Molehill Mountain Episode 37 – Nothing To Say But Everything


Zachary makes his triumphant return and many important topics are discussed.  Does Zachary have a tattoo?  Has Andrew ever fainted?  All this and more!

5:10 – We get back to Kicking the Bucket List

25:44 – The Castlevania Netflix show debuts a poster

29:35 – Bethesda “can’t say” if next fall’s Switch release of Skyrim will be the special edition

33:27 – Nintendo Switch Joy Cons reportedly have a de-syncing problem

43:39 – A small thing that rekindled my excitement for Breath of the Wild

1:09:08 – What do we think about PewDiePie?

1:23:17 – What do we think about Milo Yiannopoulos?

1:30:36 – What do we think about Donald Trump?

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

 5:54 PM13Ucubeare there people here. please type refresh when it starts

 5:59 PM13Ucubeplease stand by?

 6:01 PM13Ucubeoooh, i don’t know why i don’t add enough hours. i used to live in california

 6:59 PME. Zachary KnightHello

 6:59 PMCodeNameZHi guys

 6:59 PMCodeNameZHow you all doing

 6:59 PMeathdemonnot a great week for nintendo switch wise


 7:00 PMCodeNameZAndrew did you see the CNET video “kickstand fail” it is funny how idiotic the video is

 7:01 PMharris3693Waddup guus

 7:01 PMharris3693any new movies?

 7:01 PMCodeNameZIt is about the Switch kickstand

 7:01 PMCodeNameZIt is just a min long

 7:02 PMharris3693ahahaha

 7:02 PMNick Bradleyi finally caught an episode liveeee

 7:02 PMharris3693loool

 7:02 PMharris3693ADMIRAL AKBAR

 7:02 PMharris3693It is arabic

 7:02 PMharris3693just said it for shit

 7:03 PMjordan thompsonspeaking of possibly breaking a switch console how would a protective case work

 7:03 PMCodeNameZZack where ware you last week?

 7:04 PMeathdemonyou should check out va-11 hall-a, it has come of the fumiest charector dialogue I have encountered in a game

 7:04 PMCodeNameZFamilly, wife? I lost all respect for you 😉

 7:05 PM13Ucubedooh

 7:05 PMeathdemonsome

 7:05 PM13Ucubei missed it agin

 7:05 PM13Ucubeno one typed refresh

 7:06 PMCodeNameZI saw 3rd party joycon grips on Amazon already, they are $15

 7:06 PMeathdemonno its not its a dock that costs sub $10 to make

 7:07 PMCodeNameZIn here a Switch is $400

 7:09 PMjordan thompsoneating lunch meat a candy bar and Pringles with some hard grade soda and watching an indie podcast …. I’m going places you just watch!!! my life is sad 😢

 7:10 PMNick Bradleythat sounds like a pretty good time to me jordan, your life is happy 🙂

 7:11 PM13UcubeI got the electric chair, but I survived so they sent me home

 7:11 PMCodeNameZDoes anyone have expirance with analog stick cover tops? I ordered some for my gamepad and hope they work just fine

 7:11 PMjordan thompsonI’m being satirical I’ve got things going on it’s not all that bad

 7:12 PMadevãr realãHello its hoqzz here

 7:12 PMadevãr realãGood how are you

 7:13 PMadevãr realã10k wow

 7:13 PMNick Bradleyhoof in mouth?

 7:14 PMadevãr realãCongrats

 7:15 PMNick Bradleylol

 7:15 PMCodeNameZI have a fear of giving blood, it got better over the years but I am still scared

 7:15 PMJames StriderAnnoying when you’re cool with looking but the fainting triggers anyway

 7:15 PMjordan thompsonhave you ever past out (not related to taking blood)

 7:15 PMCodeNameZand now my arm hurts how Zack desribed what happen when you give blood

 7:16 PM13UcubeHand to mouth disease is my paycheck disorder

 7:17 PM13Ucubecookie and orange juice

 7:17 PMeathdemonyour a adult, you want a cookie, just buy one lol.

7:18 PM13Ucubewhen you donate platelettes the give you back the centrifuged stuff. It makes you cold.

 7:18 PMNick Bradleydonating blood for a cookie is cheaper than buying one

 7:18 PMjordan thompsonhave you ever felt peranoid?

 7:19 PM13UcubeThere are no Benefedds to doing that, Zack

 7:19 PMLakster37did you get it all in the toilet?

 7:20 PMCodeNameZIn here I know students donate blood because they get a free pizza

 7:20 PMjordan thompsonwhat’s the longest time you’ve been without sleep?

 7:21 PMeathdemon12 hours

 7:21 PMeathdemonmore like 11

 7:22 PMeathdemontbf that was after sevral nights of only 3 hours of sleep

 7:22 PM13Ucubeever broke a bone

 7:23 PMjordan thompsonI’ve gone 3 days before

 7:23 PMCodeNameZI got it, on my eyebrow. I take is out last year of hightschool because I wanted to look more serius

 7:24 PMKoolAid Loverdid the sandpaper work?

 7:24 PMLakster37no…

 7:26 PMCodeNameZDo you know that Armyman and Policeman can have tattoos and pircings but it cannot be on a visible space

 7:26 PMeathdemonwtf nintendo, first you make a song about magickarp, yes by nintendo, than they make a dance video to it. lol

 7:26 PMCodeNameZstick cars? In my life I saw an automatic only once

 7:26 PMjordan thompsonI’m 22 and I had to learn from my dad’s high school driving book from the 70s

 7:28 PMjordan thompsonis it animated

 7:28 PMNick Bradleythat looks kinda dumb

 7:29 PMjordan thompsonI swear if I hear “excuse me Dracula” I’ll flip my shit

 7:29 PMCodeNameZWell they cant get it worse than Simon from Captian N

 7:32 PMI Love Woodchucks Societymaybe an all new edition?

 7:32 PMeathdemonmost likely based on a mobile version yet to be revealed

 7:32 PMLakster37what was in the special edition? any new content (besides original dlc) or just graphics updates?

 7:33 PMeathdemonlead game disginer

 7:33 PMCodeNameZAndrew I need to point it out remerber when they say how they cannot officialy corferme if Skyrim is on the Switch but we still got ir

 7:33 PMCodeNameZit*

 7:33 PMeathdemonhe maybe cant say

 7:34 PMCodeNameZ“We cannot say…. you need to buy it to see it” 😉

 7:35 PMjordan thompsonMass effect 3 is on the Wii u

 7:36 PMI Love Woodchucks Societyi wonder if that is something that can be fixed in a software update or if it would need an all new controller

 7:36 PMjordan thompsonthe new link suicide simulator

 7:36 PMCodeNameZToday controllers have they own firmwares and can be updated so may I ask you guys do you know can in theory update the Joycons ro boost the bluetoth?

 7:36 PMCodeNameZto*

 7:37 PMeathdemonseems like weak wireless radios, or atlest in low power state

 7:38 PMLakster37do they still communicate over bluetooth when docked on the console?

 7:38 PMCodeNameZYes they do

 7:39 PMjordan thompsona brand new first edition console having technical issues on release date that never happens cough cough … red ring of death

 7:39 PMLakster37okay, but they are powered by console, right?

 7:39 PMLakster37alright

 7:39 PMeathdemonmy guess Bluetooth

 7:39 PMwowowoowowto be this expensive the switch better not be this cheaply made

 7:39 PM13UcubeAndrew, do you have to get $100 in ad revenue in a single month to get your check or is it cumulative. SORRY, I know its unrelated

 7:41 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyHave you seen the John Cena switch commercials?

 7:41 PMNick Bradleyi dont think they made the john cena commercial yet have they?

 7:42 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyI thought so

 7:42 PMjordan thompsonjoycons are gonna end up like socks in a dryer those dame underground pixie fairies

 7:42 PM13UcubeThat’s a virtual console title free per month

 7:42 PM13UcubeThank you for answering that

 7:42 PMCodeNameZI am patnered with Nintendo the top I got it was $0.07

 7:43 PM13UcubeThe in the crotch vid

 7:44 PMeathdemonjust copy jim sterling’s copyright deadlock

 7:44 PMwowowoowowwheres the launch countdown video for today???

 7:44 PM13Ucubeare we going to get Zack a wii u for his birthday?

 7:44 PMCodeNameZWell my youtube channel is just uploading Mario Kart 8 videos for my friends

 7:45 PMjordan thompsonso are you gonna update your playing games off the TV skit

 7:45 PMAndrew Eisen…

 7:45 PMwowowoowowI thought it was day 2

 7:46 PMeathdemonapparently zelda is full survival game now

 7:46 PMI Love Woodchucks Societyare you picking it up for wii u?

 7:47 PMeathdemonwow

 7:47 PMeathdemontbf your weapons break after 4 or 5 fights

 7:49 PMCodeNameZIn Neutopia that is a Zelda like game for the turbografx 16, you also need to get the boombarang when it is comming back if it go off screen you need to buy a new one, and they are not cheap

 7:51 PM13UcubeLet us buy Zachary a Wii U.

 7:51 PMeathdemonthat has never made sense in zelda. you want the only bow, go in to a dongen becouse no one knows how to make it, dispite selling arows.

 7:51 PMglitchypooZelda sucks

 7:52 PMCodeNameZZack just say what Zelda games you played, it is a shorter list 😉

 7:52 PMeathdemonshame on you for not playing oot

 7:52 PM13UcubeWe have to get it pre owned because they have recalled the new ones

 7:52 PM13Ucubeso the different is more Pee?

 7:53 PM13UcubeI will buy the Wii U for less environmental Pee

 7:54 PMCodeNameZAlso there be a day 1 patch for the Wii U version you will need to have at least 3gb of free space

 7:55 PM13UcubeI have 632GBs free still, I’m good

 7:55 PMLakster37hey, if you get a Wii U, you can play all of those zelda games

 7:57 PMeathdemondo eather of you have thenow 300 gamecube cables to hock it up to modern tvs?

 7:57 PMeathdemonether

 7:57 PMCodeNameZI guess the patch will be like the data packs in Xenoblade? Make stuff to load better?

 7:57 PMLakster37300 now? I got it when it was about $100

 7:57 PMjordan thompsonin the beginning the legendary armies of barbarian Twinkies lead a siege to take over the lava highlands of the nacho cheese Doritos ninja clan the battle last as long as microwaving popcorn

 7:58 PMLakster37there’s some new hdmi cables supposed to come out soon I think

 7:58 PMCodeNameZsell the cable, buy a Switch

 7:58 PMeathdemonthere arent.

 7:58 PMLakster37you cannot

 7:59 PMCodeNameZBut there are 3rd party Wii component cable

 7:59 PMLakster37there’s a big difference if you’re playing on modern tv ‘s though, because they don’t handle interpolated signals well

 8:01 PMjordan thompsonso no response to my last comment

 8:01 PMeathdemonpeople spend alot of money to buy a framemister to play old systems on tvs

 8:01 PMCodeNameZI saw an 3rd parts 3 in 1 component cable for 360, Playstation and the Wii

 8:01 PMCodeNameZparty*

 8:02 PMLakster37have you guys seen the videos from My Life in Gaming? they go into all of that stuff in great detail

 8:02 PMCodeNameZOn the Wii and Wii U the virtual console ware not out day 1

 8:02 PMCodeNameZwas*

 8:03 PMeathdemonthey cant. if theyu do they end up facing ms scopio, and than would be doa

 8:03 PMGeorgey Knuckleshave you seen the game snake pass?

 8:04 PMRainbowDragonVlogs​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

 8:04 PMLakster37only other game I plan to get at launch is a physical copy of binding of isaac

 8:04 PMScottyJayManSnipperclips will be out day one

 8:04 PMGeorgey KnucklesSnipperclipssssssss

 8:05 PMfroilen13do you know arlo? the blue puppet nintendo fan?

 8:05 PMCodeNameZI dont know, the Scorpio is just there, I dont really feel the hype unlike the Switch

 8:05 PMLakster37I honestly think it’ll be the #1 console in Japan

 8:06 PMeathdemonnah if the switch fails, they will go full mobile sadly’

 8:06 PMLakster37by mobile do you mean handheld? because I cannot see Nintendo going mobile…

 8:06 PMeathdemonI mean ios/andriod

 8:07 PM13Ucubei hate all the downloading i have to keep doing

 8:07 PM13Ucubei deleted it too

 8:07 PMLakster37why? hasn’t Nintendo made a grand total of 1 mobile game in house?

 8:07 PMCodeNameZI can see the Switch beeing a platform like every 2-3 years we get a stronger Switch.

 8:09 PMI Love Woodchucks Societydo you have any thoughts on the pewdiepie nazi stuff?

 8:09 PMeathdemonat this point, I think there is only room for 3 platforms, and atm that is pc,ps4,xb1. I am not sure there is room for them in hardware.

 8:09 PMCodeNameZSometimes the CPU moves tries to attack you but sometimes they wait until you are in range

 8:10 PMeathdemondena made it

 8:10 PMLakster37I can see that argument, though I disagree. Why would Nintendo go to mobile though? I’d think it much more likely that they go to those other consoles

 8:10 PMScottyJayManUntil Botw comes out, I’m playing the Famicom Disk System Zelda

 8:11 PMjordan thompsonin the deepest of oceans the koopas in there larva stage spring to life, after launching up stream the cannon blast from the water to reach land …. but sometimes it fails and they hit a brick wall

 8:12 PM13Ucubei’m for liberty. especially on the internet

 8:12 PMIEienIDo the research….. stop talking about it until you know everything.

 8:12 PM13Ucubethats not exactly what happened

 8:12 PMIEienIHe agreed to it.

 8:13 PMCodeNameZWhat I hear is Pewdiepie was trying to see what people do for $5

 8:13 PMCodeNameZSo he pay $5 a guy to dress like Jesus and say “Hitler did nothing wrong”

 8:13 PMkrikoleeanpewdiepie is innocent REEEEEEEEEE

 8:14 PM13Ucubeagain liberty, including what private companies decide to do too

 8:15 PMCyberjinhow about that Idubz guy that’s still with maker

 8:15 PMkrikoleeanit was “death to all jews, subscribe to keemstar”

 8:15 PM13UcubeI said ban the internet on one of my vids and google said that wasn’t ad friendly. I TOTALLY understand.

 8:15 PMSuperMetaldave64Pewdiepie did a social experiment, he is not racist, it was more about how people care/don’t care about what they say for money. Good show guys, yeah not funny but I understand it was for shock

 8:16 PMScottyJayManAny thoughts on Milo?

 8:16 PMCodeNameZThats why I dont like modern prank channels, they did idiotic stuff and call it a joke

 8:16 PM13Ucubeoh Heeere we go

 8:16 PMLakster37really? someone from Google actually watched your videos? no offense to your or your channel

 8:17 PM13Ucubeget the fire extinguishers

 8:18 PMjordan thompsonif a guy joking about the death of Jews on the internet seems like it’s the most offending thing on the internet then society has some really dence mother#&+#@$ out there

 8:19 PMCodeNameZBut Familly Guy made a joke that disney hates jews


 8:20 PMGeorgey KnucklesWho is Milo?

 8:20 PMjordan thompsonplus it’s a know tid bit that Walt Disney himself was possibly a Nazi supporter though it can be taken as an urban legend there could be some presidence to it

 8:20 PMScottyJayManI prefer the Milo malty drink

 8:21 PM13UcubeI just don’t understand why no one asks about Otis

 8:21 PM13UcubeMilo and Otis

 8:22 PMLakster37I liike how you guys answer questions. “Have any thoughts about X?” “Nope! … Here’s 10 minutes on my thoughts on x”

 8:22 PM13Ucubehahaha

 8:22 PMScottyJayManIt was a Japanese film and yeah, lot of scenes cut

 8:24 PMchingringfelix

 8:24 PMjordan thompsonthe real problem is humans period we are self destructive force that loves war and being divided it’s to profitable, we are a lost cause and the only way to rectify this it to wipeout all society

 8:24 PM13UcubeI started watching tv and listening to the radio one day and I realized I got old, really really fast

 8:25 PMchingringshellburg

 8:25 PMGeorgey KnucklesIs milo a youtuber?

 8:25 PMGeorgey Knucklesoh hes a writer?

 8:26 PMLakster37to be fair, you could say that about most articles on Breitbart based on the ones I’ve read

 8:26 PMchingringwhos more trustworthy, breitbart or WSJ?

 8:27 PMLakster37oh really? I didn’t even know he’d left breitbart

 8:27 PM13Ucubetrust is suspect everywhere

 8:27 PMJennifer Tavira😑hii idk wut this is

 8:28 PM13Ucubethere is no end-all trustworthy source

 8:29 PMLakster37yeah, that’s the same for me

 8:30 PMchingringdo you hate trump andrew

 8:30 PMScottyJayManIt’s scary that Steve Brannon is basically the president now

 8:30 PM13Ucubethis dude is trying to ring the bell here

 8:31 PMjordan thompsondid any of you guys see my comments three or four back

 8:31 PM13Ucubewe have taken a serious detour

 8:31 PMLakster37yep, well this podcast used to be called SuerPAC, so, ya know…

 8:32 PMjordan thompsonthe really long ones

 8:32 PMjordan thompsonthat made no since

 8:33 PMchingringI love trump and I love you Andrew

 8:33 PM13UcubeThat is exactly how I felt about both Clintons

 8:33 PM13UcubeIts an awful feeling

 8:34 PMI Love Woodchucks SocietyAndrew Eisenfor president please

 8:34 PMLakster37or…. EZKnight for Congress 😛

 8:35 PMLakster37I didn’t know cats could use phones

 8:35 PMGeorgey Knuckleslol a “sex dream”

 8:35 PMfroilen13this is getting wierd

 8:35 PM13UcubeAre you saying you are honest to the point where someone might call you a genuinely unkind person, Andrew

 8:36 PMkrikoleeanI’m new here, why is this called molehill mountain?

 8:37 PMjordan thomponjust imagine Trump on the new Infront of a warhead behind his that’s tagged for Mexico and the interviewer says “what’s that” he says “it’s a cookie just a cookie”

 8:38 PM13Ucubehey, because we make mountains of molehills

 8:39 PMCodeNameZmore like 2h

 8:39 PM13UcubeOh dan

 8:41 PMSuperMetaldave64lol 😉

 8:41 PM13Ucubeits great

 8:41 PMjordan thompsonin the beginning the legendary armies of barbarian Twinkies made a siege on the label highlands of nacho cheese Doritos ninja clan the battle lasted as long as microwave popcorn

 8:41 PMI Love Woodchucks Societygoodnight!

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