Molehill Mountain Episode 55 – Adventures Is Best Star Fox


What happens when one of the podcast hosts has a life?

You get another Andrew solo show!

7:42 – I explain why I stopped playing Life Is Strange after five minutes

20:18 – I share my mixed thoughts on the first couple hours of Resident Evil 6

36:54 – Nintendo announced the SNES Classic Edition

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

7:01 PMScottyJayManHello from the one person

7:10 PMeathdemonlife is strange is good, but can understand why its not for you

7:20 PMScottyJayManHave you played any of the Elder scrolls games? They have a massive amount of literature

7:27 PMScottyJayManDo these tic tacs at least make the characters breath minty fresh?

7:28 PMlittlegittelGreat commercial for tic tacos, cuz now I want some

7:29 PMlittlegittelTacos???? Stupid autocorrect

7:30 PMScottyJayManI just got the RE4/5/6 PS4 bundle. Never played 6 , now I’m worried

7:33 PMScottyJayManIt’s sounding like a Gears of War clone.

7:40 PMlittlegittelSo, will you make a new intro for the video for those not watching now?

7:40 PM13Ucubebetter late than never.

7:41 PMlittlegittelThe video tomorrow, about the classic edition

7:41 PMlittlegittelLike the debut review, you cut it into two parts so filmed an into and outdo

7:42 PMlittlegittelOh, I see. Uploaded. Git is not super tech savvy

7:42 PM13Ucubehehehe outdo

7:42 PMlittlegittelYes yes, outdo, typo

7:42 PM13Ucubei don’t even know what system Mother 3 was on

7:43 PMTrey AhzzeGBA had Mother 3..i think

7:44 PMScottyJayManIt does come with an extra controller

7:45 PM13Ucubeso 79.99 or the scalper conversion. 189.99 plus 8 shipping

7:46 PM13Ucuberocketbelt kicks but

7:46 PM13Ucubet

7:47 PMScottyJayManSuper Mario all stars would have been awesome

7:49 PMeathdemon-I think square wanted too much for crono trigger

7:49 PMScottyJayManTo be fair, the whole USA SNES looks bad, so it’s keeping in line with the theme 

7:50 PMScottyJayManJPN/PAL for life!

7:50 PMlittlegittelAre there extension cords for controllers?

7:50 PM13Ucubethe burned me once with the nes classic. but this time, i’m just going to watch them go.

7:51 PMTrey Ahzzeif you dont get your hands on SNES Mini…will you feel robbed…like someone robbed you of your childhood?

7:51 PM13UcubeI went to walmart. they don’t even have a sticker slot for the switch

7:51 PMTrey Ahzzei hear

7:51 PMlittlegittelEspecially cuz tvs are bigger now, you NEED to be further away

7:51 PMeathdemonapparently Nintendo is competing for resources for the switch with apple, samsong ect

7:52 PMIcySon55woo, how’s it going Andrew!

7:53 PMScottyJayManI was quite surprised that EB games Australia had the preorder page up for a full day before it sold out. Nes Classic was in minutes.

7:55 PMTrey AhzzeI see Switches in the area here, Best Buy, Walmart and

7:55 PMTrey AhzzeGameStop

7:55 PM13Ucubechances of Star Fox 2 releasing on Switch Virtual Console in like a year or something

7:56 PMScottyJayManI’m just glad they are releasing the original Yoshis island. I think this is the first time Super FX games have been rereleased.

7:57 PMIcySon55oh yes I was…

7:58 PMIcySon55that is so true…

7:59 PMeathdemonofcourse its them, not enough lead time before they started selling them

7:59 PM13UcubeWhat’s not impossible to find?? Millions of Nintendo fans that Can’t Find Their SHIT

7:59 PMTrey AhzzeNew Mexico

8:01 PMTrey Ahzzenot excited about the SNES mini…

8:02 PM13UcubeAndrew’s not much of a collector *glances over his shoulders*

8:02 PMlittlegittelHaha

8:02 PMScottyJayManI guess for a lot of people, they grew up with renting these games so jump at the chance to own them.

8:03 PMeathdemonsome roumers hint at them not making a huge margin off of the nes mini becouse of lcost of games

8:03 PMlittlegittelOr they sold them in a garage sale long ago

8:03 PMIcySon55did you get around to finishing that guide I sent you?

8:03 PM13UcubeDid you think the re release of dragon warrior 4 on DS was worth buying? I know you don’t like handhelds, but personally. WOW, the upgrades where pretty awesome

8:05 PMIcySon55usually, if I can manage to sell the older copy to someone, I’ll grab the updated game if there’s nothing new other than an upres/uptexture

8:06 PMScottyJayManDo you Have earthbound?

8:08 PMScottyJayManSorry Earthbound Physical cart?

8:08 PM13Ucubehahah

8:10 PMTrey AhzzeI had tons of SNES game, but sold them on Ebay..just left with sports games

8:11 PMIcySon55my sister managed to grab the Earthbound cart by itself

8:11 PMIcySon55and then also found the box and manual separetly

8:12 PMIcySon55how about an NES Classic with a cart slot? that would sell, like a shit-ton

8:12 PMTrey Ahzzethey’re doing the GBA Classic

8:12 PMScottyJayManI’m waiting for the N64 Classic with Doom 64 packed in

8:13 PMlittlegittelI. Loved. Goldeneye!!

8:13 PM13UcubeNintendo will almost release a Gamecube Classic edition, but then they will discontinue it after the press release

8:14 PMlittlegittelGoldeneye took me away from studying in college. Oops

8:14 PMlittlegittelBut only the competitive mode when you shoot your friends

8:15 PM13UcubeIt will look like SP but without clamshell

8:16 PMIcySon55yep, re-release the system with 720p basically, and a brand new modified gun that works on flatscreens

8:17 PM13UcubeWe need to do our list of games on randomtower

8:18 PM13Ucubewhat did the super gba plug into

8:18 PMIcySon55the GC had the broadband port and also the GBA Player port

8:18 PMA Galaxy!when will you cut your hair

8:20 PMIcySon55Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was amazing!

8:20 PM13Ucubewhat will the first 3 switch games be that you buy?

8:21 PMIcySon55one time with friends, we played it with two gamecubes, two TVs, three GBAs because we lacked a 4th GBA, my GBA Player was the forth one

8:21 PM13UcubePLAY X

8:21 PM13UcubeI feel like a broken record. YOU WILL LOVE X

8:22 PMIcySon55Xenoblade CX feels great, I’ve only been running around for like and hour or two

8:22 PM13Ucubebionis

8:22 PMIcySon55iirc, I’m 180+ hours into the first Xenoblade…

8:22 PM13Ucubethe mechonis comes later

8:22 PMIcySon55and not done yet

8:22 PM13Ucubenepon

8:24 PM13Ucubeyou are going to love Breath of the Wild

8:25 PMTrey Ahzzewhat about Stardew Valley

8:25 PM13Ucubei was wondering

8:25 PM13UcubeDragon Quest XI

8:25 PMBornDistractedwhen you switch between the roleplaying games you have do the controls get confusing?…

8:26 PM13UcubeIts the return of Oh Dan

8:27 PMBornDistractedoh ok makes sense

8:28 PMIcySon55Re: FF Crystal Chronicles: One time with friends, we played it with two Gamecubes, two TVs, and three GBAs because we lacked a 4th GBA, my GBA Player was the forth one

8:29 PM13UcubeThanks

8:30 PMTrey Ahzzenight

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