Molehill Mountain Episode 218 – CD Projekt Dead To Me


I didn’t need another reminder to not buy games at launch but… thanks, I guess?

  • 0:27 – It’s too soon for Mandalorian spoilers so I’ll be frustratingly vague
  • 2:49 – Sephiroth comes to Super Smash Bros. Geno too! Kind of…
  • 10:50 – Super Nintendo World looks cute but I’m not as charmed as many other fans
  • 42:39 – Monster Hunter World Iceborn nerfed Safi’jiva and I still can’t beat it
  • 48:22 – CD Projekt Red, after abusing its employees and lying about Cyberpunk 2077, flushes its credibility down the toilet inside of a week

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube.  Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes. Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday night on RandomTower!

Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:14 PMofficialMXey boys

6:59 PMDavid Gonzalezhi

6:59 PMofficialMXuh

6:59 PMofficialMXnice

6:59 PMofficialMXAndrew what’s your thoughts on Roblox?

7:00 PMEvaUnit02How’s Zachary these days?

7:01 PMmatthew wilsonany pc update, mine arives monday

7:02 PMofficialMXAndrew do you like Half-Life?

7:03 PMEvaUnit02the opening level of Half-life is a glorified interactive cutscene

7:04 PMofficialMXdo you see anything about Half-Life 2?

7:05 PMLynndy Leegood morrow!

7:07 PMEvaUnit02was it better than Rogue One’s execution?

7:10 PMEvaUnit02ah, Smash Bros character announcement reactions are an entire cottage industry onto itself

7:11 PMEvaUnit02Final Fantasy 7 original is on Switch at least

7:12 PMSusanne Christunmemberable he says…and yet…he remembers them…intresting

7:13 PMEvaUnit02who is Gino?

7:14 PMSusanne Christsome guy from mario rpg

7:14 PMofficialMXAndrew: (watches a video) Andrew: (blank face with fingers on side of the head thing)

7:15 PMEvaUnit02Barrett is the Mister T gun arm guy

7:16 PMofficialMXAndrew what was your childhood like?

7:17 PMEvaUnit02I vaguely hearing about COVID cases spikes in Japan? bad time to be in tourism industry

7:17 PMEvaUnit02tourism slash theme park industry

7:19 PMSusanne Christthe food:takeout::takeout::takeout:

7:21 PMSusanne Christ….my biggest complaint is that its in japan lol

7:22 PMSusanne Christintroverts dream:thanksdoc::thanksdoc:

7:22 PMSusanne Christchristmas party? gosh sorry…covid. baby showers? gee wouldnt wanna infect anyone. birthdays? gee…id comr with a present but…covid…sorry

7:23 PMLynndy LeeI enjoy interacting with people but I don’t mind staying at home because there are more idiots out there

7:27 PMSusanne Christwhen i built mine i had a DOA motherboard….such a headache

7:27 PMofficialMXAndrew what was the worst thing in your childhood?

7:29 PMSusanne Christall the noise noise and noise…thrn they bring out the…”chicken” lol

7:30 PMWarren LewisHey! Finally made it!

7:31 PMLynndy LeeI love Tokyo Godfathers and it’s a wonderful Christmas movie

7:33 PMEvaUnit02have had any Jeffrey Tubing incidents from Zoom call participants? he’s the New Yorker contributor who got fired for fapping on call

7:34 PMEvaUnit02you ^

7:38 PMSusanne Christhes only sharing it with us bc he knows we cant throw it over te fence

7:44 PMSusanne Christlol thr noise noise noise is from the grinch lol thry bring out the who roast beast lol

7:46 PMJared Kniselythats what he thinks

7:47 PMSusanne Christthat bunny is as good as ours xD

7:48 PMKageNekoSamaxlol

7:48 PMJared Kniselygetgud

7:49 PMJared Kniselyyour missing skill

7:49 PMJared Kniselylol

7:53 PMSusanne Christcyberpunk sucks

7:53 PMDr. 20XXI heard Cyberpunk 2076 was supposed to be the game of the generation, not the game that represents this generation.

7:57 PMJared Kniselythey left the old consoles

7:58 PMJared Kniselypc is a decent less buggy game

7:58 PMKageNekoSamaxohh game journalism

7:59 PMSusanne Christcyberpunk acting Sus

8:05 PMSusanne Christsame reason companies test on animals. if they dont they cant sell in china

8:12 PMofficialMXA really good stream

8:12 PMSusanne Christsee yeah! bye bun bun!!

8:13 PMSusanne Christfriday

8:13 PMSusanne Christget it together lol

8:14 PMofficialMXbye

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