Molehill Mountain Episode 215 – We’re Still Calling Him “Baby Yoda”


I’ve been meaning to talk about The Mandalorian. Maybe I’ll do so tonight.

  • 3:34 – Sony messes up PS Collection unlock, bans those exploiting it for monetary gain
  • 9:42 – Square-Enix learns employees like working from home, institutes a work-from-home program

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

Lynndy LeeMorning Andrew~!

Susanne Christful moon tonight!!!!!

Susanne Christ…probaly not for u lynndy lol

Lynndy Leeno, the sun is shining!

Jared Kniselyhope your weekend was better than mine

Susanne Christits so bright u think its the sun o.o

Susanne Christlol jk

Lynndy Leehahaa

Jared Kniselylost my job

Lynndy Leeoh noes, Jared

Susanne Christo.o oooh nooo!!!!

Susanne Christlol Andrew like…that sucks….MOVING ON lol


Susanne Christjuggle

Jared Kniselybuild your pc soon smile

Ivan Arevalohello andrew!

matthew wilsongetting a new (high end) pc coming soon

Jared Kniselydo u have a local pc store

Susanne Christi got my parts from new egg

matthew wilsonhonestly wish I had a microcenter near me, oh well

matthew wilsona lot of people running ray traced spredsheets lol

matthew wilson/s

Susanne Christim kinda hesitant buying from new egg just because i got a DOA MB from them

Susanne Christwell not just new egg. online lol

Susanne Christ100 people get 20 games lol

addictedtochaosI already have all those games.

Susanne Christbut now u can replay them ….but shinier o.o

Susanne Christdont die on us andrew

Susanne Christwe dont know virtual cpr

Susanne Christthey shut ours down for 2 weeks

Lynndy Leeworking from home is the best!

Lynndy LeeI don’t miss the rush hour and I don’t need to put on a bra no more. It’s a big win for me

Susanne Christour bridge just burned down…so workimg from home is awesome ^·^

Jared Kniselya good work station costs the same as a good pc

The Real BuckyWhat if for the next Smash Bros, they started experimenting with new gameplay styles? Like if they kept the classic 2D movement but also had something like a 3D mode?

Jared Kniselydo you use (side sites)

The Real BuckySomething like a new co-op mode in a new single player campaign would be lit, too, taking down Master Hand together.

Jared Kniselyi was being fague

Jared Kniselyon purpose

The Real BuckySorry to digress…

The Real BuckyIn a sequel to Subspace, I meant.

Jared Kniselyor sites other than crunchy and fun

addictedtochaosThe pacing of Iron Fist was horrible.

The Real BuckyScott Buck ruins everything he touches.

Susanne Christi must know what happends about this show i dont care about!

Jared Kniselythe players for the two sites just suck at times

addictedtochaosDaredevil season 3 was great

matthew wilsonthere are roumers disney+ is gunna add a R section, so they can do more adult showas

matthew wilsonshows

The Real BuckyCan I list off random names I want for the next Smash? Would you read them off and evaluate each one, Andrew? I know, it’s Herculean.

The Real BuckyPaper Mario

The Real BuckyRayman

addictedtochaosVyse from Skies of Arcadia

The Real BuckyRyu Hayabusa

matthew wilsoncool spot /s

The Real BuckyImposter from Among Us

addictedtochaosLead from Yakuza whose name escapes me at the moment.

The Real BuckyRillaboom

matthew wilsonnote the /s andrew it was a joke

The Real BuckyWart

The Real BuckyI was about to say Fall Guy, ya telepath

The Real BuckyFreddy Fazbear?

The Real BuckyToon Zelda and/or Young Zelda?

matthew wilsonhere is a question the pandemic has brought a bunch of both lasped, and new players who never played games nothing else to do, do you think a lot of them will stick around after the pandemic passes?

The Real BuckyRillaboom? Pokémon Sword and Shield?

The Real BuckyGrass type starter Grookey’s final evolution?

addictedtochaosLloyd from Tales of Symphonia

The Real BuckyTetra! And she could switch like Shiek!

Jared Kniselyit also grew the pool of scalpers

matthew wilsonby grow, you mean its literly brought in millions of new/returing players to core games

The Real BuckyHe’d be a heavy fighter

Jared Kniselyyou have 90 hrs

addictedtochaosAdol from Ys

matthew wilsonshe is mentioned in cold steel]

The Real BuckyRachel from Ninja Gaiden

addictedtochaosYs 9 is still in development

The Real BuckyTravis Touchdown, yeah!

addictedtochaosTravis touchdown got a mii costume

The Real BuckyI want an official genderbent Bayonetta and Jeane, akin to the one Fire Emblem character whose name eludes me because there are too many of them

Jared Kniselywhat generation the switch was last generation

S.O. BEASTthe hunter from monster hunter.

The Real BuckySwitch’s successor needs to be on par with the PS5 and XSX. But I know it won’t be.

matthew wilsonit wont be, but given it will be using a nvidia chip, its likely to have dlss (so it might be able to do 4k lol)

matthew wilsonI am not joking dlss is boarderlinr black magic

The Real BuckyTracer as DLC fighter?

matthew wilsonshe is overwatch’s mascot

The Real BuckyWhat did you say to Rachel?

The Real BuckyGrogu!

The Real BuckyOh

The Real BuckyJin Jin Jarrin

The Real BuckyFrom Ninja Gaiden, lol

The Real BuckyI think I’ve a zit behind my ear, fuck

The Real BuckyNext season can’t be adventure of the week

The Real BuckyCan I change the topic again? What if GTA ever did the entire continental US as the map, taking after The Crew? I wonder if even next-Gen consoles can handle that.

The Real BuckyAh, too late.

The Real BuckyThat’s my fault.

The Real BuckyEven everything outside Los Santos in GTA V felt empty.

addictedtochaosI just found a new way they hide today on my 3rd play through.


The Real BuckyNo, thank you, Andrew! Sleep tight! Don’t let ole Jack Thompson bite!


officialMXokie lets go



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