KNGI stands against SOPA, PIPA

As a site hosting podcasts focusing on gaming and music, we don’t tend to publicly announce our political stances on this site or on the air. However, as you may know by now thanks to the efforts of sites like Wikipedia and Google, the US Congress has been under consideration of two bills that will have a drastic, negative impact on the internet as we know it: the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act. These bills, supported by large media conglomerates like the RIAA and MPAA, will allow any website to be blocked under suspicion of the hosting pirated content, or any content that may otherwise be considered infringing. KNGI does not condone piracy and supports intellectual property rights, but SOPA and PIPA essentially turn control of internet content over to media corporations, allowing them to freely censor any content, including sites such as KNGI, OverClocked ReMix, Dwelling of Duels, or even ThaSauce. We stand with thousands of other websites and millions of people across the internet in opposition to this blatant act of internet censorship.
Please check out the following links for more information and what you can do to help:

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