

7:39 PMSNIPER dropperIkr I think both are good

7:40 PMAu8bsssIt’s not working

7:40 PM13Ucubefamily translation A LOT of buttons

7:40 PMBob DobbsI was a ps guy, but whatever.

7:40 PMSNIPER dropperBob I subscribed to u

7:40 PMAu8bsssWhy are the comment still working but not the video

7:40 PMBob Dobbsau8bsss, refresh page. It’s fine for me.

7:40 PMeathdemonor “we cant do it for hw reasons” lol

7:41 PMeathdemonjust say it

7:41 PMAu8bsssOh on it’s working now thanks

7:41 PMBob Dobbssniper – waste of time prolly. but thanks.

7:42 PMBob Dobbsau8, sweet.

7:42 PMBornDistractedAtari box will invigorate the video game industry! lol…

7:42 PMSNIPER dropperur welcome

7:42 PMAu8bsssSo…….where is everyone from

7:42 PMSNIPER dropperWho is listening to this

7:42 PMAu8bsssI’m from Yuma Arizona

7:42 PMBob DobbsI’ll make something just for you sniper.

7:42 PMSNIPER dropperI’m from ohio

7:42 PMBob DobbsNew orleans.

7:42 PMSNIPER dropperok

7:43 PMAu8bsssI subbed too bob

7:43 PMBob Dobbsau8, well…. now I have to make you both things…

7:43 PMSNIPER dropperdamn New Orleans is a nice place

7:43 PMSNIPER dropperok

7:43 PMAu8bsssUgh…….the video stopped again

7:44 PMBob Dobbsmurder capital of the country. So yes?

7:44 PMBob Dobbsau8, I don’t envy your internet.

7:44 PMSNIPER dropperoh

7:44 PMAu8bsssI have data

7:44 PMSNIPER droppernvm

7:45 PMSNIPER dropperI forgot want i was going to say

7:45 PMBob Dobbsno worries sniper. it is home.

7:45 PMAu8bsssEh, I wasn’t listening to it anyway

7:45 PMSNIPER dropperok

7:45 PMBob Dobbsau8, it isn’t that interesting. they aren’t talking about pokemon.

7:46 PMAu8bsssYeah, it was kinda boring

7:46 PMSNIPER dropperI don’t play Pokemon I ain’t judging tho

7:46 PMAu8bsssI think he’d be a good handing person not a taking person

7:46 PMBornDistractedwhen will Metroid become a movie? lol

7:46 PMBob Dobbsjust kidding. Pokemon sucks (covering head from the repercussion)

7:47 PMAu8bsssGaming i meant

7:47 PMSNIPER dropperyea my brother talks about it and I all ways tell at him and tell him to shut the fuck uo

7:48 PMBob DobbsI’m sure it’s fine. I don’t judge.

7:48 PM13Ucubethen try ACTUALLY finding these friggin amiibo.

7:48 PMSNIPER dropperok

7:48 PMSNIPER dropperway an amiibo jc

7:48 PMSNIPER dropperwats

7:48 PMSNIPER dropperan amiibo

7:49 PM13UcubeYeah they’re on walmart dot com for like 60 bucks each from a 3rd party vender

7:49 PMBob Dobbsfavorite console, anybody?

7:49 PMBornDistractedlol cube

7:49 PMAu8bsssOk guys I gotta go bye

7:49 PMSNIPER dropperps3

7:49 PMBob Dobbslater au8

7:49 PMSNIPER dropperbye

7:50 PMBob DobbsZelda 1 is still the shit.

7:50 PM13UcubeNintendo Creates Scaplers by their limiting supply

7:50 PMScottyJayManIt’s interesting that Australia you can easily get Amiibo and Switches. Never used to be the case

7:51 PMAu8bsssI’m back because I have nothing better to do

7:51 PMBob Dobbsof course they do, 13Ucube. that’s their hustle now.

7:51 PMSNIPER dropperLol ok au8

7:51 PMBob Dobbswelcome back au8!

7:51 PMSNIPER dropperdamn are u that bored

7:51 PMSNIPER dropperlol

7:51 PMAu8bsssYep

7:51 PMBob DobbsI know, huh?

7:51 PMAu8bsssJust call me , baby

7:52 PMAu8bsssJust kidding

7:52 PMSNIPER dropperLol don’t worry I’m bored as well

7:52 PMBornDistractedI hear electronics in Australia are expensive

7:52 PMBob Dobbsto be fair, we’re all here too.

7:52 PMSNIPER dropperwtf lol

7:52 PMSNIPER dropperLol ikr

7:52 PMBob Dobbsare we still talking about amibos?

7:53 PMSNIPER dropperI’m mot

7:53 PMSNIPER droppernot

7:53 PMSNIPER dropperGod damn it

7:53 PMSNIPER dropperI can’t fucking spell for shit

7:53 PMBob Dobbsborndistracted, it is Australia, after all.

7:53 PM13UcubeAndrew Moderators

7:53 PMBob Dobbsyes. we are. hi

7:54 PMBornDistractedlol

7:54 PMAu8bsssOh bob I just realized your profile pic was a cat and I like it

7:54 PMSNIPER dropperfuck guys guess wat

7:54 PMeathdemonit sat on them

7:54 PMBob DobbsThanks, au8

7:55 PMAu8bsssYour welcome

7:55 PMBob Dobbsit took me til now to realise what yours was.

7:55 PMBob DobbsIt’s a chick, right?

7:55 PMSNIPER dropperguess way guys

7:55 PMAu8bsssYeah I just zoomed in on my chicken drinking water

7:55 PMeathdemonif I were nintendo, ?I would send gamestop less after this stunt

7:55 PMSNIPER dropperGUESS what

7:55 PM13Ucubethat’s ridiculous. that sounds like straight up price gouge

7:56 PMBob DobbsWHAT???!!!

7:56 PMBornDistractedgamestop can get away with hat stuff because they have no “physical” competition…

7:56 PMBob Dobbsthe cost of nostalgia. buy it up, suckers.

7:56 PMBornDistractedoops typo

7:56 PMGasKanOnFireThey need to change their name to ThinkStupid, because that is what they think of their customers.

7:56 PMSNIPER dropperI can’t spell for shit and I scared the piss out of my friend

7:56 PM13UcubeBorn We are trying to contribute

7:57 PMeathdemonwalmart ant target

7:57 PM13Ucubeand Matt

7:57 PMBob Dobbsau8, that’s cool.

7:57 PMSNIPER droppersrry

7:57 PMSNIPER dropperbob

7:57 PMBob Dobbssniper, you should scare your friend.

7:58 PM13UcubeIts the circle of PRICE GOUGE

7:58 PMSNIPER dropperI just did I think she shot her self

7:58 PMSeakkennedIt’s still better than buying one on eBay for $300 or $400

7:58 PMBornDistractedWalmart not allowed to build where I live

7:58 PMkratos3821Nintendo fans “damage controlling since 1996”

7:58 PMBob Dobbsouch.

7:58 PMSNIPER droppershit not shot

7:58 PMeathdemonmy guess yes

7:58 PMBob DobbsI miss the nes.

7:59 PMBob Dobbsha!

7:59 PMSNIPER droppershe fucking shit her pants for real

7:59 PMAu8bsssCoo

7:59 PM13UcubeBoot boot

8:00 PMBob Dobbsmight I recommend moist wipes?

8:00 PMSNIPER dropperLol

8:00 PMSNIPER dropperMaybe more than that

8:00 PMSNIPER dropperbleach that shit

8:00 PMSeakkennedPronounced shockened

8:00 PMSNIPER dropperlol

8:01 PMBob Dobbswait, y’all are reading the chat? shit, I feel ignored now. my unanswered questions….

8:01 PMSeakkennedAgreed

8:01 PM13UcubeOooh what a closer

8:01 PMTrey Ahzzefor a while the price on Ebay dropped months back on the NES Classic for $90 to $100 but then went up again

8:01 PMSNIPER droppersame here like WTF

8:02 PM13Ucubetrey u just getting here? they are wrapping up

8:02 PMBornDistractedi don’t care for voice chat. i have a nasal voice anyway lol…

8:02 PMeathdemonthe phone app is worse than anyone could have thought. to use voice chat, you have to keep the app active, and screen on…………..

8:02 PMBob Dobbsouch.

8:02 PMeathdemonnintendo ever heard of multi tasking lol

8:03 PMAu8bsssBornDistracted well done well done

8:03 PMSNIPER dropperfuck I’m bored as hell

8:03 PMBob DobbsNintendo is becoming very behind the times.

8:03 PMeathdemonI wounder if they are making games on dos michines, and even dos could multi tasking lol

8:03 PMScottyJayManI’ve been using Discord for Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart.

8:03 PM13Ucubeyou can bounce any time you want

8:03 PMeathdemonbtw discord is voip of choice right now

8:04 PMAu8bsssWell imma go for real bueeee everybody’s

8:04 PMScottyJayManYou don’t need the app to play private matches

8:04 PMSNIPER dropperbye au8

8:04 PMeathdemonns has been doing it since 2001

8:04 PMBob DobbsI wouldn’t mind Nintendo being behind this, if the games were great.

8:04 PMeathdemonms

8:04 PM13UcubeNintendo’s Online Strategy =The path of MOST resistance

8:04 PMBob Dobbslater au8

8:05 PMSNIPER dropperoml

8:05 PMSNIPER dropperI’m bored

8:05 PMBob Dobbssniper, are you add? Not judging, just curious.

8:06 PMScottyJayManYou can pick maos in Splatoon, just not in public play

8:06 PM13Ucubefull judgement

8:06 PMSNIPER dropperwat does that mean

8:06 PM13UcubeZero Doubt

8:06 PMSNIPER dropperbob

8:06 PMeathdemonyou cake, or ice cream?

8:06 PMScottyJayManMaps

8:07 PMeathdemonj/k that was a splat fest thing

8:07 PMeathdemonit was 95% ice cream

8:08 PMScottyJayManIt’s playing with random that you have limits. Private you can customize anything

8:08 PMSeakkennedIce cream

8:08 PMBornDistractedhagen dasz! lol…

8:08 PMBob Dobbsnah, no worries sniper. you we’re voicing your boredom. my response is always ” are you ADD?”

8:08 PMeathdemonwe all know cake is a lie anyways

8:08 PMBob Dobbsthe cake, is indeed a lie.

8:08 PMScottyJayManBut that 95% was because everyone hates Pearl.

8:09 PMBob Dobbse3 thoughts?

8:09 PMSNIPER dropperBob jc way the he’ll does add me

8:09 PMSNIPER droppermean

8:09 PMBob Dobbswerd.

8:09 PMBob Dobbsin what?

8:09 PMSNIPER dropperohhh yea I’m weird as fuck

8:09 PMeathdemonI dont own a switch

8:09 PMBob Dobbsswine?

8:10 PMDr. 20XXMarina

8:10 PMDr. 20XX^_-

8:10 PMBob Dobbsnext time, gamergate.

8:10 PMSeakkennedAnymore debut review coming soon?

8:11 PMBob Dobbssorry to hear that.

8:12 PMSNIPER dropperhear wat

8:12 PMBob Dobbsanime sucks.

8:12 PMSNIPER dropperohhhh

8:13 PMBob Dobbsnot really, anime is pretty good.

8:13 PMSNIPER dropperBob do u have any vids

8:13 PMBob DobbsI do. not public though.

8:13 PM13UcubeHave great discussions in Twitter too

8:13 PMBob DobbsI’m gonna make you one. and au8.

8:13 PMSeakkennedI’m from Oklahoma

8:13 PMSNIPER dropperohh ok

8:14 PMSNIPER droppersorry for asking

8:14 PMBob Dobbshi from New Orleans

8:14 PMBob Dobbscheers

8:14 PMSNIPER droppercheers

8:15 PMBob Dobbssniper, like I said, I’m gonna make one for you as a new sub.

8:15 PMBob Dobbslater errybody.

8:15 PMSNIPER dropperreally ??

8:16 PMSNIPER dropperok bye bob

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