Molehill Mountain Episode 203 – Underdog Billionaire


I hope no one’s falling for Epic’s epic BS.

  • 0:35 – I’m not getting in the middle of a slap fight between billionaires
  • 21:37 – Free upgrade to the next-gen version of Control if you buy a new copy of the game! Wait, what?
  • 46:43 – I rather liked the 3rd season of Castlevania! Even if it didn’t have an ending.
  • 53:39 – Trails In the Sky is a very fun RPG and I’m going to stream it. No matter how long it takes me.

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

7:02 PMjordan thompsonI downloaded another game for my switch and suprisingly it didnt take 2 days to download, wonder why???


7:06 PMmatthew wilsonits 2 megacorps fighting each other. I will sit back and eat my popcorn

7:07 PMmatthew wilsonI did laugh at the comercail parady

7:08 PMmatthew wilson17B to be exact

7:08 PMjordan thompsoni must be too much of a old curmudgeon i have no intrest in fortnight, ive seen enough gameplay to safely say I still think it looks like a fad with no real substance, maybe its just me???

7:09 PMmatthew wilsonI dont like having to jailbreack my phone if ?I want to put my own apps on the phone on ios

7:10 PMmatthew wilsonbut like I said, I am just siting back eating my popcorn

7:13 PMaddictedtochaosHey all

7:15 PMjordan thompsonkey word there is “more” billions, its not like their rising in the ranks, theyve been there for a while

7:16 PMmatthew wilsonno epic is worth 17b

7:16 PMjordan thompsonbut Andrew they need to make ALL THE MONEYIES

7:22 PMAndrew EisenAndrew and Keleigh’s “All the Money!!!” video:…

7:23 PMmatthew wilsonI blame 505 games over remady here, and btw it didnt sell well it tanked as all remady games tend to do

7:26 PMjordan thompsonas I grow older I find myself keeping up to date with gaming but not buying into it straight away. ive come to realize I can survive off the ps2 library for longer and cheaper.

7:28 PMSusanne Christ‘ello ^-^

7:32 PMjordan thompsonI’m curtain that the 505 CEO is watching right now thinking “wow I need to reevaluate my business ethics, cause this nerd is disappointed”

7:32 PMmatthew wilsonI dont buy most games at launch, but there are exceptions for me cyberpunk is one such exeption

7:33 PMSusanne ChristI love TLOU buuut….imma wait for the extra edition for a lower price lol

7:36 PMmatthew wilsoncant get numbers, but control never made sales charts like npd ect also remady confirmed the game didnt sell great

7:36 PMjordan thompsonI’m gonna guess to some extent corprate heads set release dates and game devs are forced to make some content DLC

7:37 PMmatthew wilsonhonestly while remady games tend to revew well, they never ever sell well. if your gunna publish a remedy game, know its a prestige game

7:43 PMjordan thompsonso whats gonna be the next game that is expected to do gangbusters and the company ends up making more copies of the game than consoles it plays on were produced

7:45 PMjordan thompsonjust imagine if cyberpunk brings upon the gaming industry collapse of the 21st century

7:45 PMmatthew wilsontake this data point for what its worth, but in last years e3 cyberpunk was by far and away the most searched game by a wide margine

7:46 PMmatthew wilsoncyberpunk to me feels like cd project reds magnume opus regardless of how it sells, this is clearly a project they wanted to do for awhile

7:47 PMjordan thompsonwhats next, cyberpunk the movie the game the soundtrack

7:48 PMmatthew wilsonwell s3 was clearly a setup for s4

7:49 PMjordan thompsonwith HD remasters being in now how exactually is no one working on a E.T. the game HD remake

7:51 PMjordan thompsonI need to get into the castlevania anime at some point, there better be a scene with someone punch a rock to obtain a turkey leg

7:51 PMmatthew wilsonI liked what alucard did to the people who tried to kill him, using their heads as a warning post

7:52 PMjordan thompsondo we get “what is a man”

7:55 PMmatthew wilsonstart of its own sub serries

7:55 PMjordan thompson“hell is probably not the funnest place ever” – Andrew Eisen

7:55 PMjordan thompsonthats my new favorite quote

7:58 PMjordan thompsonor or or you could culture yourself and learn another language

7:59 PMjordan thompsonis Eisen German

8:01 PMmatthew wilsonif you want a good anime to watch, ckeack out the movie a silant voice, its on netflix

8:03 PMmatthew wilsonyes

8:03 PMjordan thompsonI saw that in theaters years ago it was decent

8:05 PMmatthew wilsonthe dragon price was clearly low budget

8:05 PMjordan thompson[message retracted]

8:08 PMmatthew wilsonhell pokemon ruby/sapphire uses braille for a puzzle

8:08 PMjordan thompsonI grew up with a deaf grandmother, sadly the only time I was convinced to learn sign language was when I started dating a deaf girl.

8:08 PMmatthew wilsona silant voice english dub used a deef actor

8:11 PMmatthew wilsonshe did have speaking lines

8:12 PMmatthew wilsonshe had full speaking lines in the movie, jnot just sounds

8:12 PMjordan thompsonwhy not localize the dog, that just denies jobs for American dogs actors Mr. Andrew.

8:14 PMjordan thompsonAir Bud was boss

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