Molehill Mountain Episode 35 – Toys To Life To Death


Another week, another show where Zachary and Andrew go over an hour because they get caught up reminiscing about the cartoons of their youth.

Incorrigible, the both of them!

Zachary is off next week but we may have a special guest filling in for him.  See you Saturday!

12:49 – Steam is replacing Steam Greenlight with Steam Direct

25:50 – Will we give the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie a chance?

27:34 – Andrew doesn’t care about console internet browsers. Do you?

33:27 – Activision won’t be releasing a new Skylanders game this year

45:18 – GameStop is getting the stink eye from gamers over its Circle of Life program

1:00:07 – An R-rated Castlevania animated series is coming to Netflix

1:05:55 – Zachary and Andrew geek out about a bunch of old cartoons
Just a reminder, there will be no show this weekend but we’ll be back at you with a new episode the following Saturday!

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:53 PM Andrew EisenHello everyone.

6:56 PMeathdemonhi

7:00 PMIcyLady58- Gamer Extraordinare!hey Andrew remember me Becky the one who suggested that glitch in your Lego Movie glitches video

7:00 PMeathdemonI seem to be in the minority, but I like the greenlight change

7:00 PME. Zachary KnightHello

7:01 PMCodeNameZAnyone still knows who I am?

7:02 PMIcyLady58- Gamer Extraordinare!Andrew what’s your Skype I have other glitches I love to recommend because out of all the games that I have played one that’s incredibly good that deserves a mention is definitely defiance

7:02 PMCodeNameZI was more suprised when I found out Zack have kids

7:03 PMCodeNameZWell on twitch I am Z2400

7:05 PMeathdemonthe rare times ?I go to a movie its the dine in theatre

7:06 PMIcyLady58- Gamer Extraordinare!oh I so want to see that I’ve seen most of the clips for Lego Batman the movie I’ve seen most of the clips by that I mean the trailers my favorite ones with the butt mobile oh crack

7:07 PMCodeNameZDid you hear guys Sumo Digital the developer of Snake Pass did a livestream of the Switch version of the game they say how the Switch is easy to develop for and they did the port in a week

7:08 PMCodeNameZOr for preordee bonus you have an overpowered item

7:10 PMCodeNameZAlso the developer of Disgea 5 say the same thing

7:10 PMeathdemonthe switch is still $500 buck to mich

7:10 PMeathdemon50

7:10 PMeathdemonue4 works on it too

7:11 PMlittlegittelI’m sure someone has already said this, but I really like your shirt, Zack. Excellent

7:11 PMIcyLady58- Gamer Extraordinare!yeah what I also don’t like about a pre-order bonuses is that if you try to get them at any other point other than the dates they’re released they’re no longer available trust me I know

7:11 PMCodeNameZOne of many many many RPGs for the Switch 😉

7:12 PMAndreas Protopapasthat shadow behind Andrew looks kinda like…. Mario?

7:13 PMCecil475Hi all!

7:14 PMCodeNameZIf anything the avengers destroys more the city than Loki

7:15 PMeathdemonI like it make it 1k for devs make it 100 for students done

7:15 PMIcyLady58- Gamer Extraordinare!one thing that I would wish they would do that I wish they would make a game is mysteries-at-the-museum like sore to make it a trivia game because I love that show and no one has made a game off of it

7:16 PMeathdemonit heavily reduces asset flipers and shovelware. feel bad for devs in poor contries, but thats ok

7:16 PMCodeNameZSteam Direct is a short Japanese guy telling you about Steam games directly to you 😉

7:16 PMPeter GenslerHave you guys in chat preordered the Switch? I’m lucky, since Walmart in Canada doesn’t take preorders apparently. Meaning if I show up at least half an hour before they open I’m guaranteed to get one

7:17 PMeathdemonthey havent set on the fee, but it will be between 100 and 5000 per game. I hope higher, than lower

7:18 PMeathdemonits per title

7:19 PMIcyLady58- Gamer Extraordinare!is anybody going to go see that new Five Nights at Freddy’s movie when it comes out

7:19 PMPeter Genslerlol no

7:20 PMeathdemonacording to the guy behind steamspy he think if its set at $200 it should stop most asset flips

7:20 PMeathdemonvalve will pass on their cut, til you get it back from what I understand

7:21 PMadevãr realãIts hoqzz here

7:22 PMeathdemonsadly only three companies on earth have good descovery. that is netflix google and amazon

7:22 PMCodeNameZAbout the topics will we talk about the Switch internet browser?

7:24 PMCodeNameZThe google play store do kinda that, they recommend you games on what you recently download

7:26 PMPeter GenslerI feel like people are just looking for something to complain about when they mention the internet browser. Console browers are horrible and most people have smartphones on them always.

7:29 PMCodeNameZI played the DEMO on my phone of FNAF 2…. I got jump scared I trew my phone and deleted the demo right away

7:29 PMTassadarkyA friend of mine had suggested making a FNaF VR game. I’d be surprised if they didn’t with the rate they release sequels for that series along with the rise of VR lately.

7:30 PMCodeNameZI did today to look up a Mission on Mass Effect 3

7:30 PMScottyJayManI’m using my PS4 to watch this show.

7:30 PMeathdemonI some people use them to watch youtube, crunchyroll ect on their tv

7:30 PMCodeNameZWii U Mass Effect 3

7:30 PMTassadarkyI used to use the PSP browers all the time, then again, it was before I got a smart phone.

7:31 PMIcyLady58- Gamer Extraordinare!I’ve heard that the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is being made by Paramount but I’m not exactly sure I mean I agree with you completely it’s a hit or a Miss in terms of what it’s going to be like

7:32 PMTheRiverAnduinis Paramount a Viacom company?

7:32 PMCodeNameZTalking about browsers if you try to go to My Nintendo with your Wii U browser it says it is not a supporter browser

7:33 PMeathdemonfunny thing, I ran across a film website, that doesnt cover games, talk abou who they think should play overwatch heros in a live action overwatch movie

7:35 PMeathdemonI am glad its dying good bye to good rubish

7:36 PMTheRiverAnduindid Disney close down their studio that made the infinity games?

7:37 PMCodeNameZWell I hated Guitar Hero back in the day because you need a special controller to play it, even using a normal controller would be just fine

7:37 PMeathdemonthey confirmed destiny 2 will be out this year as well, but I will be to busy playing overwatch to care

7:38 PMCodeNameZI have Supercharges for my Wii and the Supercharged Bowser

7:39 PMTheRiverAnduinunless the Switch sells tens of millions this year do not expect top tier third party games to come

7:39 PMIcyLady58- Gamer Extraordinare!I hope that’s not the case because I was actually reading about the horror attraction based off of Five Nights at Freddy’s at Circus Circus and I’m sorry to say this but it was a letdown

7:40 PMCodeNameZI liked the gimmick of Trap team and Supercharges

7:40 PMPeter GenslerI never got anywhere near 100% on Lego City Undercover, so I’m buying the 1080p version for Switch. From what I gather from the cover art and trailer, there may be new content

7:40 PMCodeNameZDo you find it interesting that the Switch version of Skylanders will use the Switch build in NFC scanner

7:43 PMScottyJayManBut you can now play just dance outside

7:43 PMPeter GenslerOh god I can’t imagine the embarrassment

7:43 PMCodeNameZDont you wanna to play Just Dance in an airplane?

7:43 PMeathdemonis it me, or is the switch 6 months early, and $50 to much?

7:44 PMPeter GenslerI’m buying the Switch with Zelda, but I’m a hardcore Zelda fan.

7:45 PMeathdemonmore games/ more system functionality. the system seems half backed

7:45 PMeathdemonthe switch would kill at $250

7:45 PMTheRiverAnduinif Nintendo had a brain they would buy the Timesplitters IP from Cytek UK and give it to Retro to make a new game

7:46 PMEddie Santana19 days to go

7:46 PMPeter GenslerIf you compare the WiiU’s launch year games to Switch, I think the Switch is looking much better. The best WiiU launch year game was what… Another 2D Mario platformer?

7:46 PMCodeNameZOnly the trolls mentions 1-2 Switch 😉

7:47 PMeathdemongamestop is dying anyways. digital is killing it thankful good bye to bad rubish

7:48 PMTheRiverAnduinI have been burned by GameStop for gutting games, I only buy used from them unless i see it is sealed.

7:48 PM13Ucubeebay for used

7:48 PMCodeNameZWait how they can sell unsealed new games? That sounds agaist the law, no joke

7:49 PMCodeNameZWhat sticker they put outside?

7:50 PM13Ucubebring back Funco land catalog, funk gamestop

7:50 PMeathdemoncough cough trying to find the leakers and fire them

7:51 PMLyricallyCI usually go for the buy 2 get one free on the used titles

7:51 PMLyricallyCat Gamestp

7:51 PMLyricallyCGamestop

7:52 PMCodeNameZDo you have any eshop cards? Nop but we have used ones 😉

7:53 PM13Ucubewhere did you work where they made you wear a uniform and you got fired for not?

7:53 PMIcyLady58- Gamer Extraordinare!it’s bad enough that a couple of the games I got from Walmart head tape I could not remove by hand I had to remove it with scissors

7:53 PMeathdemondid you guys see the yoy sales drop for gamestop? it dropped 16%

7:53 PMLyricallyCI can answer your toys r us question

7:54 PMLyricallyCAll of the games are show case in a glass case that has to be open

7:54 PMCodeNameZI know back in the day when there ware video rental stores they had empty VHS boxes displayed

7:55 PMLyricallyConly the pre sale tickets are the ones that done that way

7:55 PMTheRiverAnduintoys r us was great for sealed games

7:56 PMeathdemongamestop is desperate that 16% drop in sales

7:56 PMCodeNameZI remerber when I hear the stories when gamestop got Xenoblade Wii they say the stores to remove the sealing and sell it for $80 as used

7:56 PM13Ucubereturn to funcoland

7:57 PMeathdemonpublishers make 29 to 34 bucks depend on the source. on pc/xb1/ps4 is 43 per sale

7:57 PMeathdemonsteam/xbl/psn get 30%

7:58 PM13UcubeAndrew, did you ever beat Dragon Quest 8?

7:58 PMLyricallyCat toys r us, they tried to make the release sometimes special by giving some nice promotion attach to the new release

7:58 PMeathdemonno they dont you can buy pcs in walmart/bestbuy

7:59 PMCodeNameZHow you explains than that Walmart sells phones

7:59 PMeathdemontrust me 90% of all pc sales are digital now

7:59 PMTassadarkyWalmart offsets it’s electronics (gaming included) with their other departments, so they would still sell an all dlc console.

8:00 PMeathdemongames sales I mean

8:00 PMCodeNameZThere are already like 5 companies making Switch cases

8:01 PMCodeNameZThere are already 3rd party grips for $15

8:01 PM13UcubeWhy is steam the only digital platform that understands deep discounts

8:02 PMTheRiverAnduinwhat?

8:02 PMeathdemonits a konami franchise btw, not nintendo

8:02 PMTheRiverAnduinKonami in that bad a shape?

8:04 PMCodeNameZWhat about a panchinko mashine 😉

8:06 PMTheRiverAnduinI want a new Kirby anime

8:06 PMTheRiverAnduinloved the 4kids one in the 2000’s

8:06 PMeathdemonthat game is more rpg, than plaatformer

8:07 PMCodeNameZWell anyone saw Captain N?

8:07 PMeathdemonreket rough is best video game movie by farm and its not based on a game

8:07 PMTheRiverAnduinanyone see Lego Batman?

8:07 PMEddie Santanasuper low bar loool

8:07 PMeathdemontake off your rose tinted glasses

8:09 PMeathdemonall of them are bad very very bad

8:09 PMTheRiverAnduinExcuuuuuuuusssssseeeee mmmeeeeee princess

8:09 PMCodeNameZI wish I could meet with someone and do a drinking game with the Zelda cartoon

8:10 PMeathdemon^^^ first meme

8:10 PMLyricallyCjust bring back nick arcade

8:10 PM13Ucubeducktales

8:10 PM13UcubeDangermouse

8:10 PMLyricallyCGargoyles

8:11 PMCodeNameZWhat companies do is in the last season they put a charather that no one likes

8:12 PM13UcubeDid you guys watch a show called M.A.S.K ?

8:12 PMeathdemoncartoon network is bringing back samurai jack

8:12 PMLyricallyCwasn’t there one called Pirates of Black Water? I know it was only 5 episodes

8:12 PMCodeNameZDarkwing Duck anyone?

8:12 PMScottyJayManSPOON!!!!!!!!!!

8:13 PM13UcubeThey had transforming cars and they all wore masks. Boulder Hill was the good guy base

8:13 PMLyricallyCI would go for a Bionic 6 reboot

8:13 PMCodeNameZThe Tick kinda reminds me on the Earthworm Jim cartoon

8:14 PM13UcubeTeebot

8:15 PM13UcubeInspector gadget was good

8:16 PMLyricallyCcadilliac and dinosaurs

8:16 PMeathdemonhave you guys seen stranger things yet?

8:16 PMCodeNameZAs a kid I hated My Little Pony cartoon, now I am a brony

8:16 PMTheRiverAnduinthe Littles

8:17 PM13Ucubethis message will self destruct in 5 sec

8:18 PM13UcubeRainbow bright? Care Bears movie

8:18 PMLyricallyCJem and Josie and the Pussy cats

8:18 PMCodeNameZI still hate the only MLP I cant stand the horse voices they do

8:18 PMPeter GenslerI’ll never understand why grown adults would want to watch My Little Pony…

8:18 PMCodeNameZold*

8:18 PM13UcubeYooou doont caaare

8:19 PMCodeNameZAm I the only one who liked the Mighty Ducks cartoon?

8:19 PM13UcubeThe neverending story scared the shit out of me

8:19 PMLyricallyCwhat about the street fighter and mortal kombat cartoons

8:20 PMeathdemonisnt the new one, more a rip on nerd culture? I saw the first 2 epasodes, and it was a play on sailor moon

8:20 PMeathdemonmy little pony

8:21 PMCodeNameZOK the Mighty Ducks it is really 90s

8:21 PMTheRiverAnduin​[message retracted]

8:21 PM13UcubeDid you watch WWF

8:22 PMTassadarkyNo good Street Fighter movies? “OF COURSE!!!”

8:22 PMLyricallyCbiker mice from mars

8:22 PMScottyJayManSamurai pizza cats was awesome

8:22 PM13Ucubedidn’t they make cartoon wrestling buddiest

8:22 PMCodeNameZI am a Sailor Moon fan and I dont see the MLP connection

8:22 PMTassadarkyAh, just remeber Swat Cats!

8:22 PM13UcubeIron Sheik

8:22 PMLyricallyCswat cats was the business

8:22 PM13UcubeNicoli Volkov

8:22 PMCodeNameZAs a kid I watch Detective Conan, yes the crime anime

8:23 PMLyricallyCtiny Toons

8:23 PMTassadarkyDuck Dodgers?

8:23 PMCodeNameZlunatic unleashed?

8:24 PM13UcubeHow about The Muppet Show?

8:24 PMLyricallyCWhere in the world is carmon san diego

8:24 PMCodeNameZHe is 16 and he really got younger,

8:25 PMLyricallyCdetective conan got heavily edited

8:25 PMTheRiverAnduinMuppet Babies

8:25 PMCodeNameZBasiclly how they explain is that he get poisenes by the bad guys but that poisen made him younger

8:25 PM13UcubeALF

8:26 PMLyricallyCyes on toonami

8:26 PMeathdemonyeah back in the day funamation heavily edited shit

8:26 PMLyricallyCand that’s missing episodes cause they only showed 13 episode here in the U.S.

8:27 PMCodeNameZI did not watch it in English, so jokes on you

8:27 PMTheRiverAnduinthe new Conan game will have a genital slider

8:28 PM13Ucubewatch Nintendo why don’t you want my money

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