Molehill Mountain Episode 34 – Let’s Get Political!


This week’s episode of Molehill Mountain is chock full of political goodness.  Or badness.

Uh…  We talk politics!

25:33 – What does a tariff on imported goods mean to gamers?

43:36 – What does getting rid of net neutrality mean to gamers?

55:55 – Brad Bushman study gets trashed

1:03:40 – Capcom, Sherlock Holmes and the Public Domain

1:18:05 – More Nintendo Switch stuff

Just a reminder, there will be no show this weekend but we’ll be back at you with a new episode the following Saturday!

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Chat Transcript:

7:02 PMPeter Gensler❤

7:03 PMjordan thompsonDame either that’s a kinky gym or they are are hardcore about conditioning

7:05 PMjordan thompsonat this point the dust has had more play time in your ps4

7:11 PMjordan thompsoncan’t tell if I’m lost on the subject due to the lack of sleep and stress or this story is just to out there either way we just started and I feel mentally out of it only halfway through this story

7:12 PMMechaTama31I’ll get it for the trophy

7:12 PMFhsh Fjfh​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:13 PMMechaTama31the podcast only lasts an hour or so, so you really can’t

7:13 PMFhsh Fjfh​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:13 PMjordan thompsonand through suicidal people off roofs “wink”

7:14 PMFhsh Fjfh​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message
7:14 PM Fhsh Fjfh was banned by Andrew Eisen.

7:14 PMjordan thompsonthrow

7:15 PMjordan thompsonI remember seeing gauntlet as an arcade cabinet years ago I wonder if those are rare

7:16 PMBrian Murray​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:16 PMBrian Murray​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:16 PMBrian Murray​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message
7:16 PM Brian Murray was banned by Andrew Eisen.

7:19 PMsoar to faze members best clips​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message
7:19 PM soar to faze members best clips was banned byAndrew Eisen.

7:19 PMjordan thompsonI’m getting a tennis kings out of what your explaining how far off am i

7:19 PMPeter Genslerholy, this guy is triggered

7:20 PMLessa WSome people really have too much free time on their hands

7:21 PMnigger beater​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message
7:21 PM nigger beater was banned by Andrew Eisen.

7:22 PMnigger beater​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

7:23 PMnigger beater​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message
7:23 PM nigger beater was banned by Andrew Eisen.

7:23 PMmikael Larssonchill people

7:23 PMMechaTama31it’s just one douchebag

7:23 PMjordan thompsongeek and sundry

7:24 PMmikael LarssonI’ve got several personalties?

7:25 PMPeter GenslerHe’s probably some angry basement dweller who thinks Andrew is an SJW. I’ve disagreed with Andrew sometimes too, but that doesn’t mean I have to harass him.

7:26 PMMechaTama31especially when those blue leds first started getting big on consumer electronics. some of those “indicator” lights were just blazing beacons in the darkness

7:26 PMjordan thompsonas long as we just look like white trash in secret duck tape the invention that fixes it all

7:26 PMMechaTama31made decent nightlights… if that’s what you wanted

7:28 PMwe are anonymousdo you remember what you did eathen

7:28 PMPeter Genslerback to /b/ with you

7:28 PMwe are anonymousI will post the link of what you did to that por person

7:28 PMwe are anonymouspoor*

7:30 PMPeter GenslerMaybe you should put your energy to something that will actually make a difference. Like donating to a food bank or charity, or doing community work.

7:31 PMjordan thompsontell the last time you saw “made in USA” for example I was using suggested text to write this and as soon as I hit (made in ) the next suggested word was China even our technology knows American

7:32 PMد. عبد العزيزmake videos i mean a lot of videos about the switch 4 per week it helps your channel and audions

7:33 PMPeter GenslerI think he has already said everything he has to say.

7:33 PMjordan thompsonha could you imagine a Nintendo switch made by American factories in today’s time I wouldn’t doubt it would look like the Mexican Disney knock off toys

7:34 PMMechaTama31and possibly start a trade war with the countries targeted by these punitive tariffs…

7:36 PMMechaTama31maybe mexico decides “nah, you guys are being jerks we don’t really want to sell you car parts now”, and our auto industry collapses

7:36 PMwe are anonymous3wM9uuwoi6Y

7:37 PMwe are anonymoushere’s the last part of the YouTube video

7:37 PMPeter GenslerI doubt Mexico could afford to just stop trade like that. Same with Canada. We’re all very co-dependant.

7:37 PMjordan thompsonAmerican trying to get back in the mass production game Henry Ford is rolling in his grave

7:38 PMwe are anonymousoh you have to choices Andrew you better listen

7:38 PMMechaTama31well, trade is going to take a huge hit from the tariffs, too, so they may consider it worth the risk

7:38 PMPeter GenslerI dunno what I expected

7:38 PMwe are anonymous1. delete the kittens video

7:38 PMwe are anonymousor

7:39 PMwe are anonymous2. be hacked and your internet shutdown

7:39 PMPeter GenslerI should just ignore this kiddo

7:39 PMwe are anonymousthat is all you have 48 houra

7:39 PMwe are anonymoushours*

7:40 PMPeter Genslerlmao

7:40 PMwe are anonymousall of the kittens video

7:40 PMMechaTama31not all of them. all of it. video, singular

7:41 PMjordan thompsonthe best painting I’ve heard about how the usa is portrayed is when you really look at the country it’s mall to mall from coast to coast and not even a good fraction of the commercialism made here

7:41 PMSean SharpeMan, leave Andrew alone. There’s nothing wrong with wanking to kittens.

7:42 PMPeter GenslerI thought he was actually malicious for a good minute, but I think it’s just good fun.

7:42 PMPeter GenslerIf he’s not the same guy who was saying the N word

7:43 PMMechaTama31it’s something like 300 billion from mexico to us, 25 billion from us to mexico

7:43 PMMechaTama31*250

7:44 PMjordan thompsonTrump: I’m building a wall Mexico: good we don’t wanna see your fake ugly tan

7:44 PMwe are anonymouswanna laugh still

7:44 PMPeter GenslerI’d be all for the wall if it wasn’t for the fact that tunnels exist.

7:45 PMSean SharpeHollywood takes risks?

7:45 PMwe are anonymous216.58.211.142 eh alright your IP eh lol right Andrew

7:45 PM

Andrew EisenAnd ladders. And ropes. And planes. And migrating wildlife.

7:46 PMPeter Genslerlol true

7:46 PMjordan thompsondid you hear about Trump’s press speaker getting into a fight with dip n dots

7:46 PMwe are anonymouslol

7:46 PMwe are anonymousandrew

7:46 PMwe are anonymousright were laughing hahahahah

7:46 PMMechaTama31the businesses are against it for obvious reasons. the people against it don’t actually know what it is, they’ve bought into the fiction the businesses are spinning

7:47 PMwe are anonymous216.58.211.142 let’s laugh Andrew hahahaha

7:47 PMjordan thompsonnot to stray off topic but did you guys hear about John hurt passing

7:47 PMPeter GenslerI don’t even know who that is

7:47 PMjordan thompsonKane from alien

7:47 PMwe are anonymousyour IP I’ll do it remove the videos or edit it out now Andrew

7:48 PM

Andrew EisenGuy who gets chestbursted in the original Alien.

7:48 PMPeter GenslerOh. Yeah I haven’t even seen Alien. Heresy, I know.

7:48 PMwe are anonymous216.58.211.142

7:48 PMMechaTama31I’ve yet to see an argument against net neutrality that wasn’t some variation of “THE GOVERMENT WILL FORCE YOU TO READ JUST AS MANY LIBERAL WEBSITES AS CONSERVATIVE ONES! REGULAAAAATION! oooOOOoo!”

7:48 PMwe are anonymousgetting spooked andrew

7:49 PMSean SharpeDude. Stop watching this video right now and watch Alien.

7:49 PMPeter GenslerI guess I have homework.

7:49 PMSean SharpeBest horror movie ever.

7:50 PMjordan thompsonyes Peter alien is one of the best horror movies ever made though in a fanboy of the series but I feel most people would agree with that statement

7:50 PM

Andrew EisenHonestly, never a big fan of Alien. Don’t hate it; lots I like about it but was never blown away by it.

7:51 PMMechaTama31Alien 3 (director’s cut, not the theatrical version) is still my fave

7:51 PMPeter GenslerIf anything I’ll probably just appreciate the practical effects. Same thing as appreciating the original versions of Star Wars.

7:51 PMPeter GenslerThat one iconic scene with the alien in that spaceship seat looks rad

7:51 PMjordan thompsonI’m just inthralled by the alien life cycle it’s great syfy

7:51 PMIcySon55guh, late!

7:52 PMMechaTama31I actually saw the director’s cut first, and I couldn’t understand why there was so much hate for Alien 3. then I finally saw the theatrical version, ans was all 😕 “oh. that’s why…”

7:52 PMjordan thompsonha totally just wanted to share the passing of John hurt and took over the chat sorry andrew

7:52 PMPeter Genslerlol

7:53 PMwe are anonymouscity: Mountain View Zip Code:94043 Longitude:-122.057404 CA San Francisco, CA Latitude:37.419201 Longitude:-122.057404

7:53 PMwe are anonymousoh hohohoh

7:53 PMMechaTama31and he reprised his chestburst victim role for spaceballs 😃

7:53 PMIcySon55Evening guys! Went to the Switch Tour this afternoon! super excited for March 3rd!

7:53 PMjordan thompsonany opinions on fire emblem warriors

7:54 PMSean SharpeLooking forward to that one.

7:54 PMPeter GenslerSame!!! I’m gonna line up at Walmart at least half an hour early. I intend to get the version with the coloured joycons and ALLLLLL the Zelda amiibo.

7:54 PMwe are anonymousare you scared yet andrew

7:55 PMSean SharpeHumble Bundle usually does Steam keys.

7:55 PMPeter GenslerJordan, they discussed the Fire Emblem direct last podcast.

7:55 PMwe are anonymousyour very committed to this video after leaking your address and your ip

7:56 PMwe are anonymousman your good

7:56 PMPeter Genslerchill dude

7:56 PMSean Sharpeyou’re*

7:56 PMSean Sharpelag?

7:56 PMPeter Genslerit’s probably just on your end. There’s always a bit of a delay in any stream though.

7:57 PMwe are anonymousi don’t really care about punctuation

7:57 PMMechaTama31something positive: only 1453 days to go

7:57 PM

Andrew EisenOr capitalization.

7:57 PMPeter GenslerYou should, you’ll be taken a lot more seriously in any situation.

7:57 PMwe are anonymousnice one andrew

7:57 PMjordan thompsonI’m still convinced with all the other paranoid Nintendo fanboy that Nintendo of America is sitting on a Scrooge McDuck vault of Nintendo classics

7:57 PM

Andrew EisenOr accuracy.

7:57 PMwe are anonymousI’ll send someone to your house

7:58 PMPeter Gensler#rekt

7:58 PM

Andrew EisenDon’t ring twice. I’ll think it’s the postman.

7:59 PMSean SharpeHopefully, Andrew will offer him a beer and we can see them on the podcast.

7:59 PMwe are anonymousWOW

8:01 PMSean SharpeVideo games totally make you a better killer. I mean, years of Fallout showed me all I need to shoot people is VATS.

8:02 PMPeter Genslerif anything videogames have taught me all I need to do to avoid detection by authorities is walk crouched down.

8:02 PMPeter GenslerIf* ; )

8:02 PMjordan thompsonokay killing virtual people can gory and immoral but when I see Mario stopping on goombas I just wanna go to my local community garden and smash everyone’s mushrooms I can help myself

8:03 PMSean SharpeNot me. It makes me want to eat mushrooms. To get big.

8:04 PMwe are anonymouscan I send email now

8:04 PMwe are anonymousthem

8:04 PMjordan thompsonand to wear a cardboard box to hide

8:05 PMIcySon55The switch event was a blast Andrew!

8:06 PMjordan thompsonokay Andrew when do you get tired of region issues and just move to japan

8:07 PMPeter GenslerIt’s not like moving to Japan will magically give the games English subtitles.

8:08 PMIcySon55We’re fan translating The Great Ace Attorney Andrew. I’m on the team. 😉

8:08 PMPeter GenslerBut at least we can play PAL exclusive Switch games now.

8:10 PMwe are anonymousposting your address on 4chan

8:11 PMPeter GenslerThey’re not your personal army.

8:11 PMjordan thompsonwhat was your opinion on ace attorney in marvel vs Capcom and as a side note any opinions on marvel vs Capcom infinite

8:13 PMSean Sharpe4chan. Shit, Andrew. You’ll get called a cuck.

8:13 PMSean SharpeA CUCK! The horror.

8:14 PMTrey Holmesim not feeling the 3d art style for the new games..i like marvel vs capcom in 2d better

8:14 PMMechaTama31short for cuckold

8:15 PMjordan thompsonI’m just wait to hear a knock on Andrews door and have colorful ninjas storm in with sausage link nunchucks and rainbow afros while carrying boomboxes playing dubstep …. what I’m creative

8:15 PMIcySon55cuck: submissive male, bends over backwards for women

8:16 PMTrey HolmesCuck ah Doodle Doooo!

8:16 PMTrey Holmeslol

8:16 PMPeter GenslerThe only problem with SJWs is some of them have a very warped view of what is justice.

8:17 PMMechaTama31OBJECTION!!!

8:17 PMPeter Genslerwhat justice is*

8:17 PMMixtape TroyThat’s not a cuckold

8:17 PMSean SharpeI want to be a Social Justice Wizard. Cast Magic Missile… On the darkness. Or racism and homophobia.

8:18 PMPeter GenslerA cuckold is a man watching his partner have sex with another man.

8:18 PMMechaTama31agreed, AE. service for fans, not just cheesecake for adolescents

8:20 PMMechaTama31I got my coworkers hooked on human resource machine

8:20 PMMechaTama31“suckers! you know assembly now!” 😀

8:20 PMPeter GenslerStill, the only launch game I’m interested in is Zelda.

8:20 PMMixtape TroyReally old

8:20 PMMixtape Troy10 year old games damn Andy

8:21 PMSean Sharpet

8:22 PMIcySon55Andrew, I played Zelda, ARMS, Disgaea 5, PuyoPuyo Tetris, Has-Been Heroes, SnipperClips, Super Bomberman R and Splatoon 2 today at the Switch Tour

8:22 PMIcySon55ARMS plays a hell of a lot better than it looks.

8:22 PMjordan thompsonI love how the switch is just a smaller more portable Wii u, like seriously no one see this all you need is a portable wall plug and a backpack to put the Wii u in then just play your games on the pad

8:23 PMIcySon55quite a bit like PSP cases

8:23 PMMechaTama31you know what would make me buy a switch, day one? starts with M, rhymes with “petroid”

8:23 PMIcySon55those cases are not about to sit in my towers nicely

8:23 PMSean SharpeTo be fair, we’re not missing anything with new Mass Effect. But maybe I’m still bitter ovet

8:24 PMMechaTama31no…

8:24 PMSean Sharpe*over ME3.

8:24 PMMechaTama31just metroid, please

8:24 PMPeter GenslerIt’ll be neat to bring it on the go, but I doubt I’ll be doing that much. All the power to the people who don’t have enough time to game at home though.

8:24 PMjordan thompsonAndrew would you mind going over my last comment?

8:24 PMTrey Holmes@Sean sharpe ME3 ending was that bad??

8:25 PMMechaTama31heck, I’m still bitter over ME2

8:25 PMMechaTama31never botherted with 3

8:25 PMIcySon55I’ll compile the footage I took into a single video and upload it for you if you care to see it Andrew.

8:25 PMPeter GenslerWait, Prime: Echoes?

8:25 PMPeter GenslerI heard that’s the best one.

8:25 PMTrey HolmesI loved ME2

8:25 PMMechaTama31I thought Echoes was the weakest of the 3, but it’s still good

8:26 PMPeter GenslerHmm that’s a rare opinion

8:26 PMMixtape TroyPrime is the best

8:26 PMPeter GenslerI’ve only played 3

8:26 PMMechaTama31ME2 was mass effect with everything I loved stripped out of it, and a bunch of gears of war jammed in instead

8:26 PMMechaTama31I thought the hub structure of Echoes was really boring

8:27 PMMechaTama31not a big interconnected world like the first metroid prime, but just one main central area where you go out from it into different zones one at a time

8:28 PMPeter GenslerAh, I would dislike that too. Same reason I dislike the linear Marios and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

8:28 PMMechaTama31prime 3 was even more disconnected, but the motion controls were a lot of fun

8:28 PMIcySon55Pro Controllers charge with USB-C as well, confirmed that today

8:29 PMIcySon55Will do!

8:30 PMIcySon55The screen on the switch itself looks amazing. So sharp and clear!

8:30 PMPeter Genslerdat 720p though.

8:30 PMIcySon55those tiny Joy-Con’s though, my European hands did not enjoy…

8:31 PMMixtape TroyWere they small?

8:31 PMPeter GenslerYikes I was hoping that wasn’t the case. Oh well, there’s always the pro controller…. Cost aside.

8:31 PMIcySon55yeah, I have pictures and video, they’re not all that big…

8:32 PMIcySon55worst part was pressing the minus (select) button

8:32 PMMixtape TroyYeah those buttons look awful

8:32 PMPeter Gensleryup

8:33 PMjordan thompsonNintendo wants to build stock on nostalgic but the power brick isn’t good nostalgia

8:33 PMMechaTama31if they really stick to USB-C spec though, you may not need to use their adapter

8:34 PMPeter GenslerUgh, same problem the NES classic has

8:35 PMMechaTama31the good news is it’s not called “wii us” or anything dumb like that, so people will know it’s different

8:35 PMjordan thompsonnow all we need is the new generation needing to blow and wiggle on switch cartridges then they’ll know the real struggle

8:36 PMPeter GenslerI’ve never had to clean a 3DS cartridge.

8:36 PMMechaTama31no, that was one of the joys of NES cartridges

8:36 PMMechaTama31of course, in the long run, blowing made it worse

8:37 PMMixtape TroyHaving all IP on one machine is guaranteed money once exclusives arrive.

8:37 PMPeter GenslerYeah that’s before my time, I started with the GC and GBA

8:37 PMPeter Genslerwhen I was like 8

8:37 PMjordan thompsonyou know you did it we all did still do it’s a staple of retro gaming standards

8:38 PMMixtape TroyOn a 6 year old game

8:39 PMPeter GenslerI’m buying Skyrim simply because my PC is a toaster and I don’t own non-Nintendo consoles. So I never had a chance to play it

8:40 PMIcySon55I’ll DM you guys the video later on, on the Twitter

8:40 PMIcySon55😃

8:41 PMPeter GenslerGood night!

8:41 PMtrevormcdermalHave you played Shantae Mr. Andrew?

8:42 PMMechaTama31but net neutrality forces me to watch your vidoes

8:42 PMMechaTama31SAVE ME, AJIT!

8:42 PMjordan thompsonso should we keep a close eye on trending YouTube news just in case Andrew brutally dies in his sleep is he that big on YouTube that’s not an insult it’s a genuine concern

8:43 PMMixtape TroyWhich is better Andrew?

8:43 PMPeter GenslerDon’t worry, he’ll be fine. The guy didn’t even have his address

8:43 PMjordan thompsonI know I just have dark humor

8:44 PMTrey HolmesAndrew has a Stalker lol

8:44 PMtrevormcdermalYEEEEEAAAAAH! perfect but no dungeons in Shantae, hope that’s not true for Zelda

8:45 PMjordan thompsonwe need it all sister mom kittens you shirtless and dull reactions

8:46 PMjordan thompsonin general just all your popular tropes in on video mashed together

8:47 PMIts ShrekSees the fact that the title is about politics, comes on to see 2 people talking about ghost chili

8:47 PMjordan thompsonif it’s easier I could unsubscribe to give you more time

8:47 PMMechaTama31well, he was talking about torturing himself. that’s sort of political

8:48 PMMechaTama31soon he won’t have to. Dear Leader Drumpf can do it for him! 😀

8:49 PMPeter GenslerMAGA :^)

8:50 PMMechaTama31MAAA

8:50 PMjordan thompsonbut but … all the labours whaa

8:50 PMMechaTama31by the time this hoser is out, we’ll have to make america america again

8:50 PMIcySon55Andrew, is it in reference to Super Mario world moles?

8:51 PMjordan thompsonlabour for life

8:51 PMIcySon55the title that is! ^

8:51 PMCecil475Goodnight!

8:51 PME. Zachary KnightReference to making a mountain out of a mole hill. We had a viewer who made the connection for the logo.

8:51 PMIcySon55ah

8:51 PMjordan thompsonlabour is a word for a group of moles

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