Molehill Mountain Episode 100 – Working Together To Build Something Adequate


EZK and Andrew celebrate the 100th episode of Molehill Mountain by building a farm together in Stardew Valley.

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes.

Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday night on RandomTower!

Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:57 PMWarren LewisHeyo.

7:00 PMlittlegittelEZKs volume is low and Andyroo is very loud

7:00 PMBornDistractedoh this is something different…

7:01 PMBornDistractedbetter

7:01 PMlittlegittelMuch better

7:02 PMBornDistractedyou finally made the Century mark…

7:05 PMlittlegittelSorry for the ignorance, what platform is this?

7:08 PMBornDistractednight owls lol

7:10 PMlittlegittelI can already tell that I like this game.

7:11 PMlittlegittelI like how the tree becomes translucent when you go behind it. Nice feature

7:14 PMBornDistractedZach is it easier playing with Andrew than your kids? lol

7:17 PMlittlegittelI had 2 big problems. 1. The island is like 10 miles off the coast of England…apparently. And 2. She would never be able to hide that sword in her dress

7:18 PMBornDistractedisnt she Amazon?

7:19 PMBornDistractedlol at Andrews sarcasm

7:20 PMKirby Jason210Hi

7:22 PMBornDistractedWonder Woman was still put together better than Last Jedi in my opinion…

7:23 PMBornDistractedbooo lol

7:23 PMlittlegittelFishing!!!

7:23 PMA Leafsweet I didn’t miss it

7:26 PMA Leafsci-fi voice Andrew, I like it

7:26 PMBornDistractedits almost Vader-esque…

7:27 PMaddictedtochaosHello

7:28 PMBornDistractedomg keep it clean lol

7:30 PMBornDistractedi can picture the 2 of you guys doing a mystery science theatre type stream…

7:31 PMTartToothwhoa. Andrew is echoing horribly.

7:32 PMA Leafyeah you sound like a robot

7:32 PMlittlegittelNo echo for me

7:32 PMA Leafit’s not too bad, slightly annoying

7:32 PMBornDistractedlol

7:33 PMaddictedtochaosSounds better

7:33 PMlittlegittelYes actually. Good sound now

7:33 PMA Leafyep better

7:34 PMBornDistracteduh oh im lagging…

7:35 PMA Leafsame

7:35 PMA Leafswitched to 720

7:35 PMBornDistractedleaf thats a good idea

7:48 PMA Leafdamn buffering every 5 min

7:48 PMA Leafswitched to 480p

7:56 PMaddictedtochaosThat looks horrible. That art style needs to die.

7:58 PMA Leafit’s gross how almost every CN show is that calarts style now

7:58 PMA LeafGravity Falls, Steven Universe, Thundercats Roar, Uncle Grandpa, etc etc

8:01 PMA LeafI’m really angry about the trailer and key art

8:02 PMA Leafstream’s offline Andrew

8:02 PMA Leafback now

8:02 PMA LeafBut yeah, I’m a history buff and BFV really ticks me off

8:03 PMA Leafthey’re putting women in the promotional art as if they typically had front line roles in the military in WW2, and they absolutely did not.

8:04 PMaddictedtochaosHe’s not wrong though. Doesn’t bother me wasn’t interested in it anyway.

8:04 PMA LeafWho cares?!?

8:04 PMA LeafHow about the people who fought that war, and are having their history turned into political pandering

8:06 PMA LeafI agree Zachary

8:07 PMA LeafA game should focus on why France fell so fast and easily. The French army largely didn’t want to fight as their country had been infiltrated by communist ideology

8:08 PMA LeafWhy do you have to customize your character to have empathy for them

8:11 PMA Leafthen why do you insist women need to have the option to have a character the same sex as them?

8:11 PMA Leafyou’re elaborating on that now, so don’t bother responding

8:15 PMA Leafwhy is there a need to roleplay in a simple shooter like Battlefield?

8:16 PMA Leafso then why have character customization

8:16 PMA LeafJust randomize realistic soldier skins

8:16 PMA Leafwithout modern haircuts etc

8:17 PMA LeafYes there is

8:17 PMA LeafLOTS of people care about historical authenticity

8:17 PMA LeafI was just as peeved about the player character picking up and shooting an MG42, which needed crews of 2-3 just to operate

8:18 PMA Leafoh trust me I’m not buying it

8:19 PMaddictedtochaosLikewise with the exception of Halo.

8:20 PMA LeafI just feel that there’s a point where we need to slam on the breaks with the “not realistic” stuff

8:21 PMaddictedtochaosJumping out of your plane sniping someone while falling and landing back on your plane not realistic.

8:21 PMA Leafjust because other things aren’t realistic, that doesn’t give an excuse to just throw history out the window too.

8:22 PMA LeafIt sounds like you have a political agenda to push

8:22 PMA LeafI have no problem with women

8:22 PMA LeafI have a problem with “fixing” history to include modern ideals

8:22 PMA LeafWomen played a major role in many ways in WW2, just not on the front lines

8:23 PMA Leafthey worked the factories, worked in the RAF radar and alert systems, and many other roles related to the war machine

8:24 PMA Leaf“even if that were true”

8:24 PMA Leafit is.

8:25 PMA LeafNo, I didn’t.

8:25 PMA LeafYOU said the other stuff was fine.

8:25 PMA LeafI said earlier it’s ridiculous how the player can pick up an MG42

8:26 PMjordan thompsonsorry I’m late just got out of solo don’t worry I won’t talk about it

8:27 PMA LeafThe other things need to be there for the game to function

8:27 PMA Leafit’s a mounted machine gun

8:28 PMjordan thompsonI don’t have any experience with stardew valley but am I wrong to assume it’s a harvest moon clone

8:28 PMA LeafAgain, Zachary don’t put words in my mouth

8:28 PMA LeafI’m not the one who just suggested that, you did.

8:29 PMA LeafI think the MG42 is just as ridiculous as women in the British army in front line roles

8:30 PMA LeafIn the trailer, the player picked up an MG42 and started running and sliding around with it while shooting

8:31 PMA Leafthese things weighed far too much for that

8:33 PMA LeafI believe you have no respect for history and the men and women who served.

8:33 PMjordan thompsonthe Phantom menace, that is all

8:35 PMjordan thompsonI might be alone on this but solo was a good movie in my opinion it was far better than last Jedi and dare I say combats with force awakens that’s all I’m gonna say I don’t want to spoil anything

8:36 PMA LeafI’ve disliked every movie after the original trilogy

8:36 PMA Leafand I doubt that will change is I see the Solo movie, but I’d like to be proven wrong

8:36 PMA Leafif*

8:37 PMjordan thompsonI’d like to see a movie about anikan during his padwan days you can call it, padwan : a star wars story

8:37 PMA LeafI’d like an Obiwan movie with Ewan McGregor, I don’t really mind from which point in the canon

8:39 PMA LeafRogue One was an action movie more than anything

8:39 PMA Leafvery pretty to see all the beautiful vehicles from the original trilogy in CG

8:39 PMA Leafthat’s about it

8:39 PMjordan thompsonwhere’s my silatious crumb spin off

8:41 PMA Leafoh jesus I didn’t know that was a character name lmao

8:43 PMBornDistractedid like a Cad Bane movie…

8:43 PMjordan thompsonwhat about the guy who sells the power converters at tashi station

8:43 PMA LeafI don’t feel like every future Star Wars movie needs to have some connection to another movie

8:43 PMBornDistractedagreed Leaf

8:43 PMA LeafAs long as it feels like a Star Wars movie

8:45 PMA Galaxy!how often do you pump iron

8:45 PMBornDistractedim curious about the live action tv show

8:46 PMjordan thompsona saving private Ryan but star wars would be awsome

8:46 PMA LeafFrom what I’ve heard about Rebels it messes with canon a bit, I need to give it a watch myself

8:46 PMIcewallow ComeHow yall doing

8:46 PMA Leafbut that was Rogue One, Jordan

8:46 PMBornDistractedi liked rogue one

8:47 PMA Leafit was a fanservice movie.. I don’t mind it just for the OT ships

8:47 PMA Leafnot a good story though, imo

8:48 PMjordan thompsona film about the Jedi when their sabers were attached to power packs would be visually appealing

8:48 PMBornDistractedlol jordan

8:48 PMA Leafattack on titan star wars? lol

8:49 PMBornDistractedwhat do you guys think the box office draw will be for Soylo?…

8:49 PMjordan thompsonthat ideal is canon some of the earliest Jedi were nothing more than swords with energy fields around the sword

8:50 PMA Leafmight come close to the 8th episode’s performance to be honest

8:50 PMA LeafI forget its name, that’s how forgettable 8 is

8:51 PMA Leaflast jedi

8:51 PMjordan thompsonboth showings I went to were not as packed at episode 8

8:51 PMA Leafwelp, I guess that makes sense

8:51 PMA Leafit’s not a main episode after all

8:52 PMBornDistractedsome people think it wont make more than Rogue one

8:52 PMjordan thompsonyou know potatoes boil them mash then stick them in a stew

8:52 PMA Leafa lot of core fans might not see it, just because they don’t want any actor but Ford to play Solo

8:53 PMA Leafobviously that’s kind of impossible have Ford play him, but any new actor might be a deal breaker for some

8:53 PMBornDistractedSoylo is the first star wars film i did not rush to see

8:53 PMA LeafSoylo again? lol

8:53 PMBornDistractedlol

8:54 PMA LeafI’ve never actually seen a Star Wars movie in theatres

8:54 PMBornDistractedthats not a bad thing Leaf

8:55 PMA LeafYeah I don’t like theaters in general anyway

8:55 PMA Leafand I dislike the new trilogy so far anyway so why bother at this point

8:56 PMBornDistractedunderstandable

8:56 PMA LeafGood night guys, glad we could stay civil

8:56 PMBornDistractedpeace to all…

8:58 PMA LeafI’m just hoping for a Prime 4 gameplay trailer, and Animal Crossing for Switch

8:59 PMA LeafI haven’t liked Pokemon since gen 3 and I don’t think that can change with the direction the series has taken

9:01 PMA LeafStar Fox Grand Prix could be a good game in its own right, but yeah poor F-Zero

9:02 PMA LeafI’m worried they might make it too casual though, in comparison to the difficulty of F-Zero

9:03 PMA LeafBut with they online service being as bad as it is, maybe a fast racer with online multiplayer couldn’t work

9:03 PMA Leafthe*

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