GameFuel moves to 7 PM Saturdays, New Shows on KNGI!

New shows have joined the ranks! Super Podcast Action Committee is a weekly discussion podcast hosted by Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight, tackling a variety of topics that impact gamers such as net neutrality, crowd-funding, (good and bad) game development, DRM, copyright, piracy, free speech, and laws that have a positive or negative impact on consumers. The show airs live on YouTube every Saturday at 9 PM Eastern.

The Hammer Brothers is a Let’s Play show starring Alan and Matt Bish, two brothers from Pennsylvania who play their favorite retro games while discovering new ones! New content is released frequently on YouTube, with weekly digest posts catching up on the show here at KNGI.

Also, starting this weekend, the live broadcast of GameFuel on 8bitX will be moving a few hours earlier to 7 PM Eastern. Join KyleJCrb for two hours of excellent game music remixes and arrangements live, or catch the archived episodes right here at KNGI!

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