GameFuel #184: Journey (WillRock ‘Journey to the Centre of the World’ Listening Party)


This episode of GameFuel features the latest album from netlabel Tiny Waves: Journey to the Centre of the World, by the one and only William “WillRock” Harby!


1.WillRock – Fight Against A Somewhat Delicious Cake (Super Mario RPG [NES] :: KNGI EXCLUSIVE)

ALBUM SPOTLIGHT: WillRock – Journey to Centre of the World :: BandcampTiny Waves
2.WillRock feat. Valentino Francavilla, DaMonz – Warrior Of Light
3.WillRock – Ambush!
4.WillRock – Super Star Anime Cosplay Manga Party
5.WillRock – Rhinestones
6.WillRock – Organic Self-Indulgence
7.WillRock – Shoot Em’ Up!
8.WillRock – 1337 MPH
9.WillRock – Emerald Lake
10.WillRock – Centre Of The World
11.WillRock – Apollo Duck (DuckTales [NES])

12.DDRKirby – Shoot Em’ Up! (DDRKirby Remix :: Journey Bonus Track)
13.WillRock – Hopes and Dreams (Undertale [PC] :: SoundCloud)
14.Willrock – Yiff Yiff Yiff (Star Fox Adventures [GCN])

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