Molehill Mountain Episode 198 – Better At Streaming Than Nintendo


Last week’s Treehouse Live presentation was so bad I was genuinely embarrassed on Nintendo’s behalf.

  • 0:23 – I liked the first episode of Carole & Tuesday. What did I think of the next four?
  • 9:30 – Nintendo Treehouse Live was a technical failure and that Bakugan game looks so bad even the presenters didn’t seem to want to talk about it.
  • 30:32 – My adventures hunting Alatreon in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube.  Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes. Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday night on RandomTower!
Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

matthew wilsongood on you, I cant live without ac

matthew wilsontoo hot where I live

matthew wilsondid you see devolver’s show? also their cool game (devolver expo) is one of the coolest gamming marketing things I have seen in a long time

matthew wilsonyup today

Warren LewisHey Andrew!

Warren Lewisyep!

jordan thompsonhi sorry I’m a bit late, watching the ladt minutes of Split (2016) so im halfway playing attention

jordan thompsonUnbreakable

Warren Lewisglass?

Warren Lewiswhooos

Warren Lewiswhoops

jordan thompsonhow much would you freak if in nintendos next pre recorded direct they said it was for you

Warren LewisXD

jordan thompsonid freak if in the next stream nintendo just played hard ball and said they live streamed just for you

matthew wilsonaparently there is no xp/ so

matthew wilsonin new papper mario

jordan thompsonI cant be the only one that needs Paper Mario for Smash

jordan thompsonwhats next Paper Mache emporis

matthew wilsonbad a managing expwcations nintendo……..

matthew wilsonits a childrens anime in japan if I recall

jordan thompsonBakugon was more sidelined than Digimon, id consider them cult anime

jordan thompsonI find it hard to belive youve never heard of Bakugon, it was a minor success with toys and its anime though Cartoon Network in the early 2000s. its got a cult following I never got into it myself

jordan thompsonit had this rip cord toy monsters if that brings anything to mind

jordan thompsonYo Kia Watch was fairly recent and a total rip off of Pokemon yet did decently

jordan thompsonI cant wait to not watch the Monster Hunter Movie in theaters ohh 2020 you

matthew wilsonso you cant where resistance gear

matthew wilsonwas there a rock or something to hide behind

jordan thompson[message retracted]

Scrungle himmingworthI’m LATE

Scrungle himmingworthwhat did I miss

jordan thompsonwhen you said LATE my mind went somewhere else, good thing you clarified

Scrungle himmingworthI’ve been playing more dead by daylight

Scrungle himmingworthbut I’m also not going outside period because it’s been 105f for the past few days

matthew wilson[message retracted]

Scrungle himmingworthwouldn’t you be able to negate the debuff if you brought a hunting horn?

Scrungle himmingworthactually wait what does the debuff do? I missed that

jordan thompsonwhy am I picturing the WOW villain from South Park when you explain your game plan

matthew wilsonso you failed a dps check got it

Scrungle himmingworthgit gud nerd

Scrungle himmingworthbut I’m the same when i was playing MHW lmao

jordan thompsonI dont know monster hunter well enough have you been speaking English the past 5 minutes

S.O. BEASTyea you gotta break his horns in dragon mode

matthew wilsonwhat about the grapping hock they added?

jordan thompsongrappling hook has left the chat

matthew wilsonso far sounds like a prity good boss fight honestly

matthew wilsonhard, but good

matthew wilsonwait what

matthew wilsonice

S.O. BEASThe has a sweet looking charge blade,your going to like it.

matthew wilsonweirds typing, but sounds like a prity good fight

jordan thompsonhow many games in your childhood kicked your but without the internet for help.

S.O. BEASTwhat do you think about frostfang barioth?

Scrungle himmingworthmetroid prime

Scrungle himmingworthit took me roughly 9 years to beat the game fully because we couldn’t finish the riddles

matthew wilsonisnt this like the final monster though?

Scrungle himmingworthalso Andrew, have you ever played dead by daylight?

S.O. BEASTtwo more monsters to come

jordan thompsonstar wars shadows of the empire was a tough cookie but i loved it no matter how much I lost

matthew wilsonI was on the internet since 95, first house in my naberhood to have broadband

matthew wilsonwhat do you think of the fact that this patch for mhw had a crazy long set of patch notes

Scrungle himmingworththe chozo artifacts, you had to scan the statues at the shrine and it would give you a riddle on where the artifacts were hidden

S.O. BEASTfatalis

S.O. BEASTi hope its gore magala

jordan thompsonwe had internet in the 90s/00s but the PC were my parents work computer so I rarely got to play PC game or mess around the internet

Scrungle himmingworthI dusted off my old wii and ive been playing metroid prime again

Scrungle himmingworthI’m at thardus for metroid prime 1

Scrungle himmingworthI also found windwaker when cleaning my room, SOO WHEW BABAAAAAAAAY

S.O. BEASTmizutsune

Scrungle himmingworthyeah he was the rock monster

S.O. BEASTdalamadur

matthew wilsoncapcom not to long ago did promise they would be making a mh for switch. I wounder how that would work, since no way mhw cant be put on switch

matthew wilsonanything else would feel like a step backwords

Scrungle himmingworthmy favorite monster is the big turkey and uhh glavenous?

S.O. BEASTthe helicopter spin lol

jordan thompsonhave you heard of the video game being made about Smegals self exile from LOTR

Scrungle himmingworththe first monster in monster Hunter 4

Scrungle himmingworthon the 3ds

S.O. BEASTkulu ya ku?

S.O. BEASTyian kut ku

jordan thompsonnot to be a downer but am I gonna have to give out starilized candy this year come Halloween

Scrungle himmingworthyeah hes one of my favs

Scrungle himmingworthlittle spitty boy

matthew wilsonI am supper game mhw did as well as it did (best selling capcom game ever) we told you that mh would do well on a real platform

matthew wilsona decent chance they make a switch excusive one, and than mhw 2

jordan thompsonMonster Hunter Mobile “what you guys dont have phones”

matthew wilsondeablo moble

jordan thompsonDiablo immortal

S.O. BEASTi want a monster hunter game that looks like breath of the wild for switch.

jordan thompsonthats like a nintendo releasing a new Mario Kart for mobile only …..oh

jordan thompsonhow about a relaxing monster hurding game

S.O. BEASTimpregnate the monsters? andrew you dirty dirty boy.

Scrungle himmingworthoh and the great maccao

Scrungle himmingworthI love that big turkey

jordan thompsonCapcom : we were thinking about giving our giant monster hunter fan Andrew and ambassador job but we then saw this podcast

Scrungle himmingworthoh right Andrew I think you’d enjoy dead by daylight

Scrungle himmingworththink of it like hide n seek, 4 survivors hide from a killer, survivors have to power 5 gens out of the 7 on the map

S.O. BEASTbring back the leslie and bob show

jordan thompsonwhat are the vr type cards that came with the 3ds, you could have a virtual monster hunter pet that way

S.O. BEASTyou gotta do kulve in a team

Scrungle himmingworthreal shit?

Scrungle himmingworthI might look into those since I have a 3ds

S.O. BEASTsee ya tomorrow

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