Molehill Mountain Episode 36 – ft. Super Metal Dave 64!


Zachary and the Mrs. are busy moving their brood to the side of the fence where the grass is greener but that doesn’t mean Andrew is all by his lonesome.  Nope!  Youtuber and Nintendo commentator Super Metal Dave 64 joins the show to talk all things Switch!

6:55 – Mega Man MUSCLE figures shown off at Toy Fair 2017

8:13 – Suda51 apologizes to translator for going off script during January’s Switch event

18:32 – Nintendo announces DLC for Zelda

29:51 – Pros and cons of marketing the Switch as a portable console vs a powerful portable that hooks up to the TV

46:08 – Sony filing a Japanese patent for a new handheld that looks a lot like the Switch

48:36 – Switch’s first-year line-up

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

7:23 PMwakannnai1that would work

7:24 PMCodeNameZDid Nintendoland sold well?

7:24 PMwakannnai1$80

7:24 PM13Ucubei bought fling smash for a motion plus NEVER played the game

7:24 PMYhe_WyvernTrue PlayWorksTvnot a chance in hell.

7:24 PMwakannnai1i believe it did ok

7:24 PMjordan thompsonha Nintendo trying to remake the fame of Wii sports …. Nintendo thinks there people isn’t that sweet. …. I know that joke makes no since but you read it

7:25 PM13UcubeDeluxe Digital made me spend lots and lots of money

7:26 PMwakannnai1i don’t think splatoon 2 will grow

7:26 PMCodeNameZaround 30% of Wii users owns Mario Kart Wii

7:26 PMwakannnai1they locked hero mode behind dlc

7:26 PMjordan thompsonjust waiting for Nintendo to make more copies of Zelda breath of the wild than switch systems

7:27 PMwakannnai1that would be hilarious but it’s probably true since there are wii u consoles

7:27 PM13UcubeI’m not unhappy with the DLC for Hyrule Warriors.

7:27 PMCodeNameZHero mode is in the game, this is “NEW hard mode”

7:28 PMwakannnai1oh ok

7:28 PMwakannnai1i personally think difficulty modes should be behind a pay wall

7:28 PMCharacterror4D1Hard mode is already in the game.

7:28 PMCharacterror4D1This is a new mode.

7:28 PMPeter GenslerIt could be an AI update

7:28 PMwakannnai1sorry shouldn’t

7:28 PMCodeNameZHard mode is playing as naked Link with a stick 😉

7:29 PMwakannnai1lol 😉

7:29 PM13Ucubethanks, i was about to jump all over that

7:29 PMCharacterror4D1They did announce it too early though. It made no sense to announce it before the actual game releases.

7:29 PMwakannnai1yeah maybe they did

7:30 PMwakannnai1but i’d like to know exactly what’s in the DLC packs

7:30 PMwakannnai1this is pretty vague

7:31 PMCodeNameZ1080 mode? But what about Wii U users?

7:31 PMjordan thompsonNEW map feature ( a big red arrow that says “it’s over here dumbass”)

7:31 PM13UcubeI’d pay 50 more dollars to ensure LINK NEVER TALKS

7:32 PMCodeNameZJokes side what if new Story mode let you play as Zelda?

7:32 PMwakannnai1I’d pay $50 to play as Zelda

7:33 PMCodeNameZZelda already looks like Link

7:33 PMwakannnai1Also there should be a DLC pack to disable Navi being annoying for 3DS

7:33 PMCodeNameZOnly girly

7:33 PMjordan thompsonOK so we don’t want to see link talk, you know how some deaf people try to talk but can’t fully can we get that

7:35 PMjordan thompsonNavi for Hyrule warriors sequel (kills you with the piercing noise of “HEY LISTEN”)

7:35 PM13UcubeI’m a big fan of presumptive positivity when it’s nintendo games. They usually only freak up their selling decisions

7:37 PMlittlegittelIt’s fun to look at Super Metal Dave’s room set up. From this angle it looks like his couch is pushed right up against the door. He’s like, “No one can come in, no one goes out!!

7:37 PMCodeNameZThe first DLC was the chalange packs for New Super Mario bros 2

7:37 PMSuperMetaldave64lol

7:38 PM13Ucubei got an orange sale sticker on one of my NES titles, does that count as DLC

7:38 PMjordan thompsondid you guys see the video of miamoto trolling fans with a Shrek trailer for smash 4

7:39 PMwakannnai1Just figured out what New Hard Mode is in Breath of the Wild. It obviously adds Navi who bothers you every 5 minutes. It makes the game harder by making you so mad you sop playing.

7:39 PMwakannnai1😉

7:39 PM13Ucubedo you guys think miiverse is done?

7:39 PMCodeNameZFor me Navi always sounded like Lisa Simpson

7:40 PMwakannnai1yeah i think so too now that i think about it

7:40 PMjordan thompsonremember the guy in the plane playing Zelda, if he is fighting a dodongo I can see a international crisis happening there

7:41 PM13UcubeIt’s a cellphone attachment that makes phonecalls during splattoon harder

7:41 PMCodeNameZDo you guys watch boundry break.

7:41 PMnin10doswitchmy man andrew got a nice vhs collection in the back

7:42 PMlittlegittelnone of those are vhs…all dvds

7:42 PM13UcubeHEY KELLY

7:42 PMnin10doswitchi was just messing around 😕

7:42 PMlittlegittelbut yes, amazing collection

7:43 PMlittlegittelhey 13Ucube

7:43 PM13Ucubestill waiting for your “Teach Brother Style” series

7:43 PMwakannnai1i’m in team home console

7:43 PMCharacterror4D1What do you two think of SNIPPERCLIPS.

7:43 PMnin10doswitchwhat color did you guys get gray or neon

7:44 PMjordan thompsondidn’t know keleigh had a YouTube account is that actually her

7:44 PMlittlegittelyes, this is Keleigh

7:44 PMCodeNameZYou can drive and play games, people did that before

7:44 PMCodeNameZI dont say its smart but you can

7:44 PMEddie Santanabut 50 from 45 for skyrim is not a deal breaker

7:45 PMnin10doswitchwhat game are you guys picking up beside zelda

7:45 PMjordan thompsonI’ve taken my wiiu to college playing it on just on the pad and have turned some heads

7:45 PMHardensoul 72Neogaf user with those vids, was one of then

7:46 PMnin10doswitchsick story andrew

7:46 PMHardensoul 72Well he said he bought it and retrun it to Nintendo

7:46 PMnin10doswitchclassic movies right there drew

7:46 PMwakannnai1I’m not sure if Nintendo is being entirely truthful

7:47 PMwakannnai1in regards to the stolen switch situation

7:47 PMGreen Bolt32 viewers

7:47 PMlittlegittelThank you SMD for making my brother popular this evening 😉

7:47 PMCodeNameZOne guy in the comment section did say that they could track the person by the wifi name

7:48 PM13UcubeXenoblade

7:48 PM13UcubeDragon Quest X and 11

7:48 PMwakannnai1no one knows when those are coming out

7:49 PMHardensoul 72There is footage of the Street Fighter 1st person mode and it looks awful

7:49 PM13Ucubeprevents echo

7:49 PMjordan thompsonjust like family trying to bogart the fame

7:49 PMCharacterror4D1SNIPPERCLIPS

7:49 PMFrancis PhillipsI plan to get Super Bomberman R, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and maybe 1-2 switch

7:49 PMCodeNameZI am suprised that Super Bomberman R is almost sold out

7:49 PMlittlegittelsee, I am being super sweet. I will just have to watch this later to find out what he is actually saying

7:49 PMwakannnai1Anyone find it worrying that DQ11 has no footage for Switch?

7:50 PM13UcubeDragon Quest 11 region free

7:50 PMCodeNameZOh thats you Kelly

7:50 PMEddie SantanaDragon quest 1-2

7:50 PMjordan thompsonremember when the made the human version of Bomberman

7:50 PMGreen BoltCapcom is porting their AAA games onto the Switch

7:50 PMwakannnai1didn’t capcom say they’re not sure yet?

7:51 PMCodeNameZGuys type bombergirl, it is comming out in Japanese arcades

7:51 PMEddie SantanaRE 7 may come to ns

7:51 PMnin10doswitchi need a new super nintendo, mine is yellow now

7:51 PMHardensoul 72The developers conference in Japan confirm the Switch Dev kits are around $500, so we will likely see more Indies

7:52 PMnin10doswitchare regular people like us allowed to purchase a dev kit?

7:52 PMCodeNameZSquare Enix use a random word generator and use the first 2 words that pop out

7:52 PMGreen BoltSpawnWave get a NES Classic

7:52 PMjordan thompsonbut but the Scrooge McDuck vault full of NES classics that more fun to think they’re just keeping them all to themselves

7:52 PM13UcubeI had a chance, a solid chance. But I let it go because I need to pay off my student loan

7:52 PMHardensoul 72You have to go thru the Developer portal and sign up to develop games

7:53 PM13Ucubeyou need a poster Dave

7:54 PMGreen BoltCapcom is porting Resident Evil Engine onto the Switch.

7:54 PMwakannnai1I believe they said they’re exploring the possibility

7:54 PMnin10doswitchwhen did nintendo patent the nx/switch?

7:54 PMwakannnai1nothing is concrete yet

7:55 PMjordan thompsonthe easier to scan your fingerprints and steal your identity with my dear

7:55 PM13Ucubecan’t keleigh put headphones in and watch the stream while in chat

7:55 PMlittlegittelyes, I could…but do not have any and forgot to ask

7:55 PM13Ucubedoh

7:55 PMCodeNameZSony makes phones also maybe that is a Sony phone

7:56 PMlittlegittelfacepalm indeed

7:56 PMwakannnai1that’s also a possibility

7:56 PMCodeNameZOr gaming tablet

7:56 PMjordan thompsonyou could scoot across the room and bug Andrew

7:56 PMCyberjincome on Sony, I need a new handheld

7:56 PMeathdemonthee biggest surprise was seeing atlus using ue4 for their next game

7:57 PMlittlegittelI’ve already done that enough, This is his thing, I should respect that

7:57 PMwakannnai1well i think they want it to hit the switch easy

7:57 PMeathdemonno way in hell can the switch run the new mass effect

7:57 PMwakannnai1UE4 is good for that

7:57 PMjordan thompsonbut you don’t have to that’s what makes it fun

7:57 PMEddie Santanaany one thinks the odd console is Scorpio?

7:57 PMlittlegittelI love Mass Effect

7:57 PM13UcubeANDREW…will you buy Dragon Quest 11 in JA or wait to see if they translate/Localize

7:58 PMAmerica On FireMicrosoft and Sony pays these companies

7:58 PMwakannnai1i’m buying from japan lol

7:58 PMCodeNameZOBE1? The guy who say the NX is powerful as the Scorpio?

7:58 PMwakannnai1yeah that guy

7:58 PMeathdemonandrew have you seen the new mass effect? the switch would not be able to run it?

7:58 PMAmerica On FireObe1 is a clown, he needs to speak more responsibly

7:59 PMjordan thompsonzombiu seemed to drop off quickly

7:59 PMwakannnai1think of his channel as a comedy

7:59 PMCodeNameZOBE1 is even worst than Tre

7:59 PMwakannnai1it works well if you do that

7:59 PMwakannnai1Tre is just cringe

7:59 PMwakannnai1OBE1 is just funny

8:00 PMAmerica On FireTre is smart he’s just a dick rider, no disrespect but he is.

8:00 PMwakannnai1lol

8:00 PMjordan thompsonso no dragon quest builder

8:00 PMCodeNameZFIFA 13 is just last year FIFA with changed names, and no one get it on the Wii U? Gee that must mean Nintendo fans hatea FIFA

8:00 PMwakannnai1i think dragon quest builders may hit

8:00 PM13UcubeI want builders

8:01 PMwakannnai1it can’t be that hard for square to port

8:01 PMAmerica On FireI think the Switch will sell between 30-50 million

8:01 PMEddie Santananintendo just need GTA V still selling like hot cake

8:01 PMAmerica On FireMicrost paid 100 million dollars for a GTA 4 port

8:02 PM13UcubeThey need to make that many

8:02 PMCodeNameZAlso what is with Project Cars? They say it back in the day they port it to the NX but did not hear anythinh from them

8:02 PMeathdemonyes back than all systems were in the same ballpark though

8:02 PMwakannnai1exactly

8:03 PMCodeNameZAndrew if you google “Kingdom Hearts 3” it listed Switch as a consle having that game also

8:03 PMeathdemonthe x1 is slightly better than a 360/ps3

8:03 PMjordan thompsonjust my opinion but ps2 won that generation it may not have been the most technically best but it had 100s of hit games

8:04 PMAmerica On FirePS2 had a massive library

8:04 PMwakannnai1kh3 is not being developed for switch at this point in time. Don’t ask me how I know

8:04 PMCodeNameZHow you know

8:04 PMwakannnai1i’ll only say

8:05 PMwakannnai1i’m affiliated in some way

8:05 PMeathdemonthe issue is things like ram/cpu something like prey needs the eextra power not for looks, but systems/combat

8:05 PMScottyJayManIt would be awesome if a port of Doom was on the Switch

8:05 PMEddie Santanaps2 had a crazy library

8:05 PMCodeNameZWith who

8:05 PMeathdemoncpu/ram is used for more than making a game look good

8:05 PMwakannnai1ok i better stop here i don’t want to get fired

8:05 PMGreen BoltMyth Currently

8:05 PM13UcubeHope and NowInStock . Net

8:05 PMjordan thompsonthe wouldn’t hold my BREATH

8:05 PMkratos3821Nintendo fans “damage controlling since 1996”

8:06 PMwakannnai1lol

8:06 PMeathdemongood luck with that. Doom is one of the best looking games this gen, and by somee magic its also 60fps

8:06 PMCodeNameZWho from your job would watch this video?

8:07 PMeathdemonon consoles

8:07 PMwakannnai1well i work at square enix as a graphics pipeline programmer

8:07 PMwakannnai1won’t say which project

8:07 PMGreen BoltDark Soul 3 on the Switch

8:07 PMAmerica On FireNintenod fans need to stop being apologist and let fans express their grievances.

8:07 PMTheRiverAnduinhd rumble not in zelda

8:07 PM13UcubeHD rumble is DLC

8:07 PMCodeNameZThat kinda sounds far fetch to be honest

8:08 PMwakannnai1don’t care if you believe me or not

8:08 PMCodeNameZWii U support linear PCM

8:08 PMavansiesframe rate looks better on the switch version

8:08 PMeathdemonmy bet digital foundry will rip the 2 versions + docked v undocked apart

8:08 PMCodeNameZSorry did not wanted to offend you

8:08 PMwakannnai1lol none taken

8:08 PM13Ucubei don’t believe anyone

8:09 PM13Ucubebut you type a lot

8:09 PMnin10doswitchdave got jokes haha

8:09 PMwakannnai1i’m not saying it’s not going to happen, but it’s not happening as of now

8:09 PMAmerica On FireI’m getting the switch day one, but I will hold on to my receipt if things get bad.

8:09 PMTheRiverAnduinwho was you source at NOA from last year?

8:09 PM13Ucubehow did dave meet you

8:10 PMnin10doswitchwhat color did you guys go with on the switch, neon or gray

8:10 PMlittlegitteland once I get to actually listen to this, I will get to hear Dave’s jokes

8:10 PMavansiesshow us your salt face when you found out the switch was a hybrid dave lol

8:10 PMTheRiverAnduinmarketing rumor

8:10 PMEddie SantanaDay one 😁

8:10 PMwakannnai1day two XD

8:10 PM13Ucubekeleigh do you have the patience for zelda games?

8:11 PMSuperMetaldave64No worries Kelly 😉

8:11 PMEddie Santanalol

8:11 PMlittlegittelI love Zelda!!!

8:11 PMGreen BoltNintendo Ninja got the Switch leaker

8:11 PMkratos3821i’ll wait till holiday or later , in case they announce a more powerful switch

8:11 PMlittlegittelI have ALL the patience in the family. ALL of it

8:11 PMCodeNameZWhat NES or SNES game would you like to see the most having online play?

8:11 PMwakannnai1what do you guys think about the Switch tour not hitting California until after Switch launch?

8:11 PM13Ucubenice!

8:12 PM13UcubeAndrew had to correct::Do you have no friends?

8:12 PMAmerica On FireZelda will get a lot of 10’s I’m guessing

8:12 PMwakannnai1multiple outlets confirmed next week

8:12 PMnin10doswitchlucky them

8:12 PMavansiesdamn dave already knew lol

8:12 PMTheRiverAnduindave, what happened to your marketing rumor from last year?

8:13 PMwakannnai1and current embargo ends on 2nd

8:13 PMEddie SantanaFTW ns

8:13 PM13Ucubevery good

8:13 PMjordan thompsonfrankly at this point new console releases get ridiculously analyzed I know truly believe that the pazuzu alien tribe of galaxy treetoll village district 4 makes all our new crap I mean come on

8:13 PMnin10doswitchandrew has friend on nintendo network chill guys

8:13 PM13Ucubezelda

8:13 PMCodeNameZSo far they can only post the photos of the box

8:14 PMwakannnai1my uncle works at nintendo and he said Nintendo Switch has a Titan X and it’s portable 😛

8:14 PMnin10doswitchhaha

8:14 PM13Ucubedoes your apartment smell of rich mahogany?

8:14 PMCodeNameZAnd Dave is not your friend?

8:15 PMnin10doswitchbut does it come true andrew? that song guy after couple months

8:15 PMnin10doswitchsony*

8:15 PM13UcubePeople know me

8:15 PMjordan thompsonmy last comment ⬆

8:15 PMCodeNameZIs that why he got fired because he told you stuff?

8:16 PM13Ucubenice to meet you dave

8:16 PMAmerica On FireGreat show

8:16 PMwakannnai1Great show

8:16 PM13Ucubealready subbed Dave

8:16 PMnin10doswitchthanks guys

8:16 PMnin10doswitchwonderful

8:16 PMjordan thompsonwow you look old for a tween

8:16 PMFrancis PhillipsIt was a great show between you and dave

8:17 PM13UcubeKeleigh plug your awesomeness

8:17 PMGreen Boltbye

8:17 PMlittlegittelI’m awesome

8:17 PMCharacterror4D1I’ve been subbed to you both for a while. See ya.

8:17 PM13Ucubeyay

8:17 PMGreen BoltMegazord or separate zord

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