Molehill Mountain Episode 110 – For Real This Time


EZK has weighty topics to discuss but I just want to talk about cartoons.

  • 0:12 – All of the Operation Rainfall games are good!
  • 33:13 – Should publishers announce paid DLC before the game is out?
  • 44:33 – Andrew is disappointed that the third sequel to slasher flick “Hatchet” is very bad
  • 53:39 – Netflix for games. Good idea or bad idea?

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:48 PMmatthew wilsondont know if its a topic in the show, but what do you 2 tink of china stopping aprovals of new games?

6:49 PMAndrew EisenHaven’t heard anything about it.

6:51 PMmatthew wilsonsent you the link on twitter

6:51 PMmatthew wilsonits a weird intercetion of geopolitics and games

6:53 PMmatthew wilsonits the biggest story of the week, dispite its loittle covrage. for the near future 1/3rd of the globel games market it out of play

6:54 PMmatthew wilsonlittle

6:55 PMAndrew EisenSounds completely unnecessary but I haven’t read anything about it so I don’t really know enough to form an opinion.

6:58 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone

6:58 PMmatthew wilsonshort version over the last year, china’s leader has toughened his grip on power, and with the re orginizing of the sensoership board, has stopped aproving games for the time being

6:59 PMAndrew EisenYeah, sounds like something that would happen given current events.

6:59 PMmatthew wilsonkinda suprised ezk hasnt hearded about the story

7:00 PMmatthew wilsonI sent you a link on twitter, share it with ezk worth talking about

7:00 PMmatthew wilsonits from bloomberg

7:01 PMmatthew wilsonbloomberg com/news/articles/2018-08-15/china-is-said-to-freeze-game-approvals-amid-agency-shakeup

7:02 PMmatthew wilsonI am a proud adblock user f the way sites do adds

7:02 PMmatthew wilsonads

7:03 PMmatthew wilsonhonestly not using adblock is just stupid. the biggest attack surface is ads

7:04 PMmatthew wilsonas a basic computer security 101 thing, everyone should instal a adblock

7:07 PMmatthew wilsonI know ceertain big trusted channels are white listed from it, but only a few

7:10 PMmatthew wilsonofcorse they dont have you not seen the brewha after youtube/facebook banned alex jones

7:11 PMmatthew wilsonit took them years to remove him

7:13 PMaddictedtochaosHey everyone

7:18 PMaddictedtochaosIt wasn’t Nintendo Japan, it was NOA. They were already announced for Europe.

7:23 PMaddictedtochaosLast Story ended up being Xseed’s best selling game.

7:23 PMAndrew EisenOf the two or of all their titles?

7:24 PMaddictedtochaosOverall, at the time at least.

7:24 PMA LeafAny switch games you’re thinking of picking up for the rest of 2018 Andrew? I’ll be getting Dark Souls, Mario Party, and Smash.

7:25 PMA Leafoh, yeah I wonder if Rainfall was directly responsible for Majora’s Mask 3D getting made?

7:25 PMA Leafwait… I’m thinking moonfall or something lol

7:27 PMA LeafOh, yeah. I dunno if they’ll do a physical deluxe edition of Rabbids. I’m LOVING Octopath, definitely worth full price imo. I can respect waiting for a price drop though.


7:29 PMaddictedtochaosPerhaps I should do the same. Dropped $120 to replace a game.

7:30 PMA LeafI’m not interested at all in the new Pokemon game. It’s far too casual for me, I’d rather go back and play an older Pokemon game. Plus I dislike mandatory motion controls.

7:31 PMaddictedtochaosHave you tried the monster hunter demo for Switch ?

7:32 PMA LeafYeah they’re knocking it out of the park with the new additions. I love them all except Chrom (personal reasons, hate his costume design) but lots of FE fans wanted him.

7:32 PMA Leaf8 characters for FE is TOO MUCH representation imo.

7:34 PMScottyJayManDoom Slayer for Smash

7:35 PMA LeafI’d actually love Rabbid Peach as a character, but I don’t think it’d happen lol

7:35 PMA LeafYou know what I could see happening though? Minecraft Steve.

7:35 PMaddictedtochaosYes it is recent

7:38 PMA LeafYeah I know what you mean Andrew, but as Zach said, Cloud wasn’t really Nintendo.

7:38 PMA LeafYes older FF games were on Nintendo, but Cloudy has 0 to do with them

7:38 PMA LeafCloud*

7:39 PMaddictedtochaosBanjo would make sense

7:39 PMA LeafYeah, and MS has given the go ahead for Banjo

7:39 PMA Leafthat’s what they said on twitter anyway

7:40 PMA Leafahhhhh Birdo nooooo

7:40 PMA LeafI still want Isaac from Golden Sun but he’s pretty niche

7:41 PMaddictedtochaosSince South Park has had some games on Nintendo. Should ass Cartman.

7:41 PMaddictedtochaos*add

7:41 PMA Leafhe doesn’t have to be “another sword character”, since he can use djinns and magic

7:41 PMScottyJayManCaptain Rainbow

7:42 PMA Leaffor real, Sakurai is going to work himself to death

7:42 PMA Leafapparently he was motivated by Iwata’s passing

7:44 PMaddictedtochaosI don’t buy incomplete games.

7:46 PMaddictedtochaosdlc for Guitar Hero/Rock Band was fine but otherwise it just makes me mad.

7:46 PMA LeafI don’t mind when a game has “extra” stuff as DLC sometimes, depending on the content.

7:46 PMA LeafWhat I DO have a problem with is when most of the game is a download, when I buy physical

7:46 PMaddictedtochaos^exactly

7:46 PMA Leaflike the Megaman / Megaman X collections on switch, both were half downloads

7:47 PMA LeafI hope Nintendo will continue to put their full games on cartridges, most third party switch games require downloads though due to stingy publishers

7:48 PMaddictedtochaosNintendo will always put the full game on the cart. Their games are never that big in terms of file size.

7:49 PMA Leafoooooh man I’d rage.

7:49 PMA Leaf*but I’d still buy all those amiibo…. I have a problem*

7:49 PMaddictedtochaosFighting games are some of the worst DLC abusers.

7:52 PMA LeafIn a way though, DLC is more excusable in fighting games.

7:52 PMA LeafONE new character is an insane amount of new content for competitive players, and can completely change the meta of the game.

7:52 PMA Leafbut yes, they overcharge

7:52 PMA Leaflooking at you smash 4….

7:52 PMaddictedtochaosNo, Lei Wulong was only just announced for Tekken 7. Should have been there from the start

7:53 PMA Leafah I haven’t been following. I just orbit people on a discord who live and breathe fighting games

8:12 PMaddictedtochaosOnly problem is who wants to subscribe to so many services.

8:14 PMaddictedtochaosCBS all access, Warner, Disney etc

8:14 PMScottyJayManThat’s what Apple TV does

8:16 PMaddictedtochaosDisney will be the majority owner (60%)

8:17 PMaddictedtochaosIf gaming goes all streaming or all digital sales then I’m out.

8:17 PMFreaKillI’m not sure that it would be so easy for older games, because I’ve seen stories where old games are impossible to publish now since over the years the rights got spread across various companies.

8:17 PMA Leaf>streaming

8:17 PMA Leaf>0 latency

8:17 PMA LeafLOL

8:17 PMFreaKillLike No One Lives Forever

8:17 PMScottyJayManI have over 100 games on my Switch.

8:18 PMaddictedtochaosI’ll have not shortage of games to play. Couple thousand games.

8:18 PMA Leafdamn dude

8:19 PMA Leafif I had all the games I’ve owned over my life I’d probably have a collection of about 150.

8:19 PMA Leafonly have about 20 physical games at the moment

8:19 PMaddictedtochaosClearly I have a major problem, bought 63 last weekend.

8:19 PMA Leafoh, yeah screw digital.

8:20 PMA LeafI always buy physical whenever possible

8:22 PMA LeafI take VERY good care of the games I do have though, the ones that I do have are in pristine condition, I dare say mint for most of them

8:22 PMA Leafright now it’s 6 switch, 3 WiiU, and 7 3DS games

8:22 PMaddictedtochaosLikewise

8:23 PMA Leafcheers, scratched boxes hurt me deep inside

8:27 PMScottyJayManRobocop 3 for PC is a weird Star Fox visual FPS

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