Molehill Mountain Episode 105 – Poor, Put-Upon Scrappy-Doo


How could we be so cruel?

  • 23:52 – Pirates pirate pirates so pirates can’t pirate pirates!
  • 30:22 – PUBG drops lawsuit against Fortnite
  • 33:54 – Sony drops ball on cross-platform play, Nintendo and Microsoft run with it
  • 47:09 – PQube cancels western localization of Omega Labrynth Z, seemingly at behest of Sony

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:55 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone

6:57 PMaddictedtochaosHello

6:57 PMaddictedtochaosThe struggle is real

6:57 PMDED_SEC GamingHave you played manhunt

6:58 PMDED_SEC GamingPlay it on pc or ps2 but the copies are difficult to find

6:59 PMmatthew wilsonI will still keep pushing neir

7:01 PMmatthew wilsondoom(2016) is another one I will push

7:01 PMmatthew wilsondoes it work?

7:01 PMmatthew wilsondid you test it

7:05 PMmatthew wilsonwell you watched it over a week, and didnt binge it. do you think that might be why it feels better?

7:07 PMaddictedtochaosFinn jones

7:13 PMmatthew wilsonbatman the anamated serries, is best betman

7:13 PMBornDistractedorigin stories arent always a good thing. sometimes the mystery aspect is better…

7:14 PMmatthew wilsonits not one of, it IS the BEST there in no better batman

7:17 PMmatthew wilsonthe purge is weird. as a franchise ist started as a very budget movie

7:17 PMmatthew wilsonhow in the world did the purge go from a few million dollor movie to massive franchise

7:24 PMBornDistractedwhy do they have to have dumb kids in these Jurassic movies?…

7:29 PMmatthew wilson……….. wtf lol

7:29 PMmatthew wilsonwhat a world what aworld

7:30 PMmatthew wilsonshock shock

7:30 PMmatthew wilsonnot shocked by that

7:31 PMmatthew wilsonI heard of a piracy site banning people for using ad block

7:31 PMmatthew wilsonwe live in a weird world

7:31 PMaddictedtochaosHope they get sued into oblivion

7:34 PMmatthew wilsonnot shocked, it was prity clear they were gunna lose it

7:34 PMmatthew wilsonand epic has more money than god

7:35 PMmatthew wilsonpubg got no specail support that other devs didnt

7:35 PMmatthew wilsonthey were trying to pull a silicon knights for a bit

7:36 PMmatthew wilsonglad they came to their senses

7:36 PMMando FrescoPubg fucked up so much. Fortnite took the crown because pubg was being greedy

7:37 PMmatthew wilsonno tencent doesnt own blue hole, they just publish in china

7:39 PMMando FrescoSony is fucking up the cross play potential

7:39 PMmatthew wilsonwelcome back ps3 era sony we missed you lol /s

7:39 PMMando FrescoJust look at what they did with Fallout 76

7:39 PMAndrew EisenDoesn’t own it but owns shares. At least, that’s what I’m reading. Perhaps the reporting is wrong?

7:40 PMmatthew wilsonif they do its a small amount

7:40 PMaddictedtochaosSony’s stance on this is very anti-consumer. And Sony fanboys are defending this.

7:40 PMmatthew wilsonb/c sony gets a 30% cut of all mtx on their system

7:40 PMSunil Agrawalhello

7:40 PMMando FrescoIt’s ironic that a third party account cannot be used on a separate console if it was linked someway with Sony. Bastards. Just greedy.

7:41 PMmatthew wilsonthey want as manny people on ps4 as they can get

7:41 PMMando FrescoBecause Sony is dominating the market.

7:42 PMMando FrescoExactly lol Sony just scared.

7:42 PMmatthew wilsonit wasnt fortnite in the video it was minecraft

7:42 PMMando FrescoHaha so true

7:42 PMMando FrescoI remember

7:43 PMmatthew wilsonthat statment is suck pr nothing bullshit

7:46 PMaddictedtochaosYeah just look at Sony in the PS3 era or Xbox at the launch of Xbox One

7:46 PMmatthew wilsonlike I said, welcome back ps3 era sony /s

7:47 PMmatthew wilsonatari nearly killed, console, video games

7:48 PMmatthew wilsonhad no effect on the pc market of the time

7:49 PMmatthew wilsonthey are still a thing, in japan

7:50 PMmatthew wilsonI doubt it playing games at home its way to convenant

7:51 PMaddictedtochaosSony blocked the release in North America

7:53 PMaddictedtochaosEsrb rated it m

7:55 PMaddictedtochaosI wanted it just for the absurd premise

7:57 PMaddictedtochaosStrike 2 for Sony as far as I’m concerned

8:03 PMaddictedtochaosPQube wouldn’t censor it so Sony said no. People that it may have offended wouldn’t have bought it anyway. It was a VERY niche itle.

8:05 PMaddictedtochaosShame for them though they did all the work to localize it and paid the fees to get it rated by the ESRB.

8:06 PMaddictedtochaosThat is far too reasonable for most parents.

8:07 PMaddictedtochaosStill $200 and not available in the west anymore. If you want a Vita you have to import one.

8:09 PMaddictedtochaosI believe it is pronounced Ati-lay

8:16 PMBornDistractedpeace…

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