Molehill Mountain Episode 183 – Nintendo’s Giant Mini Direct

Nintendo published a Mini Direct. It was 30-minutes long.

  • 0:14 – My salty thoughts on the copyright claim made against my recent live stream
  • 17:38 – My thoughts on everything announced during Nintendo’s Mini Direct

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:59 PMotritzuEvening, Andrew.

7:01 PMYumesuki Gamingyo

7:02 PMScrungle Humingsworthweekly Andrew keeps the insanity away

7:02 PMYumesuki Gamingdarn that sucks

7:03 PMNicholas Dickeywow

7:03 PMScrungle Humingsworth>work hard in a video for a video game

7:03 PMScrungle Humingsworth>company cucks you out of money because you didnt mute the game

7:03 PMScrungle Humingsworthgr8

7:04 PMotritzuIt almost sounds like an automatic claim ’cause of Artist releasing music on the ‘tube.

7:04 PMYumesuki GamingThat could be

7:04 PMFuture EchoYeah unfortunately Let’s Plays are in a very grey area

7:05 PMScrungle Humingsworthyoutube legit said the AI would do all the work since everyone is at home

7:05 PMScrungle Humingsworthso alot of creators have been getting fucked over

7:05 PMotritzuYou could…mute that section of the video but that’d almost be too much work.

7:06 PMYumesuki Gamingtrue

7:07 PMFuture Echo2 tenths of a cent could buy you a house 100 years ago, is well worth it

7:08 PMotritzuit more sounds like their system is just too sensitive.

7:08 PMScrungle Humingsworth>work from home

7:08 PMScrungle Humingsworth>youtube

7:08 PMScrungle Humingsworththat implies they can be productive HAHAHAHAHA

7:09 PMEdward Varnellhello all

7:09 PMFuture Echoyoutube is just not creator friendly

7:10 PMotritzuLike I said, too much work.

7:10 PMEdward Varnellthat’s a lot of work

7:12 PMFuture Echohello andrew, its vixen hope youre doing well and staying safe

7:12 PMEdward Varnellif they haven’t fix stadia, they ain’t fix what you just talked about andrew

7:13 PMScrungle Humingsworthandrew 100% orange juice, 200% mixed juice are free on steam until 30th

7:13 PMFuture Echoomg i forgot stadia existed lol

7:13 PMYumesuki Gamingsame

7:13 PMYumesuki Gamingwhat’s stadia again?

7:14 PMotritzuboard type games, rather cute stuff.

7:14 PMEdward VarnellI don’t know if they fulfilled the back orders

7:14 PMScrungle Humingsworthhey remember when stadia had a 5 second control delay

7:15 PMYumesuki GamingGreat game to play

7:16 PMYumesuki GamingIsn’t that 80s show?

7:16 PMEdward VarnellI love Jem

7:16 PMNicholas DickeyI am so excited about this Gem series, a fav show of mine when it was out at the time

7:16 PMYumesuki Gamingoh okay

7:16 PMEdward Varnellback in the day

7:16 PMEdward VarnellSame here. Born in 80

7:17 PMYumesuki GamingI liked Sailor Moon back in the day

7:17 PMFuture Echowhen do you think the first video will be up?

7:18 PMYumesuki Gamingyes

7:18 PMFuture Echolove that title

7:18 PMaddictedtochaosHello all

7:18 PMYumesuki Gamingthanks

7:20 PMotritzuAverage directs are announced, the minis are not.

7:20 PMYumesuki Gamingthere were games I want to get it

7:20 PMYumesuki Gamingin the direct

7:21 PMYumesuki Gaminggetting XBDE

7:21 PMYumesuki Gaming3DS far was the worse

7:22 PMEdward VarnellI keep getting a Monster Hunter feel with its combat system which is ok with me

7:23 PMaddictedtochaosIt is in the $80 to $90 range

7:23 PMYumesuki GamingYes

7:23 PMEdward Varnellit is a hardbound book

7:24 PMaddictedtochaosUnless I’m mistaken it is hardbound

7:24 PMYumesuki GamingA friend of mine let me play the 3DS version

7:24 PMYumesuki GamingNever played the Wii

7:24 PMYumesuki Gaminggetting the Switch version

7:25 PMYumesuki Gamingah cool

7:26 PMYumesuki GamingIt is Hardbound

7:26 PMYumesuki Gamingplease no spoilers

7:26 PMaddictedtochaosTarrey town

7:26 PMYumesuki Gamingah that was fun

7:27 PMYumesuki Gamingi enjoying making that town

7:27 PMaddictedtochaosThe version with the book is $79.99

7:27 PMYumesuki GamingI’m getting Bioshock collection

7:28 PMaddictedtochaosBio shock Borderlands xcom

7:28 PMYumesuki Gamingthat’s all I care about from 2K

7:28 PMaddictedtochaosAll of which needs additional downloads

7:29 PMYumesuki Gamingwhich is why I’m getting Bioshock only

7:29 PMFuture Echosteamworld dig?

7:29 PMotritzuBioshock, Borderlands, and something else.

7:29 PMYumesuki GamingXcom

7:29 PMYumesuki Gaming2

7:32 PMYumesuki GamingI didn’t like the dude too

7:33 PMFuture Echoyeah its not for everyone

7:33 PMotritzuThe protagonist is caught between two crazy ladies. One of ’em will kill you.

7:33 PMaddictedtochaosHe isn’t meant to be likable to be fair.

7:34 PMNicholas Dickeyfamily guy had me that way for a long time, still cringe

7:35 PMaddictedtochaosSo I’m guessing you aren’t a fan of Archer.

7:35 PMYumesuki Gamingthe update sounds fun

7:36 PMFuture Echomaybe its because everyone is an asshole in archer

7:36 PMFuture Echoso its more normalised

7:36 PMaddictedtochaosProbably because in Archer they are all terrible people

7:36 PMFuture Echo^

7:36 PMYumesuki Gamingmaybe

7:38 PMYumesuki GamingWas there music in the game?

7:38 PMaddictedtochaosBest music in BOTW is in Hyrule Castle. Most of the music is atmospheric.

7:38 PMYumesuki GamingI forgot

7:39 PMYumesuki Gamingoh yes i remember those

7:40 PMYumesuki Gamingtrue

7:42 PMaddictedtochaosSurprised they didn’t include the Smash theme.

7:43 PMYumesuki GamingI hope so

7:43 PMFuture Echohave you played ringfit since the charity livestream?

7:43 PMaddictedtochaosCould be several, like the Hero. And just have alt skins.

7:43 PMotritzueither twintelle or Max Brass.

7:43 PMNicholas Dickeylol she is the best but doesn’t use arms lol

7:43 PMYumesuki GamingShe’s my main

7:44 PMotritzuSpring Man is an assist trophy so they’re probably not going to use him.

7:45 PMFuture Echothink they would pull a bowser jr sort of thing? have all of the main fighters but as alts

7:48 PMFuture Echowealthy clubhouse

7:48 PMLee ShowronHey

7:49 PMEdward Varnellwow

7:49 PMFuture Echotheyre bringing back the multiplayer for jedi academy which is a surprise

7:49 PMaddictedtochaosNo, Panzer Dragoon was announced last year at E3.

7:49 PMEdward VarnellPanzer Dragoon was suppose to come out last year but it got delayed

7:49 PMEdward Varnelluntil thursday release

7:50 PMaddictedtochaosNo, it was always announced for a Winter release. So, they missed that window by a few days.

7:50 PMEdward VarnellFuser reminds me of Drop Mix by Harmonixs

7:51 PMYumesuki Gamingi care

7:51 PMEdward VarnellI thought it said winter 2019

7:51 PMEdward Varnellat e3

7:51 PMEdward Varnelldj here?

7:52 PMEdward Varnellyes dj hero

7:52 PMaddictedtochaosNope, just winter. Since winter doesn’t begin till very late in the year.

7:53 PMEdward Varnellah ok

7:54 PMYumesuki Gamingseeya

7:54 PMNicholas Dickeysee you then, stay well

7:55 PMFuture Echotake care andrew

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