Molehill Mountain Episode 40 – Iron Fisted


This week, Zachary and Andrew talk about video games, movies and superheroes. You know, important stuff!

32:19 – Andrew doesn’t like The Stanley Parable

50:39 – Andrew REALLY doesn’t like Iron Fist

1:08:50 – Warner wants to make another Matrix movie, possibly about young Morpheus

1:14:15 – Nintendo doubles production of Switch due to high demand. Still hasn’t done the same for NES Classic Edition.

1:28:25 – Dolphin emulator and 3DS roms can now access the Wii eShop

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

 7:03 PMeathdemondid you see the lead dev of overwatch said “it would be challing to port it to the switch” sad I think overwatch is 1 of the few 3rd part games that would apeal to nintendo fans

7:04 PME. Zachary KnightHello

7:05 PMeathdemonthats impossable its a fps

7:07 PMeathdemonapaerntly overwatch is playable with a intergrated gpu so

7:09 PMPats459You could split the video into 3 parts

7:09 PMbreadordecideOn everything but switch

7:12 PMlittlegittelYour collection of shirts is amazing, EZ. I approve!!!!

7:12 PMSantiago 3:16not sell on the Switch? and yet its coming to Xbox One lol

7:12 PMbreadordecideThis might be a virtual console issue. I agree.

7:13 PMCyberjinwhen will we see “for everything but switch” ?

7:15 PMCyberjinaw 🙁

7:17 PMeathdemonnier is incredible (playing it right now on pc.) but yes no way in hell can the switch run it, even the ps4 pro drops frames

7:20 PMCarl King​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:20 PMCyberjinprobably cheaper too

7:22 PMeathdemonare you interested in persona 5?’

7:24 PMCyberjinpersona hype!

7:24 PMeathdemonpersona is 100ish hours about 40 hours dongen crawling 60 hours of converdsations

7:24 PMCyberjinmust buy! 🙂

7:24 PMeathdemonturn based combat

7:25 PMeathdemonnier is about 40+ hours

7:25 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyAre you waiting for the Switch to get BOTW?

7:25 PMCarl KingPlay For Honor and throw people off Cliffs they rage so hard it makes it more fun

7:25 PMeathdemonthis month has been the month of stupidly long rpgs

7:25 PMlittlegittelThat is sooo irksome. Sometimes I wonder if the game developers just wanted to make a movie there are so many cut scenes

7:27 PMmonkeyboiHave you stayed away from BOTW spoilers?

7:27 PM13Ucube8/28

7:27 PMCyberjinNintendo price drop lul, gonna wait awhile

7:28 PMNick BradleyI trust Nintendo with DLC, its usually worth it with their games

7:29 PMkoolaidpleaseManuels kill trees

7:29 PMeathdemonthere isnt much of a story in the new zelda to start with

7:30 PMeathdemon13 haerts in botw

7:31 PM13Ucubeyou are tredding on spoiler territory


7:31 PM13Ucubeyou still have not beat it

7:33 PMGeorgey KnucklesZELDA DONT NEED NO MAN

7:35 PMeathdemonI would pick up a switch if they made mario maker for it

7:36 PMCarl KingAnita sarkeesian

7:36 PMJimothanrice 332d Mario kart

7:37 PMGeorgey KnucklesPeople just circlejerk over that game

7:37 PMeathdemonno thats not it, you have to actively not fallow the narrator

7:37 PMeathdemonif you do what he says, its a very short game

7:38 PMmonkeyboiThe game was funny when it first came out but its boring

7:38 PMCarl King​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:39 PMeathdemonyup its a walking sim

7:40 PMCarl KingI’m so lazy i need a walking sim

7:43 PMlittlegittelI can’t help but to think it would have been a better game if they hired you to narrate

7:44 PMCarl King

7:44 PMJimothanrice 33Gah littlegittel, broke the train of time without chatting

7:44 PMeathdemonthe game is critique on player choice

7:45 PMlittlegittelOops

7:45 PMJimothanrice 33I forgive you

7:47 PMGeorgey Knucklesis it really a game then?

7:47 PMCarl KingGoat simulator

7:47 PMJimothanrice 33I have the payday dlc for goat simulator

7:48 PMCarl Kinglol

7:51 PMyellintimberso do you recommend the game?

7:51 PMlittlegittelOmg!!!!!! That was perfect!!!!

7:51 PM13UcubeI know I’m speculating, but since you like Yakuza, I think you’re going to really like Breath of the Wild

7:52 PMGeorgey KnucklesHi Andrews sister

7:52 PMlittlegittelHi

7:52 PMCarl KingI always have zombie apocalypse dreams but can never find a damn weapon lol

7:53 PMTrey Holmes^me too lol

7:53 PMeathdemonI have never been a fan of walking sims

7:53 PMTrey Holmesi always wake up before the zombies get me

7:54 PMeathdemonthe only reason I? played the beginners guide, was becouse someone gave it to me and insisted I play it

7:54 PMCarl KingWe should team up Trey

7:54 PMJimothanrice 33I have dreams of me going suicide

7:54 PMTrey Holmes

7:54 PMkoolaidpleaseDo you guys have any thoughts on the switch scratching problem, do you think its overblown?

7:55 PMeathdemonsounds like its bad

7:55 PMTrey Holmesis it good so far Andrew??

7:56 PMTrey Holmesdid any of you guys see Luke Cage??

7:57 PM13UcubeBest deal on GOG this week?

8:00 PMnewtownI just got the notification for the livestream and its been going for an hour???? Why does youtube send the notification so late

8:01 PMglitchypantsHey can you guys please do me a favor and sing greensleaves?

8:02 PMglitchypantsI want to hear Andrew sing that please, thank you

8:02 PMTrey HolmesSoo he’s basically joffrey from Game of thrones lol

8:03 PMlittlegittelYes, but Joffrey was a bad guy, and methinks Danny Rand is supposed to be the good guy

8:04 PMTrey Holmestrue

8:04 PMGeorgey KnucklesIf you hate the show, then why watch it?

8:05 PMCarl KingTo have angry sex

8:06 PMCarl KingIm not going to watch it then i hate scummy actors

8:07 PMCarl KingGotta boycott them

8:10 PMthasnkyoure spoiling the show for zach

8:11 PM13UcubeAre there children here? Why not swear. That’s why those words exist

8:11 PMthasnkiron fist dies

8:11 PMlittlegittelYes, that is Greensleeves

8:12 PMglitchypantsthat’s it! but not the lyrics

8:12 PMglitchypantsthanks anyway

8:13 PMCarl KingSweat

8:13 PMMisterAOJpornhub?

8:13 PMeathdemonthey just want more matrix money

8:14 PMTrey HolmesIts going to be another Cash Grab

8:14 PMCarl King​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

8:14 PMeathdemoncash grab power up unlocked matrix edition

8:16 PMTrey HolmesLike did we really need another independence day? C’mon Hollywood

8:16 PMCarl KingI love anything Matrix they got my money

8:17 PMthasnkProbably a dumb question but are you two in the same room or talking over the internet?

8:17 PMCarl KingMiley Cyrus

8:18 PMCarl KingBig glitch

8:19 PMeathdemonI still say a snes classic please

8:20 PMCarl KingLove Nintendo but not getting Switch just not interesting for me

8:20 PMeathdemonthey are giving all nes classic production lines to the switch

8:20 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyWas the NES CLassic just Nintendo hype for the Switch release?

8:21 PMJimothanrice 33NeAt

8:21 PMCarl KingI’m from UK only knew one guy with one lol

8:22 PMeathdemon3ds are still selling

8:23 PMCarl King

8:24 PMHardensoul 72Pro and Neon joycon is sold out in my area Charlotte NC.

8:24 PMHardensoul 72Saw grey joycons but not interested

8:25 PMNick BradleyIf you saw a Switch would you buy it or are you waiting for later in the year when more games are out?

8:26 PMeathdemonregie in a time intervew expects a 3rd party to bypass the docks drm to allow people to play on tv without a dock

8:26 PMHardensoul 72want neons more for beng diffferent for having ppl over

8:27 PMNick Bradleydo you not like any of the newer system Zach?

8:27 PM13UcubeZack, you need to beat Link to the Past

8:28 PMHardensoul 72Switch is st console since N64 day one purchase for me

8:29 PMHardensoul 721st*

8:29 PMeathdemonhow in the world have you not played oot………….

8:29 PMlittlegittelOcarina of time has the best music

8:29 PMCarl KingI’m just a PC gamer haven’t had a console since the Dreamcast i loved it but someone stole it

8:31 PMeathdemonnope

8:33 PMeathdemonthey still wont like it, becouse they are stubern

8:34 PMeathdemonyou can go higher if you have cpu/gpu to do it

8:35 PMeathdemonsome of those games look insane upscaled

8:37 PMeathdemonthey are workking on a wiiu emulator

8:37 PM13UcubeI made a YouTube vid with my best argument for getting a Wii U

8:39 PMeathdemonlike I said mario maker/ zelda maker

8:40 PMCarl King​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

8:42 PMCarl King

8:44 PM13Ucubei sent a link to your twitter, because your chat doesn’t allow

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