Molehill Mountain Episode 43 – Early Access Podcast


We know it’s hard to fall asleep at night until you know what Andrew and Zachary discussed on the previous weekend’s podcast so, here you go.  Rest now, friends.

13:43 – The Gearbox and G2A kerfuffle

24:30 – Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford takes no responsibility for Gearbox/G2A deal

29:52 – Atlus comes down on Persona 5 streaming in an exceptionally odd way

49:49 – Persona 5 has nearly $100-worth of grossly overpriced DLC

55:11 – The video game industry’s nasty habit of releasing broken games

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes.

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:51 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone

7:02 PMronin504Hey guys

7:03 PMeathdemonwhat do you think about the xbox scopio stuff?

7:03 PMGFY AHHi guys

7:03 PM13UcubeANDREW buy breath of the wild on wii u.

7:03 PMLakster37roll the R in your name?

7:04 PMGFY AHHey 13Ucube how is the game on the WiiU?

7:05 PM13Ucube200hrs and loving every min

7:05 PMGFY AHsweet xD

7:05 PMLakster37^^ I bet you can get it for $59.96 (sub $60)!

7:05 PMeathdemonbeen watching season 2 of my hero academia

7:06 PM13UcubeCompared to the switch the most IMPORTANT comparison::It’s available right now

7:06 PMCecil475Hi guys!

7:07 PMeathdemonyou just described almost every harem over

7:08 PMeathdemonever

7:08 PMGFY AHwhat about one punch man?

7:08 PMeathdemonhunter x hunter than

7:08 PMronin504honestly thats the case with most anime

7:08 PMLakster37Avatar/Korra?

7:08 PMkratos3821if you wanna talk about obnoxious , watch “candy candy”

7:09 PMeathdemonif you like clasical scifi PSYCHO-PASS is a must

7:09 PMronin504ruroni kenshin

7:09 PMkratos3821if you want a rpg funny anime watch “mahojin guru guru”

7:10 PM13Ucubejust unlocked 120th shrine right now

7:10 PMeathdemonI know what show your talking about, its awful

7:10 PMLakster37I honestly don’t understand how there can be 900 koroks…

7:10 PMLakster37I’ve gone all over the map and only gotten like 110

7:11 PMeathdemonthats the title andrew

7:11 PMkratos3821if you wanna laugh your ass off watch “crayon shin chan’

7:11 PMronin504sounds like power rangers avengers

7:12 PMeathdemonhunterxhunter and PSYCHO-PASS are safe bets

7:12 PMeathdemonPSYCHO-PASS is almost certainly something you will like than

7:12 PMLakster37yeah I get a very Firefly-esque vibe from Cowboy Bebop, though it’s more gory

7:13 PMGFY AHCowboy Bebop is good

7:13 PM13UcubeAmerican 80s cartoons better in my opinion

7:14 PM13UcubeM.A.S.K

7:14 PMeathdemonthere were a shit ton of bad 80s cartoon shows too

7:14 PMGFY AHHe-man! xD

7:14 PMkratos3821Mighty orbots

7:14 PMronin504thundercats, silver hawks, the real ghostbusters

7:15 PMeathdemonthundercats is anime btw

7:15 PMGFY AHG.I. Joe

7:15 PMlittlegittelI buried all Brother’s action figures in our front yard.

7:15 PMlittlegittelProbably still there.

7:15 PMeathdemonto much comdy for me in the new one

7:16 PM13Ucubeog transformers

7:16 PMkratos3821daltanias

7:16 PMkratos3821mazinger z

7:16 PMkratos3821jeek

7:17 PMkratos3821gaiking

7:17 PMronin504i got you beat. i burned my brothers gi joes at the stake

7:17 PMkratos3821getter robo

7:17 PM13Ucubezelda fridays on super Mario Bros supershow

7:18 PMkratos3821kotetsushin jeeg

7:18 PMkratos3821“switch units bending”

7:19 PMkratos3821“scorpio specs”

7:20 PMLakster37EZK disapproves

7:20 PMeathdemonTB calling them out forced to back track on that deal right quick

7:20 PMkratos3821“yooka laylee bringing back all the bad things from the 90’s”

7:20 PM13Ucubejust bought an nes on ebay, it doesn’t work.

7:21 PMronin504sounds like a mafia protection racket

7:22 PMkratos3821“nba playgrounds 720p on switch even on dock mode”

7:22 PMronin504he considers himself a gaming consumer advocate

7:22 PMeathdemonyes he is

7:22 PMLakster37How big is the biscuit? Did you ask the muffin man?

7:24 PMeathdemonvalve also flew him and jim sterling out a few weeks back to talk steam’s future

7:24 PMkratos3821bullet storm full clip edition

7:25 PMtravelers lightHe is a huge YouTuber and he’s battling cancer

7:25 PMGFY AHpeople are buying old game sad

7:26 PMGFY AHlike Bulllet storm

7:27 PMeathdemonTB worked with gearbox on that list. he knew g2a wouldnt go for it

7:27 PM13UcubeFrog protection?

7:29 PMkratos3821Randy Pitchfork should be “burned at the stake”

7:30 PMeathdemonI call bullshit

7:31 PMLakster37aren’t publishers the ones who would hash out how the game is distributed…?

7:31 PMeathdemoncough cough bullshit cough cough

7:31 PMkratos3821that dude is a scumbag , he stole the assests from codehunters to make borderlands

7:32 PMCarl KingZachery bro you need a new webcam you look like your in an old Asian Kung fu movie

7:32 PMGFY AHlol

7:32 PMeathdemonI think there is something there

7:33 PMGFY AHSoCal Free! xD

7:33 PMeathdemondam thats old, I have had 3 pcs in that time

7:34 PM13UcubeAndrew, PLAY MORE GAMES

7:34 PMkratos3821gearbox has always been involved in controversy “stolen money from sega to make broderlands 2” , “stolen assets from codehunters”

7:34 PMeathdemonthose streaming rules may be legal, but dam is it unneeded very bad pr

7:34 PMLakster37we all know how much Andrew like kittens…

7:34 PMeathdemonby atlus japan

7:35 PMLakster37(sorry, obligatory reference to Andrew’s most popular video – we HAVE to get at least one in per podcast)

7:35 PMkratos3821don’t dare to talk about the game after 7/7/17 because they’re gonna strike your channel with a nuclear strike

7:36 PMeathdemonit bugs me the only reasson p5 is doing so well becouse all the lps of p4g

7:37 PMeathdemoneveryone I know who bought it becouse of lps, what a way to shot themselves in the foot

7:37 PMGFY AHI love Boss fights

7:38 PM13UcubeWas this written by a Spoilers Attorney?

7:39 PMeathdemonthat is a atlus us staff hating their Japanese bosses

7:40 PMLakster37didn’t they later say that this only applies to Japanese reviewers? (which I would still disagree with…)

7:40 PMeathdemoncan you link that, ?”I havent seen it

7:40 PMkratos3821this are the same stupid practices made by Nintendo

7:41 PMeathdemoneven nintendo doesnt threaten twitch streamers

7:42 PMkratos3821Nintendo get half of every penny you get from twitch , if you stream one of their games

7:42 PMeathdemonno they get youtube ad rev, not twitch rev

7:42 PMkratos3821that’s why i stopped streaming nintendo games

7:43 PMLakster37oh sorry, that “Japan only restriction” thing is for puyo puyo tetris (which is also Sega published)

7:44 PMLakster37yeah I hadn’t heard anything about Nintendo with Twitch revenue, only YouTube

7:44 PMeathdemonnier route A is in it

7:47 PMeathdemonisnt most of it cosmetic

7:47 PMeathdemonyes its full jp vo

7:48 PMeathdemoncost, nintendo would have to pay agaib to use jp vo in the west

7:48 PMeathdemonas did atlus

7:49 PMLakster37what’s agaib?

7:49 PMeathdemonagain sorry

7:49 PMkratos3821Nintendo making “mistakes since 1996”

7:49 PMLakster37oic, as in pay the japanese voice actors more for using in other regions?

7:49 PMeathdemonyup

7:49 PMkratos3821Nintendo fans “damage controlling since 1996”

7:50 PMeathdemonthoses deals are done on a region by region basis

7:50 PMLakster37so Nintendo didn’t screw up until the N64? that’s pretty impressive!

7:51 PMeathdemonthink of persona’s a pokemon and you would be close

7:51 PMkratos3821yup! , the mistakes started with the 64

7:52 PMLakster37that’s kinda weird that Nintendo would still include it on the cart, though. are they exactly the same for each region, but the differences are just based on console region setting?

7:54 PMLakster37would the games have cost more back then in comparison to today’s price, though?

7:54 PMGFY AHtimes are changin

7:55 PMMixtape TroyBUT GUYS

7:55 PMkratos3821back then , there wasn’t the amount of consumers that now buy games

7:55 PMIngenting Filmenhiya boys, how late am I

7:55 PMMixtape TroyGames cost SO much to make

7:56 PMeathdemonthey are eating the cost, the free jp vo is a make good for the delys

7:57 PMLakster37maybe it’s just so consumers are forced to SWITCH the Switch’s region… you know, cause Nintendo wants you to do anything that involves SWITCHING something on the Switch

7:59 PMPats459Mass Effect

8:00 PMLakster37had they even confirmed that that is what the patch did?

8:00 PM13Ucubewho, me?

8:01 PMkratos3821that is why!, you buy games 4 to 6 months after the launch date.

8:01 PMLakster37unless it’s Zelda*

8:02 PMkratos3821game of the year editions are the best , all the patches and dlc are include

8:02 PMkratos3821and cheaper

8:03 PMCarl King

8:04 PMeathdemongames are bigger and more complex, but bioware had 5 years, so I dont blame ea for saying enough is enough

8:04 PMGFY AHsometimes good sometimes bad

8:07 PMeathdemonend of fiscal

8:07 PMCarl KingMass effect Andromeda is a shameful despray

8:08 PMGFY AHnot my thing

8:08 PMeathdemonit was nier, but the comunity fixed it in 48 hours

8:09 PMkratos3821the communit5y shouldn’t have to do it in the first place

8:09 PMeathdemonnot defending nier, but that game had a tiny budget of 15 mil

8:09 PMeathdemonand pc was very much a after thought sadly

8:10 PMeathdemonand yes the pc gamming community has some dam smart people. ever heard of durante

8:11 PMeathdemondurante did he was paid to foix kings story’s pc port

8:11 PMeathdemonfix

8:12 PMeathdemondurante is cs professor/researcher out of aus

8:13 PMLakster37what are some of the bugs?

8:14 PMkratos3821lego city undercover was shitty on the wii-u and keep being shitty on the switch

8:14 PMkratos3821the same bugs in both versions

8:14 PMAndrew Eisen“The Bugs and Glitches of The LEGO Movie Videogame” (…)

8:14 PMLakster37I’d be nice

8:15 PMeathdemonyou want to make a switch game a devkit it cheap, only $500

8:16 PM13UcubeDoes any have a good place to get a working NES original console for less than 80 us?

8:17 PMLakster37you have any used shops near you?

8:18 PMeathdemonor the nt mini

8:18 PMLakster37top loader are probably much more likely to work though

8:19 PM13Ucubei just got a broken one off ebay. it works but it audio buzzes REAlly bad

8:19 PMeathdemonif you want nes stuff, the nt mini is a option

8:19 PMScottyJayManTop loader NES only has RF, not composite.

8:20 PM13Ucubeyep

8:20 PMLakster37I got a blinking light win (kickstarted project to replace original nes cart slot) but still haven’t gotten an nes to put it in…

8:21 PMScottyJayManAv famicom has composite. Get an adapter and you’ll be fine.

8:21 PMCecil475SNES Jr

8:21 PMGFY AHthanks guys

8:22 PM13Ucubedid you kill the fly in the video?

8:22 PMLakster37^^

8:23 PMCarl KingZachary reminds me of silent Bob but not silent

8:24 PMkratos3821bye guys!

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