Molehill Mountain Episode 50 – Nothing Left For E3


Poor leaky, leaky Nintendo.

40:11 – Wargaming admits copyright abuse was wrong move

50:05 – Nintendo sells empty Splatoon boxes for collectors

56:15 – Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle leaks

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

(For some reason, YouTube did not save the first half hour of the chat.  Sorry about that.)

7:36 PMNightmare NinjaYeah

7:36 PMeathdemondefinitely

7:38 PMNightmare NinjaThere was a he-man remake series?

:38 PMBornDistracteddolph lundgren was a good he man lol…

7:38 PMGFY AHYes Nightmare Ninja

7:39 PMlittlegittelI was in a theatre watching…I forget…when I saw the very first trailer for Transformers. The whole audience was totally into it, until…’directed by Michael Bay’

7:40 PMlittlegittelThe entire theatre had an audible defeated/deflated reaction

7:40 PMNightmare NinjaI knew of Thundercats but not he-man

7:40 PMNightmare Ninjathe new series i mean

7:41 PMeathdemonMichael Bay sadly is popular because people love explosions, and his move is nothing but that

7:41 PMGFY AHwhat about Silver Hawks Nightmare Ninja?

7:41 PMBornDistractedmr bay will make an exploding he man movie

7:42 PMNightmare Ninjai stopped watching Bay’s movies

7:42 PMlittlegittelOh, I do love explosions, make no mistake. I just like good movies too

7:42 PMNightmare NinjaI don’t remember, i might have

7:42 PMBornDistractedlol little

7:43 PMeathdemonthey never claimed it, they threatened to claim it

7:43 PMBornDistractedsorry I read that wrong

7:44 PMNightmare Ninjathis is still going on?

7:45 PMBornDistractedAndrew has an interesting shaped shadow on his wall…

7:45 PMNightmare Ninjalol

7:46 PM13Ucubeis mad world for wii worth playing?

7:46 PMNightmare Ninjayeah

7:47 PMjordan thompsonhey kaielgh, I got invited to a girl’s night will some chicks from college, I’m not gay but does this make me the gay friend, any advice

7:48 PMlittlegittelIt definitely puts you in the friend zone, yes

7:48 PMNightmare Ninjagood point, that is BS

7:49 PMBornDistractedwhat about concert footage

7:49 PMjordan thompsonI already got a sweetheart so I’m not insulted.

7:49 PMNightmare NinjaGood question

7:51 PMBornDistractedI guess it depends on the musicians and record labels

7:51 PM13Ucubeso is 8.99 a bargain?

7:51 PMBornDistractedcopyrights

7:51 PMBornDistractedok

7:52 PMeathdemona 30% clip to make a point is objective fair use

7:52 PMlittlegittelBless you EZK

7:52 PMeathdemonwtf……………………..

7:53 PMeathdemonwhy?!

7:53 PMNightmare Ninjait’s true

7:53 PMNightmare NinjaJapan

7:53 PMBornDistractedto each their own…

7:54 PMjordan thompsonNintendo is at this point prostituting it’s properties, here’s a good posing shot that’s 10 seconds, oh you want 20 seconds, pay us more and we’ll though in link grunting

7:54 PMBornDistractedscammers can have a field day with empty boxes

7:55 PMNightmare NinjaIt’s only being sold in Japan

7:55 PMGasKanOnFirebox 5$, shipping cost 25$

7:55 PMNightmare Ninja30 pretty much

7:56 PMlittlegitteloh Duck Hunt. I was great at that game. Walked right up to the screen to shoot

7:56 PMGFY AHI need the game

7:56 PMBornDistractedlol

7:56 PM13UcubeI pulled the trigger. thanks for recommendation. I just bought red steel 2, mad world and endless ocean for 25 bucks

7:57 PMTheGypsyBrigadeI’m that kinda sucker that’ll drive to a city an hour away for a physical copy of a game, but wouldn’t pay money for an empty box

7:57 PMjordan thompsonit’s cardboard, CARDBOARD it’s all worth five cents, I’ve got a turd signed by jesus wanna buy it, of course you do cause everything has a price

7:57 PM13UcubeDid you know that if you used the second player controller in DUCK HUNT you could control the ducks?

7:58 PMNightmare NinjaDo you think they will sell it in US?

7:58 PMNightmare Ninjadunno

7:58 PMlittlegittelWhat??? I don’t know if I believe you Cube

7:58 PM13UcubeHelp me ez and andrew, I promise this is true

7:58 PMTheGypsyBrigadeE3 predictions: one presentation on Mario Odyssey that tells us nothing about the game

7:59 PMGFY AHHe right littlegittel

7:59 PMeathdemonthis is why you need to do them atlest 2 weeks before e3, maybe 3

7:59 PM13Ucubeits not full controll but you can change the directions that they fly

7:59 PMlittlegittelMy mind is blown. My childhood incomplete

8:00 PM13Ucubeits great when drinking. especially if your drinking partner doesn’t know you can do it

8:00 PM13Ucubewhen i drank that is

8:00 PMBornDistractedI think Microsoft will announce the Scorpio will be more powerfull then previously mentioned…

8:00 PMjordan thompsonMario Odyssey scare me, why the human looking city it gives me sonic 06 flashbacks, I can’t go back man, I’m not going back theyll never take me alive

8:01 PMGasKanOnFireim calling it. rabbids are personna like summons.

8:01 PMeathdemonthat would be cool

8:01 PMNightmare NinjaLooking forward to Mario Odyssey

8:01 PM13Ucubei keep hearing that the rabbid is what’s under mario’s hat in mario odyssey

8:02 PMTheGypsyBrigadedid either of you ever say what your favorite game was?

8:02 PMeathdemonso is this gunna be a tatics game like the new south park game?

8:02 PM13Ucubewhat the heck is a gittle?

8:03 PMeathdemonsounds like a tactics game

8:03 PMlittlegittelIt’s my name dude

8:03 PMjordan thompsonpeople always ask what is the best or worst game you’ve played, I wanna know what’s the most run of the mill game that never surprised you that you’ve played

8:03 PMeathdemonif that is the case I am down

8:04 PMNightmare Ninjasame

8:04 PMNightmare Ninjaneed to watch game footage

8:04 PMNightmare Ninjahowever

8:04 PMNightmare Ninjashe was only a bad ass in the Nintendo Power comics

8:04 PMeathdemonno it wont, its only internal marketing

8:05 PMBornDistractedtough cookie maybe?

8:06 PMjordan thompsonpeach she’s a kick-ass badass with datass that make you drull like a dumbass

8:07 PM13Ucubepeach looks great in 3d world with her fire flower suit

8:07 PMlittlegittelAll of a sudden Peach has tattoos and a rocket launcher

8:07 PMGasKanOnFireyoshi is juic’n! He has no neck!

8:07 PMNightmare Ninjaany read the mario comics in Nintendo Power?

8:08 PM13Ucubehahaha

8:09 PMScottyJayManFart humor? Better stay away from Peaches ass

8:09 PMNightmare Ninjalol

8:09 PMBornDistractedyet she keeps getting kidnapped

8:10 PMeathdemonhell even in the mario rpg shes stupid strong, makes you wounder if she is being kidnapped by choices lol

8:10 PMTheGypsyBrigadeLegends was fantastic

8:10 PMjordan thompsonok someone has to ask, rabbids vs minions who wins

8:10 PMNightmare Ninjarabbids

8:11 PMeathdemonwe already knew November was mario time

8:11 PMNightmare NinjaDec maybe

8:12 PMjordan thompsonjust imagining homer sitting on a cloud thinking “ok what the hell does this have to do with me classic title again”

8:12 PM13UcubeMetroid will be Feb or March 18

8:12 PMNightmare Ninjathat is both crazy but funny

8:12 PMTheGypsyBrigadei’m sure it’ll still be a perfectly fun game

8:12 PMGFY AHA new Metroid?

8:13 PMBornDistractedit was weird like watching the Smurfs in nyc

8:13 PMNightmare Ninjamaybe

8:13 PM13Ucuberumors rumors we will see next month

8:13 PMScottyJayManI honestly think Mario doesn’t have any genitals

8:13 PMBornDistractedlol

8:14 PMjordan thompsonknowing Sega and Nintendos relationship today you think we might see a samba de amigo Easter egg in the Mexico level

8:14 PMBornDistractedmakes me want to watch the super Mario live action movie

8:15 PMlittlegittelNothing should make you want to watch that movie

8:15 PMNightmare Ninjathere’s a movie?

8:15 PMTheGypsyBrigadeMario 06

8:15 PMBornDistractedlol

8:15 PMTheGypsyBrigadeMari06

8:16 PMeathdemonnah just watch the wizard instead

8:16 PMBornDistractedlol

8:16 PMNightmare NinjaI have seen that

8:16 PMlittlegittelWasn’t it Raul Julia’s last film?

8:16 PMjordan thompsonI think the writers where more wasted then Bob hopskins during the filming

8:17 PMGFY AHthe wizard was great 😀

8:17 PMNightmare NinjaThat is Street fighter

8:17 PM13Ucubehow does a kid who never played mario 3 just figure out how to duck in the white part

8:17 PMlittlegittelAh, I

8:17 PMlittlegittelAt least I was somewhat in the genre

8:18 PMNightmare NinjaYou mean Scary?

8:18 PMTheGypsyBrigadetbh I reeeeeaaaaaaly liked movie Jill

8:18 PMGasKanOnFirestreet fighter the movie the game was a mess

8:19 PMjordan thompsonthey are planning a Nintendo cinimatic Universe arnt they, I wanna see a true to heart legend of Zelda film with a mute link, that kind of film could have the best ambiance

8:19 PMNightmare NinjaWait.. there was a game of the movie?

8:19 PMBornDistractedyes darth ninja

8:19 PMGasKanOnFireyeah i think it was on saturn/cdi

8:20 PMNightmare Ninjai never had those two

8:20 PMjordan thompsonvideo game the movie the game the soundtrack is a thing look it up

8:20 PMTheGypsyBrigadeI can be JCVD in SF

8:20 PMGFY AHWhat about the MegaMan fan movie?

8:20 PMBornDistracted;like a mortal kombat version of street fighter

8:21 PM13Ucubedid you see the doom movie

8:21 PMlittlegittelI didnt like Doom

8:21 PMTheGypsyBrigadeDoom 2016 was a breath of fresh air

8:22 PMNightmare NinjaAnimal Crossing has a decent movie

8:22 PMeathdemonyou should play doom 2016

8:22 PMlittlegittelAnimal Crossing doesn’t have a movie

8:22 PMNightmare NinjaIt does

8:23 PMlittlegittelWait, there IS a movie?..

8:23 PMNightmare Ninjayup

8:23 PMJames StriderThere’s a torrent of it somewhere

8:23 PMlittlegittelWhy was I not informed??!!?

8:23 PMBornDistractedAndrew should review it

8:23 PMNightmare NinjaNintendo doesn’t want to dub

8:23 PMNightmare Ninjait

8:23 PMlittlegittelHave I been under a rock and didn’t know it?

8:24 PMNightmare Ninjathere is a fandub

8:24 PM13Ucubeif i put homebrew on my wii so i could boot gamecube games without a wiimote, does that make me EVIL?

8:24 PM13Ucubei still use the discs

8:25 PMNightmare NinjaAndrew, there’s two fandubs i think

8:25 PMGFY AHcan you use a gamecube gamepad on the wii 13Ucube?

8:26 PMeathdemonyes it is

8:26 PMjordan thompsonI’m actually working on getting the rights to Tetris so I can make a novel about the court cases that took place in the late 70s and early 80s going over who owned the majority sales and copyright

8:26 PMNightmare NinjaThat’s interesting

8:26 PMNightmare NinjaI would read that

8:26 PMeathdemonandrew you should watch psycho pass, will keep bringing it up til you do

8:26 PMTheGypsyBrigadethere are other games besides smash bros that used the gamecube controller?

8:27 PMTheGypsyBrigadewhat like Pikimin?

8:27 PMNightmare Ninjai only got 3

8:27 PMNightmare Ninjanever played the first 2

8:28 PMTheGypsyBrigadethat’s a problem with old 90’s/2000’s movies that first used cgi

8:28 PMTheGypsyBrigadethey just have lifeless looking cg

8:29 PMBornDistractedhey at least wonder woman is attractive

8:29 PMGFY AHI agree TheGypsyBrigade

8:30 PMCodeNameZHi guys

8:31 PMCodeNameZremerber me?

8:31 PMBornDistractedwas supergirl tv series any good?

8:31 PM13Ucubeyou’ve done it again

8:31 PMjordan thompsonI wasn’t gonna watch wonder woman but a group of five chicks invited me to go see it, I would say bowchicka chicka wow wow, but I think they might think I’m that gay friend (not gay) I’m not insulted

8:31 PMGFY AHHey CodeNameZ

8:31 PMTheGypsyBrigadeI can’t say, but Supergirl in Injustice 2 is great

8:32 PMCodeNameZSo what you guys think of 8bitdo making contollers that supports the Switch?

8:32 PMCodeNameZwell more updating the controllers

8:32 PM13Ucubedo you guys use Youtube on your phone? Do you have android or apple phones

8:32 PMGFY AHI think it ok CodeNameZ 😀

8:33 PMNightmare Ninja​[message retracted]

8:33 PMBornDistracteddoes Xena count as a super hero?…

8:33 PMCodeNameZNow I wanna to buy a NES30 pro

8:33 PMGFY AHAndroid

8:34 PMNightmare NinjaAndrew, will you rebiew the castlevania series?

8:34 PMNightmare Ninjareview

8:35 PMCodeNameZSo anyone tried Megaman ports for phones?

8:35 PMGasKanOnFireit is anime so, i would suspect he would review it.

8:35 PMNightmare Ninjano

8:36 PMeathdemonso who captain cold?! lol

8:36 PMeathdemonmirror master lol

8:36 PMGFY AHI don’t know about Megaman ports for phones

8:36 PMeathdemonflash doesnt have great bad guys

8:36 PMkratos3821the answer?

8:37 PMkratos3821or clue master/

8:37 PMBornDistractedhow is luke skywalker as the Trickster?

8:37 PMGasKanOnFireyou all doing e3 predictions?

8:37 PMGFY AHHey kratos3821

8:37 PMkratos3821flash enemies are cool….capt. cold , heat wave , gorilla grood

8:37 PMCodeNameZIts sad that the SNES Wii controllers was a club Nintendo exlusive

8:38 PM13UcubeWhich in your opinion was the best Rogue Squadron Game??

8:38 PMGasKanOnFirejapan clun nintendo

8:38 PMjordan thompsonI feel it was stupid they didn’t pull the TV flash to do the justice league movie they also should pull the arrow tv version and Supergirl tv version

8:39 PMCodeNameZAnd here in Europe but it was really hard to get, you need to buy like 20 games to get it

8:39 PMjordan thompsonif they recast Daredevil, luke cage and iron fist for infinity war someone needs to be fired

8:39 PMeathdemongorilla grood is the only interesting one

8:40 PMGasKanOnFiresorry for typos, im using my phone.

8:40 PMkratos3821abra kadabra is cool too

8:40 PMkratos3821or dr alchemy

8:41 PMBornDistractedshazam

8:41 PMCodeNameZSo how was the ARMS testpunch

8:41 PMkratos3821cobalt blue was awesome too

8:41 PMNightmare Ninjait was good

8:41 PMjordan thompsonhave you played the PSP star wars battlefront

8:42 PMkratos3821the arms test pucnh was so bad , that i wanted punched back to Nintendo face!.

8:42 PMNightmare NinjaAndrew, have you watched Girls and Panzer?

8:43 PMkratos3821buggy as hell

8:43 PMTheGypsyBrigademy one hope for the JL movie is that they bring in Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern

8:43 PMCodeNameZkratos what you mean by buggy?

8:43 PMkratos3821ryan reynolds is a bad actor , i don’t understant people fascination with that dude

8:43 PMTheGypsyBrigadeoh yeah, a great show for your animu reviews would probably be Sora no Woto

8:44 PMGasKanOnFiremy dvr did not tape it!!

8:44 PMNightmare Ninjai never had any problems?

8:44 PMkratos3821constantly stutter and lag

8:45 PMBornDistractedI used to think Ryan was related to burt reynolds

8:45 PMkratos3821i was able to finish just 3 rounds

8:45 PMNightmare Ninjaweird, that never happened to me.

8:45 PMkratos3821without problems

8:45 PMCodeNameZkratos sorry to hear that. I had many issues with my Wii U online and it ended up beeing on my end and thank God it got fixed

8:46 PMGasKanOnFirei think she is on walking dead too

8:46 PMkratos3821i played injustice right after it and didn’t had any issues

8:46 PMCodeNameZalso my internet will go from 20mbits to 30mbits yay

8:46 PMNightmare NinjaWhat are you thoughts on Girls and Panzer, Andrew?

8:47 PMCodeNameZusing ADSL

8:47 PMjordan thompsoncan we get a scene in the aquaman film with aquaman walking out of the ocean to the site of a shocked child, while ocean man plays in the background

8:47 PMNightmare Ninjaas you watch anime

8:47 PMNightmare Ninjait’s an anime

8:48 PMGFY AHRe Tree Sawad everyone 😀

8:48 PMkratos3821Andrew looks like one of the actors in

8:48 PMkratos3821‘fast cars fast women”

8:49 PMGasKanOnFirehave a safe memorial day

8:50 PM13Ucubesafety first: says a gas can on fire

8:50 PMlittlegittelG’night y’all!!!

8:50 PMkratos3821nite nite sleep tight

8:50 PMGasKanOnFirealways. there a bunch of crazy people out there

8:51 PMkratos3821don’t let the bed bugs bite ya!

8:51 PMNightmare Ninjanight

8:51 PM13Ucubethanks for the game recommends

8:52 PM13Ucubenight gittle et all

8:52 PMlittlegittelNight Cube

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