Molehill Mountain Episode 31 – All About the Games


Andrew and EZK are back to talk about all the awesome games they played over the holiday break.  Buckle down for an extra heaping helping of podcast goodness because they go on for a solid two hours.

20:37 – Ico

32:48 – Lost Odyssey

45:31 – We talk about games we can play one-handed. What? Get your mind out of the gutter!

49:37 – Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

1:04:10 – Final Fantasy 4

1:13:39 – Super Mario 3D Land

1:21:06 – Grandia

1:30:37 – Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes.

Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday at RandomTower!

Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

13Ucube Is it possible to disagree with someone’s politics and still climb the same mountainous molehills I think so. But that’s just me.

Andrew Eisen So do I.

E. Zachary Knight Hello

13Ucube I still love your gay marriage video.

13Ucube Hey.

13Ucube If i use google hangout and share entire screen, how do i still get my picture box to stay in bottom when i share my website

13Ucube youtube live still routes through hangout

Andrew Eisen Fun fact: I actually shot a companion piece to that video but never released it. Mainly because America seemed to be headed in the right direction and it seemed unnecessary.

Andrew Eisen I also have a script for an unproduced video on the subject but never finished or shot it for the same reason.

Andrew Eisen As for you Google Hangout question, I’m afraid I don’t know.

13Ucube that is a fun fact. The comment section is like the audio commentary with a dvd

13Ucube i am an aspiring and failing youtuber for more than 3 years and I still can’t figure out some of the basics of broadcasting

Andrew Eisen I’m still trying to figure out how to change the thumbnail on Streaming Live Events like this one. Have in a query with YouTube but haven’t yet heard back.

13Ucube you are live

CodeNameZ hi guys

13Ucube donate

13Ucube you aren’t muted

13Ucube i just clicked but it didn’t do anything

13Ucube i think you have to set it up

13Ucube i gave lots of free money

CodeNameZ What you guys think about the rummor that Rayman Legends will have a Switch port

13Ucube ok, this is weird, if you click it once it turns black then again it turns gray


13Ucube money toggle activate

13Ucube money toggle disinengaged

CodeNameZ You say how much you earn on youtube Wach out for the youtube ninjas

13Ucube do your carts of dragon quest still work

13Ucube do you still have working NES

IcySon55 hey guys, made the time to hop on tonight

CodeNameZ Like the LEGO City Undercover port for the PS4, X1 and Switch that is official not a rummor

13Ucube Adsense click button toggle engage


eathdemon sorry to here the pro controler doesnt work well on pc


13Ucube what did the kids get

13Ucube how many of their toys have they already broken since christmas

jordan thompson did you need a recovery process after the 24 hour stream I’m only 22 and work 8 to 10 hour shifts and now notice my binge gaming parties is a young man’s game (this coming from a 22 year old)

13Ucube Did someone lose a false-advertising suit to change ONE SIZE FITS ALL, this fits MOST is still new to me

eathdemon andrew you going to watch the switch event on Thursday

CodeNameZ Sonic Adventure 2 can have “unlimited” save files, like you say every save file take few blocks

13Ucube he has to do a reaction vid, the votes are overwhelming

13Ucube vote on twitter

13Ucube teddy ruxbin used to scare the shit out of me, and i was almost a teen when they came out

eathdemon I feel bad for the people in europe who want to watch the switch event

CodeNameZ Yes that Teddy doll looks like a real life 5 nights at Freedies animatronic

eathdemon I am weird jet lag doesnt effect me

CodeNameZ Well I watch the hightlights of the Switch event, gamexplain is good at taking the best out of everything

eathdemon its confirmed for a hour

Sammy Deew hi Andrew.. how are you .. how is your sister . I don’t see her next to you, where is she

jordan thompson I don’t want to shift to politics I had a question for Zack knowing his profession I recently had a society building idea that I learned was a real thing called socialism do you have an opinion on it

13Ucube click the gray money box in chat to make Andrew react

CodeNameZ I dont know if you saw but one guy took the first trailer of the Switch reaction videos and and the whole comment section asked are you brain dead, no joke I link the video to you

eathdemon everything seems to be going going nintendo’s way, what are the odds they mess it up I say 60% based on history

jordan thompson on socialism


Marvin lol

CodeNameZ Yes that one you ware on the middle left

13Ucube real or fake laughing.

eathdemon so the game that people remember better, that it is lol

13Ucube myst

jordan thompson WHAT’S WRONG WITH KITTENS I’m not a cat I swear there is no illuminati (ha in jokes)

eathdemon ico doesnt hold up, your not wrong

CodeNameZ Well I dont like Sword of Mana I think its boring…

jordan thompson I don’t eolas foai im tu ag spraoi choir duit a fhohlain irish

13Ucube whoa, did they really patch Tokyo FE

IcySon55 we really did

CodeNameZ Or maybe he wanted to make the game longer so he put some enamy in the last min to say its not a short game

jordan thompson a question for the both of you, let’s say you both lost a hand well being gamers what game in your collections could you still enjoy one handed

13Ucube wombats are really boring

13Ucube tales of symphonia on gamecube was really cool

13Ucube lets go with rambo shinobi

13Ucube was Woggle a word before the Wii came out\

CodeNameZ RPGs can play with one hand… well I am sure you can play it with your feet if you have no hands

13Ucube ANDREW, have you spent any of your my nintendo coins\

jordan thompson I was interested in Tokyo marash sessions but I don’t think it should be my first experience with fire emblem, ive seen the games but never played them

IcySon55 visiting old locations repeatedly for mediocre quests~

CodeNameZ I think the wiiviewr pointed that out how the enamies in one dungens are really strong than you find someone inside it and tell them “yes the exit is 2 doors that way” without extorting them

13Ucube wait, did you patch a wii u game

jordan thompson “links lady boner” – Andrew , you read that right, that is all enjoy

IcySon55 hi folks~ my tools helped to restore the dialog in chapter 2 and fix the ages and other nonsensical text changes

jordan thompson yes because all multi millionaire dollar conglomerates have employees watch low key fanboy podcasts (those clever devil’s)

13Ucube so if nintendo see this, will they patch the system so it doesn’t work

IcySon55 they haven’t patched the exploits in about 1.5 years already, WiiU is dead to them

ScottyJayMan I wonder if they’ll change much for Mother 3

CodeNameZ Its riceball to sandwitch

13Ucube can you work on a patch to put ROMs in it. I want to play Dragon Warrior on my Wii U

13Ucube It wouldn’t be MOLEHILL MOUNTAIN if we didn’t consider you HEROES

IcySon55 I work on those tools every day Andrew

13Ucube Thank You


jordan thompson just imagine Nintendo of America doing the same to a American exclusive being made for Japan “we would change that hamburger to a sushi roll but what’s the point they know we’re capitalists.”

13Ucube Wii U japan virtual console has 200 more VC titles than americas. Nintendo of America.

IcySon55 actually, restoring the two costumes in Fatal Frame wouldn’t be that difficult, it just seems nobody’s tried to yet

IcySon55 TMS FE, chapter 2 was a bikini too

IcySon55 oh hey, Fatal Frame Maiden of Blackwater was indeed uncensored

Andrew Eisen Really Neat! Shoot me a link when you have a chance.

IcySon55 do you use Discord I can DM (on twitter ) you an invite to make this easier

Andrew Eisen Nope, but go ahead and DM me.

13Ucube What’s the weather like in OKl

13Ucube snow, rain

13Ucube tornadoes

CodeNameZ Super Mario 3D Land story… it was a rainy day, Bowser kidnaps Peach

ScottyJayMan Keep playing, it goes beyond

IcySon55 it could have used some “final level of 3D World hard” levels

IcySon55 DM sent on the twitter~

Andrew Eisen Thanks, I’ll check it out later tonight or tomorrow.

IcySon55 oh wait, I thought this would need more discretion, guess not! linked to the gbatemp thread on twitter DM.

13Ucube love it

13Ucube search for chest

13Ucube dude, we love you

13Ucube we’ve been watching for years

13Ucube Nintendo, why don’t you want my money

Hank Hill That does seem like a pain in the ass….Holy crap.

13Ucube i’ve had Skyrim on steam for over a year, and I can’t get a controller to work. I’ve NEVER PLAYED SKYRIM because of it

Hank Hill I think now ever since the new update…it was suppose to make it easer to play

IcySon55 huge Shantae fan, I own all the games, a few too many times…

IcySon55 yeah, GBC was the first one, it’s on the eShop

IcySon55 2nd Risky’s Revenge was DSi Shop

IcySon55 and then the director’s cut edition was Steam, WiiU, PS4, and physical for PS4 through Limited Run

13Ucube do you still own a working dragon warrior game

ScottyJayMan You can get did games on 3DS eshop

ScottyJayMan Sorry dsi games on 3DS eshop

IcySon55 better to grab the Director’s Cut on WIi U

IcySon55 Risky’s Revenge, yep

IcySon55 I got the physical edition for PS4 but that was a limited run release that’s sold out…

IcySon55 nope, you have to region swap, it’s not easy

IcySon55 I’ll see if I can find you a copy to get

IcySon55 run the baked rom

IcySon55 oh wait andrew! you can put the fan translation into a DS VC image to play on your WiiU

IcySon55 this was a lit of fun, I’ll try to be on more often!

IcySon55 lot*

IcySon55 I’m just a picky as you in that regard

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