Molehill Mountain Episode 29 – Always Online


Andrew is away for the next two weeks, so you lucky ducks get to spend some quality time with EZK. This week, we enjoy some DRM chat. Nintendo’s Super Mario Run for iPhone is reported to require a constant data connection to play and several game developers have decided Denuvo, the supposed unhackable DRM, is not for them and have patched it out of their games.

It may be all EZK, all the time in this episode but Andrew does make an appearance in the chat, which we’ve transcribed below.  Next week, he’ll be on a plane where he can’t watch the podcast or play Super Mario Run.

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript

matthew wilson your live
Random Tower Hello Everyone.
Andrew Eisen There you are!
Andrew Eisen I’m working so I can’t be on the show but I’ll be in the chat as much as I can.
matthew wilson it seems like devs only care abouit for the first 6 months of sales. igf more devs do that I am ok with it
Andrew Eisen Not sure why I bothered shaving this week; I knew I wouldn’t be on the show.
Warren Lewis Hey all!
matthew wilson sory for caps caplock was on
Warren Lewis There goes the data plan. Kaput!
Andrew Eisen I don’t play mobile games. Is “always on” DRM a common thing for them?
Andrew Eisen “Requires an internet connection to play.” Is being in an area with cellular service good enough or does it require being connected to a WiFi network?
BoredCo2 WiFi or a data plan.
Warren Lewis Piracy happens. DRM don’t do crap. If they are so scared of piracy, then they need to keep it on their systems. Not that, it works, either.
matthew wilson id just patched it out of doom
matthew wilson id is owned by befesda, which knows first hand how mods can extand the life of a game. that drm makes it harder to pirite, but it makes it imposable to mod
matthew wilson the thing about that drm in particular vms the exacutable, thats why I said it makes it imposable to mod
matthew wilson vutral michine
Warren Lewis Over a game??
Andrew Eisen How about: “You don’t get to play with us anymore. Go play with yourself or on the dedicated “cheaters” server.”?
Andrew Eisen That should probably be “go play BY yourself.”
Andrew Eisen Aaron Swartz.
matthew wilson its a multi billion dallor thing there. esports isnt a joke there
Andrew Eisen Sure but when people are caught cheating in football, baseball, the Olympics, whatever, do they go to jail for years or are they banned?
matthew wilson well the only way to cheat in most sports is doping, which is iligal
Andrew Eisen Eh, you can deflate balls, steal signs (baseball) or load the ball (baseball again).
Andrew Eisen I just realized I know a LOT of methods of cheating for baseball. No idea why.
Warren Lewis I do miss Gamepolitics.
matthew wilson good point, but I think aim bots is the esports equivlant to dopping
Andrew Eisen Personally, I don’t think either should require jail time. Disqualification and banning seems fine to me.
Andrew Eisen I will be on a plane so I won’t be in the chat next week. See you all next year!
Warren Lewis Good night
Random Tower Thank you all for joining me. See you next week.

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