Molehill Mountain Episode 54 – Atari’s Back!!!


By request, we’ve kept our pre-show banter in the video version of the podcast (linked below).  You can skip ahead to the start of the show proper (or another topic) with the timestamps below.  In the show’s final half hour, Andrew and Zachary discuss the future of AR games the cost of living in San Diego.

28:20 – Atari is introducing new gaming hardware. What do we think it is?

42:17 – Sega is bringing its classic games to mobile devices for free (with ads)

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:44 PM13UcubeI just got dragon quest ix for ds in the mail today.

6:45 PMeathdemonbeen playing ff14

6:46 PM13Ucubefor some reason dragon quest vi is astronomically priced

6:51 PME. Zachary KnightHello everyone.

6:51 PM13Ucubehey. do i need to refresh

6:51 PMAndrew EisenNot yet.

6:56 PM13Ucubeok i did

6:56 PMAndrew EisenOkay, refresh.

6:56 PM13Ucubei see you

6:56 PMCodeNameZHi guys

6:56 PM13Ucuberefresh

6:56 PMCodeNameZHow you all doing

6:56 PME. Zachary KnightI don’t see you.

6:58 PM13UcubeWould you consider yourself a collector with games? Will you pay more for Complete in Box used or does it not matter?

6:59 PMCodeNameZYou need to see EA’s live chat. It says it will take 30mins for someone to answer than after 4h it says 29mins. Not even joking

7:00 PMeathdemonI gave up physcal media long long ago, in a galaxt far far away

7:02 PMjordan thompsonare Andrew and Zack trying to 1 up each other with their collections again

7:03 PM13Ucubeandrew wins because no children. its an unfair comparison

7:03 PMeathdemondoes my steam library count? I have over 100 games there

7:05 PMjordan thompsonnot to add to the continuing self validations but I have 170 original gameboy games

7:05 PM13Ucubestill the king of the preshow make the show late question sorry

7:05 PMAndrew EisenWow. No snark, that’s impressive!

7:06 PMCodeNameZanyone maybe own Sonic And the Secret rings? I saw an used copy for $5

7:07 PM13Ucubehe NEEDS a wii u

7:08 PMjordan thompsonquestion for the both of you, are there any games that would be “daddies games” like this is mine you no touchy ever

7:08 PMCodeNameZBrave as Pikachu? Pikachi is an asshole in the anime

7:09 PMeathdemonyup youtube is shit. 100k views = $100 roughly

7:11 PMCodeNameZ​[message retracted]

7:12 PMjordan thompsonhey Andrew you’re almost starting to look like a young Harvey keitel

7:13 PMeathdemonyup games stuff monitizes well, that “other” stuff does not

7:13 PMCodeNameZYou can add a animal lover ad?

7:18 PM13UcubeChildren make it hard to have nice things

7:18 PMjordan thompsonwhen they’re teenagers that stickiness might be something else (I’m sorry it needed to be said)

7:18 PMeathdemonstill say andrew needs to play the new nier game

7:18 PMCodeNameZYou needed to see my neighbours when I was a kid everything they touch they break. They somehow were able to make a hole on my SNES. It works fine but in one corner there is a hole

7:20 PMCodeNameZWe never saw Zack without his cap. What is he hiding?

7:20 PM13Ucubei may be watching later. i’m having outerweb issues

7:22 PM13Ucubethe more videos i record, the more i realize I’m friggin balding

7:23 PM13UcubeI don’t think Atari is worth 80 dollars

7:25 PM13UcubeI’m more concerned about my Thinning Wallet

7:25 PMCodeNameZDid you hear about Xenoverse 2 on Switch, it will run at 900p, 60fps on 1vs1, it will have the pre order DLC, even the Xenoverse 1 story mode but payed DLC wont be on the DLC you would need to buy it

7:26 PM13Ucubeyou should probably edit out your drivers license

7:27 PM13UcubeShould I make the money laundering comment again??

7:27 PMjordan thompsonquick everyone freeze frame their social security numbers

7:27 PMScottyJayManI went with a phone case with card slots and never back

7:27 PM13UcubeHere show us again and we’ll let you know

7:29 PMjordan thompsonI would show you my wallet but then you might get my 10 year old Konami Yu-Gi-Oh cards club member I’d… the tragedy

7:29 PMCodeNameZOn the disc not dlc

7:30 PMCodeNameZSorry for not checking

7:30 PMCodeNameZproff checking I mean

7:30 PMeathdemonwere there any switches?

7:31 PM13UcubeI only pee at 30frames per second unless I have too much coffee

7:31 PMCodeNameZLet me write it again, payed DLC wont be on the disc you would need to buy it

7:32 PMCodeNameZAlso I look up your drivers licence. You cannot see the text its really burry

7:32 PMjordan thompsonthe new form of Pokemon how many switches can you find

7:34 PMCodeNameZWhat games Atari made in the last 5 years anyway?

7:34 PMjordan thompsonIn the 80s : Atari 2800, Atari 5200, Atari 7200, ….. shit its 2017 : Atari 592869285829

7:35 PMCodeNameZI think the Ataribox can be something like the 2002 Xbox, a PC with the Atari logo and it will run costume made Linux

7:36 PMShawndell RiversWhat’s your opinion on the new upcoming ataribox

7:38 PMeathdemonthe only mini console ??I would care about would be a mine snes

7:39 PMCodeNameZWhat if they made 2600 but updated to look modern. Like made in Unity or in Unreal Engine

7:39 PMCodeNameZ2600 games*

7:40 PMCodeNameZJaguar came out in 1993

7:40 PMGasKanOnFirei am all in on that hyperkin retron77. i have all of my games, paddles, and track ball.

7:40 PMScottyJayManAT Game made the Atari flashback. And The Sega ones.

7:41 PMGasKanOnFireWho actually owns Atari?

7:41 PMShawndell RiversI hope it’s a next gen console

7:42 PM13Ucubecall of duty isn’t modern anymore. its been the same game for a decade

7:42 PMCodeNameZ“All the modern games in 2600 style…. plz dont sue us”

7:43 PM13Ucube4K 60 frames pong

7:44 PMScottyJayManPong at 6 teraflops

7:44 PMjordan thompsonpeople for years wanted Sega to make a console comeback and have the Sega Nintendo rematch but here’s atari out of left field saying “thanks Nintendo for keeping my seat warm”

7:45 PMCodeNameZDo you think maybe Atari (or whoever) saw how much hype coleco chameleon is getting last year and they wanna to continue where coleco chameleon stopped

7:45 PMGasKanOnFirejag had cd add on

7:46 PMScottyJayManIf retro is making this, let’s hope they don’t steal the emulators this time.

7:46 PMScottyJayManSorry Retron

7:46 PMCodeNameZThe Jaguar got a CD add on and there was in plan to make a hybrid CD/card system that would replace the current Jaguar but it was never made

7:47 PMGasKanOnFireya they screwed the pooch with those emu.

7:48 PM13Ucubeps3 has all the sega games i need in 1 20 dollar disc. ad free

7:48 PM13Ucubeand a larger than 7 inch screen

7:48 PMCodeNameZThe emulator they use it a bit to demanding I have frame drops on my phone playing PH2

7:48 PMCodeNameZFS2*

7:49 PM13UcubePh St 2

7:49 PMScottyJayManI bought Sonic years ago. The app updated, and it won’t restore my previous purchase, saying it’s “timed out”, so I’m forced to have ads

7:51 PMCodeNameZI tried the cloud savind I saved a save state on my phone than I download it on my tablet, log into my google play and yes it is there. I cannot belive how easy they made it.

7:51 PM13Ucubeam I just too computer stupid to recognize what frames dropping actually is

7:52 PMeathdemonaparently the moble emulation is awful, so says digital foundry anyways

7:53 PMeathdemoncurently the free emulators are better

7:53 PMCodeNameZIf PS2 is dropping frames I cannot see Comix Zone can be better, it can be worst

7:54 PM13Ucubetell the barking dog that you are recording live over here

7:54 PMCodeNameZSonic 1 is a free version of they payed Sonic 1 port for mobile

7:54 PMjordan thompsonif video game characters lived in real life I’d imagine they’d be in shackled in the dovelopers dungeon, some guy drags out frogger and frogger screaming “no not a reboot, remember froggers adventure”

7:55 PMBornDistractedwhat aout augmented games? can you see it growing?

7:55 PM13Ucubeevery time i drop a frame i always wonder why they use glass instead of plastic

7:56 PMdevbyrd1hello

7:57 PMCodeNameZI ordered the cardboard VR, did anyone tried that?

7:58 PMCodeNameZDigital Foundry did say that Pokemon Go is basiclly google maps with a overlay

7:58 PM13Ucubedid you really break your camera? i thought there was a comment on twitter about it

7:59 PMBornDistractedstar wars ar! lol

8:00 PMA Galaxy!What does your girlfriend think of video games

8:01 PMjordan thompsonwhatever happened to the conker ar game

8:03 PMCodeNameZYes the cardboard thing you put your phone inside

8:03 PMCodeNameZWell for $2 I be happy to try VR 😉

8:04 PM13Ucubeshe wants us to buy zack a wii u

8:05 PM13Ucubeis it possible for you to have a seperate recording upload of the preshow

8:06 PMCodeNameZ25 years old and as a kid I did rent movies on a VHS

8:06 PM13Ucubeyes

8:06 PM13Ucubeonce you edit it goes away

8:07 PM13Ucubeits interesting to me

8:07 PMCodeNameZanyone remerber VHS? and how everytime I rent a movie I needes to rewind it because people are to lazy to press RW after they stop to watch a movie

8:07 PM13Ucubei appreciate it

8:08 PM13Ucubemy parents did that with the rocky movies and the star wars movies

8:08 PMeathdemonlol

8:09 PM13Ucubethank you

8:10 PMCodeNameZMy dad waited a movie to be on TV than he recorded it

8:10 PM13Ucubethe more topics the better in my opinion. thats why i tune in

8:10 PM13Ucubewe had the vhs rewinder

8:11 PM13Ucubedon’t miss fixing cassette tapes when the damn tape came out and needed a pencil to fix it

8:12 PM13Ucubethe are raising it because they saw the video of you doing Pull ups

8:12 PMCodeNameZWas I the only one who rewind a tape than stop it to see at what point of the tape I am than I continue to rewind it

8:13 PMjordan thompsonshit that’s crazy I play 700 for a two bed one bath and warsher dryer hook up

8:14 PM13UcubeAndrew, gas just went down here in North Carolina to 1.97 per gallon. Thats why I left Ventura 7 years ago

8:14 PMA Galaxy!3 bedroom house is nearly 900k

8:15 PMjordan thompsonAndrew esien : the homeless ark, coming this fall

8:15 PM13Ucubei lived in Ventura, CA for a decade

8:17 PMCodeNameZ3pounds is to expesive even for Europian standart. In here it is usually $2/l

8:18 PM13Ucubecalifornia just taxed gas an additional 13cents a gallon

8:18 PMCodeNameZCant you live in Phenix and travell to work?

8:19 PM13UcubeAndrew needs to move to Tiujuana and commute

8:19 PM13Ucubethe roads

8:20 PMCodeNameZWell live in Phenix and get a faster car. Problem solved

8:21 PMjordan thompsonhow has this never occurred to me, California is having major drought problems, how in the #uck does that make any since you literally live next to an ocean

8:21 PMCodeNameZUsually you avoid North Mexico

8:22 PMjordan thompsonso is there no way to clean salt water

8:23 PM13Ucubeare you 1979 or 1980?

8:25 PMCodeNameZI assumes your sister is older than you she acts like a big sister

8:25 PMCodeNameZassumed*

8:25 PM13Ucubei think these are the best podcasts i hope you all enjoy this

8:26 PM13Ucubeandrew, your skills are mobile

8:26 PM13Ucubecomputer skills are ubiquitous

8:27 PM13Ucubeits not 97 degrees here either

8:27 PMCodeNameZI think if you got a job in IGN you lose 11k subs

8:28 PM13Ucubebut I do still miss the California weather

8:28 PMjordan thompsonI’m 22 but I’ve learned shit people won’t learn till they’re 60, humans arnt worth anything they are given, we are the most flawed dishonest and dispicable being on earth just do what makes you happy

8:28 PM13Ucubei will totally whore for nintendo

8:29 PMA Galaxy!Has your voice always been that deep

8:29 PM13UcubeI’ve always believed the world is what we make of it

8:30 PMCodeNameZI spin it and hold on my palm. I spin it when I am at my cousens place, he is 6 years old

8:30 PMjordan thompsonlook don’t get my wrong there are things to be happy about but most of it’s not worth it just live day by day accepting life in general is shit you’re the one that makes it happy

8:30 PMCodeNameZNot palm I mean thumb

8:30 PMCodeNameZI got recommended a spinner app

8:32 PMjordan thompsonwhen your balls dropped did you hear an anvil smash to the ground

8:32 PMCodeNameZLier… no 14 year old say no to older women

8:32 PM13Ucubethank you as always

8:33 PMDr. 20XXGracias señor

8:33 PMCodeNameZ4k pesos?

8:35 PMjordan thompsonif you need a writer let me know I’m definitely in

8:35 PMCodeNameZImage Andrew doing a review on IGN “This game makes my bad hair look good”

8:37 PM13Ucubeplug the pull up video i think thats why they raised your rent

8:40 PMA Galaxy!Bye

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