Molehill Mountain Episode 32 – Will Nintendo Switch Dominate or Submit?


Last week, Nintendo spent an hour telling us all about its upcoming portable console, the Nintendo Switch.  So naturally, EZK and Andrew spend two and a half hours talking about Nintendo talking about the Nintendo Switch!

I don’t know if we were speaking the truth or speaking bollocks but somehow we attracted a lot more live viewers than usual.  Hope to see all our new friends next week!

No topic time stamps this time but we do talk about the new Switch info in the same order it was presented during Nintendo’s event.

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

13Ucube​i uploaded a video of mario kart 8 THROUGH THE WII U process and it gave me a flagged video

TheRiverAnduin​Game Boy Camera


CodeNameZ​The Switch video will have a huge Nintendo wattermark over the video of corse

TheRiverAnduin​remember the first one is always free

TheRiverAnduin​the app will be a paid app as well

InShortSight :3​Video recording will have to be in dock, and it will run the game at portable settings. Calling it now!

Vhyper1985​You have to use an app on your phone that Nintendo will only let you download if you have a paid subscription to the Switch’s online service

TheRiverAnduin​no Nintendo said that a free version of the app will be out in the summer

13Ucube​one dick pic will disable nintendo switch’s ability to share. calling it!

CodeNameZ​I am afraing people will try eachother with that, image you playing a game and doing good than someone put your Switch to sleep mode

TheRiverAnduin​meaning that the full features will require you to pay for the full app

Vhyper1985​4 on Xbox

TheRiverAnduin​and now online play for VC games

CodeNameZ​Well to be honest the Wii U servers ware really bad, sometimes Mario Kart 8 or Splaptoon ware unplayeble for me because I was kick out the lobby every 5mins or so, so if the servers work well I pay

Vhyper1985​yes but the 360 games are backwards compatible with X1

TheRiverAnduin​since you can’t have a NES Classic buy our VC games

CodeNameZ​What if that mouth they offer you the game to buy on club Nintendo so “Hey if you like this NES or SNES game spend your coins on it”

TheRiverAnduin​thats really bad because the Splatoon servers was supposed to be dedicated

13Ucube​I know Im not alone, I want the legal legal full library Digital like Netflix or Vudu for All Nin systems


13Ucube​not on VV


CodeNameZ​Hori will make an acessory where you can place the Joycon so yoi have a nice grip

13Ucube​Japan VC has 200 more titles than Americas

Vhyper1985​Just wait til the Senran Kagura team get a hold of the HD rumble stuff … lol

13Ucube​Id like a region free virtual console

TheRiverAnduin​splinter cell

13Ucube​it senses distance so it can FEEL how close to the garbage can it is

CodeNameZ​Yes I saw the safe cracking minigame I can link it if you want

TheRiverAnduin​@13Ucube yes access to Japan’s and Europe’s VC would be cool I want to play Fatal Frame 2

Austin Haynes​Maybe had rumble could be useful in street fighter 2 where you hit the player on the head it rumbles higher up, hit on the leg, rumble is lower on controller or something like that. Might be cool.

CodeNameZ​If you guys remerber on the Mario x Rabbits rummor it was say that the dev would use the rummble in many ways

13Ucube​you can just hold 1 and 2

TheRiverAnduin​on the Wii U branded wiimotes had the external button

HalberdierV2​rumble in street fighter? that’d be a nuisance

CodeNameZ​Guys do you think if the Switch is sucessful they could make the Switch a platform so the Switch 2 could use the same hardware but stronger like the Pro and Scorpio

TheRiverAnduin​unless the Switch sells like “hot cakes” major third party games are skipping it

CodeNameZ​On amazon they are sold together

InShortSight :3​I’m not convinced that they would design two versions of the grip. Also they are sold separately so that you can play 4 players or more all using the same controller.

InShortSight :3​Games this would work with include ARMS, MarioKart, and the Bomberman title.

InShortSight :3​I doubt very many Devs will make use of the more esoteric features like the IR sensor.

TheRiverAnduin​$90 for an additional dock

CodeNameZ​What if you got the neon version and you like red more so you buy just 1 red joycon so it is matching

TheRiverAnduin​the pro has the HD rumble and NFC reader

Jawnuhthun​The Pro Controller also has gyroscope, the HD rumble and NFC, but $70 still seems high so…

13Ucube​Im calling it right now…Kids are going to get their joycons stolen. its going to be a nonstop at those prices

CodeNameZ​If you remerber the Wii U pro controller did not even had gyro it was really generic

TheRiverAnduin​the third party wired pro variants are cheaper

TheRiverAnduin​$90 for a dock is too high

CodeNameZ​Here is what may be the main reason for people to buy the pro controller, the joycons dont have a D-pad, thouse C buttons is not a d-pad

CodeNameZ​Wait you dont wanna to buy the Switch and Just Dance 2017 😉

TheRiverAnduin​the people who skipped the Wii U will not but the Switch because of the power difference and the amount of first party titles

TheRiverAnduin​I am buying the Wii U version of Zelda, and I am waiting for Mario Odyssey to buy the Switch

CodeNameZ​Just Dance is even on the original Wii


13Ucube​HD pee pee

TheRiverAnduin​component is better than composite

eathdemon​a ddmi switcher can side step hdcp btw

CodeNameZ​Sony back than say the PS3 had HDCP so people dont leak HD movies

Vhyper1985​Should have been the pack-in game..

Jawnuhthun​They claim it wasn’t pack-in because the whole not wanting to sell the console at a loss and not wanting to raise it further… but that doesn’t change that hardly anyone is going to want to drop $50.

ScottyJayMan​Oh someone is going to photo shop that andrew

TheRiverAnduin​rule 34

CodeNameZ​Why I have a feeling the dev show the investors the tech demo of what the joycons can do and they asked “What is this game called?”

TheRiverAnduin​fling smash

IcySon55​oh sweet! I didn’t miss the Master Edition pre-order, it’s not exclusive to EB Games in Canada (which sold out in seconds), here’s hoping for Best Buy!

CodeNameZ​If you remerber the Wii boxing motion detection was bad, it was my least favorite game because of that

Jawnuhthun​ARMS looks fun for a while, but not $60 fun personally.

Vhyper1985​& there was much lewd fanart of Ribbon Girl from Arms on Twiiter within 24 hours of it being shown…

CodeNameZ​Automation Reel Motion Swinging 😉

Vhyper1985​I still say the Switch is being launched too early if they had launched with Arms, Splat2n & Mario Kart alongside Zelda it would make for quite the launch lineup

CodeNameZ​I might get Arms if it have online

IcySon55​it’s supposed to have online

IcySon55​according to the presentation video

TheRiverAnduin​Nintendo lied to us saying the Switch needed more time for the launch games, Zelda is the only worthwhile game

Trey Holmes​No ethernet port sucks tho

Vhyper1985​Agreed that & Bomberman are the only 2 games at launch that interest me tbh

IcySon55​USB Lan adapter, again~

13Ucube​I want dragon quest BUILDERS on switch, I am glad we are getting everything else

Vhyper1985​DQ Builders is fantastic

Austin Haynes​Where is metroid? What is retro studios up to?

CodeNameZ​I think New York will be a hubworld

13Ucube​i was so sure that was going to show up, austin

Vhyper1985​I reckon E3 possibly for stuff like Metroid & Smash

TheRiverAnduin​where is a cat in a hat


Vhyper1985​Mario’s hat stole Rareware’s googly eyes

Austin Haynes​It has to show up at e3. Retro studios has been quiet for a long time.

CodeNameZ​Also there was 2 episode with thouse aliens

13Ucube​their twitter makes NO SENSE

13Ucube​Remember KIDS, no inhaling underwater!

TheRiverAnduin​and Zelda 2?

13Ucube​You never beat Link to the Past if I remember correctly

CodeNameZ​I dont get it why people are saying Doom and Gloom because both games are not day 1 titles


HalberdierV2​they didnt show xenoblade chronicles 2, they showed Xenoblade 2

Vhyper1985​Sooo hyped for Xenoblade 2, the music is being done by the guy who did Chrono Trigger & Xenogears

TheRiverAnduin​wait is Tantalus doing the port

TheRiverAnduin​sword art online looking

CodeNameZ​I was really hoping for Xenoblade X2 consider how X ended

13Ucube​Love the british character actors, I don’t like the whiny kid voices

CodeNameZ​Well if you play X they explained why they look kinda strange

Vhyper1985​@HalberdierV2 in the U.S. trailer on Youtube it’s called Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Japanese trailer it’s just Xenoblade 2

TheRiverAnduin​well that means NOE paid for the localization and NOA is sitting on their thumbs doing nothing

CodeNameZ​Say Xenoblade 2 will be out on 2019 maybe

13Ucube​I thought region free was going to allow me to pre order from Nintendo UK store, but THEY don’t ship to US

13Ucube​its flippin ALWAYS something

CodeNameZ​Do you think they might port Hyrule Warriors for the Switch?

Vhyper1985​@13Ucube just use Nintendo store is amazing over here but yeah they’ve never shipped overseas sadly

Jawnuhthun​Fire Emblem definitely has the characters for a Warriors musou game at least.

13Ucube​DON”T YOU SPOIL THAT!!!!!!

TheRiverAnduin​SMT will take a long while

Vhyper1985​They’ll probably show off the Fire Emblem mobile game more no doubt

13Ucube​how about a translator that has the script in english so he/she isn’t a stuttering mess

CodeNameZ​Its funny consider when the guy from Befesta was talking they put Japanese subtitles overhim

TheRiverAnduin​at least it is not Moonraker

CodeNameZ​They knew everyone was watching when Satoru Shibata the president of Nintendo of Germany and Reggie was saying hi from people in they region

13Ucube​Does anyone think they will port Final Fantasy 15 or whatever number that latest one is to Switch?

TheRiverAnduin​Magna Carta bad

CodeNameZ​For me it is like a 10 year old cosplaying no joke


TheRiverAnduin​it looked like the vanila version

Jawnuhthun​Suda has also confirmed he’s the director and writer for the new No More Heroes. He hasn’t been director or the main writer since the FIRST NMH.

TheRiverAnduin​and don’t forget Bayonetta and Cloud and Crom Amiibo’s are still not out yet

CodeNameZ​Some guys also preditcted a Tekken 7 port

HalberdierV2​they dont suk

Vhyper1985​I reckon the last Smash Amiibos will launch alongside Smash for Switch

CodeNameZ​Hi I am a guy from SEGA we are making games for Nintendo…. see you later everyone

13Ucube​FOR Andrew: Austin Haynes ​It has to show up at e3. Retro studios has been quiet for a long time.

Vhyper1985​Rayman is free on Xbox 1 this month with Gold lol

TheRiverAnduin​NISA is releasing a limited edition for Disgaea 5

CodeNameZ​The full name for the Switch version is “disgaea 5 complete”

Jawnuhthun​Bomberman has the ugly the pizza explosions of Mighty Number 9 from what I’ve heard from those who got the hands-on experience.

Trey Holmes​lol “violent Ken” Really Capcom??

13Ucube​Kerbal Space Program got cancelled for Wii U, did they ever make an annoucement?

Vhyper1985​Violent Ken was actually created by SNK 1st appeared in SNK Vs Capcom SVC Chaos

Trey Holmes​Oh ok

eathdemon​sadly I doubt it its nintendo we are talking about here

13Ucube​If you spent over $1100 for software on the Wii U, you get…to keep your wii u because switch doesn’t look backwards compatible

Vhyper1985​At least it’s no Bomberman Act Zero… lol

13Ucube​I have an ALL digital library

eathdemon​they wont, I said fuck it and just emulate snes games no way in hell I am buying them again

Vhyper1985​What you don’t want to buy Super Mario Bros 3, Mega Man 2 & Zelda again??

CodeNameZ​Maybe thats why they are adding online to Virtual Console games so Nintendo can say “We spend extra effort to add online play so we cannoz give it away for free sorry”

ZOMB13SLAY0RZ​Going have to watch this in 6 hours, gotta sleep it’s almost 5am here guys, thanks!

eathdemon​its not supper easy, but emulators have had online for years

Vhyper1985​i’ll laugh if Link only says one line at the end of the game & it’ll be “excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me Princess”

13Ucube​So would go as far as to say the dock is an expensive chromecast with an upscaler, or do you think its down scaling to the 720p output?

13Ucube​Make Link Mute Again vhyper

eathdemon​while docked the switch’s gpu is about 2x in handheald mode

Trey Holmes​anybody know how much the dock will be?


13Ucube​us, don’t know your region

Trey Holmes​yea im us

Jawnuhthun​Master Edition: Exclusive to scalpers!

eathdemon​so you buying a switch?


CodeNameZ​Only the cloock speed keap in mind cloock sleep does not mean much, the X1 have a flaster cloocks speed on the gpu than the PS4 but the X1 GPU is weaker

IcySon55​oh crap, just got an email from EB Games (Gamestop Canada) and they have the Master Edition as an EB Exclusive… RAAAAGE!

IcySon55​there better be more stock after that first few seconds on presentation day

13Ucube​Friggin Exclusives

Jawnuhthun​Reggie said “once they’re gone they’re gone,” so Master Edition is gone. At least for online. Scalper bots got them instantly from every retailer.

eathdemon​you didnt preorder?

CodeNameZ​I wanna buy Bomberman R

Vhyper1985​Like i say i think the console is launching too soon, if they had Splat2n, Mario Kart, Arms & Zelda at launch it’d be day 1 but i’m gonna wait until at least Kart is out before buying

IcySon55​I Am Setsuna is on PS4 btw Andrew, was a Vita game originally

CodeNameZ​How you write that Square RPG?

CodeNameZ​I want to play it, dont have it, I care

TheRiverAnduin​Fifa is based on the 360 and PS3 versions

Vhyper1985​unless we get a tonne more announcements at E3, Gamescom etc

Trey Holmes​@Vhyper1985 yeah i was thinking they would do a fall release

Austin Haynes​Nintendo must be holding back a little for e3.

CodeNameZ​No holding back they need to launch a console for that you bring out all your big guns

13Ucube​monster hunter on a BIG SCREEN

Vhyper1985​They’ve been teasing a Soul Calibur on Twitter/FB etc

IcySon55​​I Am Setsuna is on PS4 btw Andrew, was a Vita game originally

Austin Haynes​I agree, after June.

13Ucube​Retro Studios e3

CodeNameZ​Andrew did you notice most games are RPGs


Trey Holmes​Dragon ball Tenkiachi?

CodeNameZ​I guess they wanna to contrast because Wii U was knowed for platformers I remerber when Troppical Frezze was out everyone was sick of platformers

TheRiverAnduin​Raven blade?

IcySon55​didn’t some ex Retro guys work on Recore?

13Ucube​I’m ready for the Rogue Squadron trilogy that should have been on Wii

IcySon55​Recore is actually pretty damn good

Vhyper1985​Retro Studios StarTropics

Vhyper1985​Would love to see someone like Platinum or Vanillaware do a Metroid game

Austin Haynes​Rogue squadron, yes @13ucube

13Ucube​Wait for it…an extra joy con for 3 handed players (mic drop)

CodeNameZ​Image if he wear a Earthbound pin

TheRiverAnduin​EA owns Star Wars rights now, no way they would make a Rogue Squadron game

13Ucube​we know, we know

Trey Holmes​Andrew since you got a ps4 will you play the Witcher3?

Austin Haynes​Witches 3 was fun

CodeNameZ​No mother 3? Nop Why you ask

Vhyper1985​You really need to download the Nier Automata demo on PS4 Andrew

13Ucube​i should have picked it up on gog’s sale

IcySon55​@Vhyper1985 Hell yes! That demo was fantastic

TheRiverAnduin​how many kids will get beatings when they ask their parents for a “Switch”?

13Ucube​So was anything showing whether the screen is a multi-touch?

CodeNameZ​In Nier automata the main charather got her butt exposed to many time

Jawnuhthun​The Nier butthole was a photoshop going around

TheRiverAnduin​I am waiting for Mario

Vhyper1985​if you are perv & angle the camera right you can see her butt but you have to try to see it tbh

13Ucube​I had it in the cart at gamestopcom, could have pulled the trigger.

13Ucube​just don’t want to spend 327 PLUS 60 for Zelda and then have nothing else to play

13Ucube​Its sold out everywhere now

Vhyper1985​I’m gonna wait til there’s more titles before i pull the trigger tbh

13Ucube​I stand by me decision

CodeNameZ​Also the creator of Nier asked people to send him fan drawings, he say it is for research

TheRiverAnduin​for Wii u’s you might have to get a used one, I heard that Nintendo is recalling all the unsold Wii U units from stores


CodeNameZ​F Zero?

CodeNameZ​Oh yea Animal Crossing

13Ucube​dragon quest was great for me, but no definites

Trey Holmes​Smash bros

CodeNameZ​Do you think Pikmin 4 will be in 4k? People Miyamotto say he wanted to see Pikmin in 4k once

Jawnuhthun​Nah, even more. Capcom at least rereleases Megaman in the same collection with a different name over and over.

Anthony F​Isn’t Niger the one with the Transgender Character?

TheRiverAnduin​I want Animal Crossing to access your VC games and let you play online multiplayer on VC titles


Anthony F​Nier, sorry autocorrect



CodeNameZ​Capcom does not hate Megaman, they hate Inafune 😉

Vhyper1985​Don’t get me started on the Blue Bomber lol i just hope we get something for the 30th anniversary in December…

CodeNameZ​It is ironic because I hear Awakening was planned to be the final Final Emberam game


TheRiverAnduin​i have a great condition path of Radiance on Game Cube that I got a year or two after release, never knew how rare it was

13Ucube​Nintendo hates celebrating metroid’s birthday

Vhyper1985​True at least Capcom acknowledges Mega Man exists lol

13Ucube​thank you

13Ucube​very lively

13Ucube​austin, vhyper, river, codez

13Ucube​all you guys make my weekend after work

CodeNameZ​Was that doctre81?

TheRiverAnduin​bye guys

Austin Haynes​Codes?

CodeNameZ​I see he usually got fights with you

Vhyper1985​Cheers lol i usually have to catch up on these but i just got back from the pub! lol

Austin Haynes​13ucube?

CodeNameZ​Thank you 13Ucubr


Austin Haynes​Thanks 13ucube and vhyper.

13Ucube​thanks for making it fun and interesting

Vhyper1985​Cheers i’ll try to make it to more live if i can.. damn time differences

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