GameFuel #180: Engage


GameFuel shines the spotlight on some great albums this week, including new stuff from GaMetal, Shnabubula, Super Guitar Bros. and the OC Jazz Collective, a celebration of Mega Man, a chiptune tribute to spaghetti western from Disasterpeace and Derris-Kharlan, and more!

1.GaMetal – After Burner (After Burner II [ARC] :: YouTube)

FEATURED ALBUM – Tribute Album 64 :: Bandcamp
2.Mega Beardo, norg – Backlash (Blast Corps [N64])
3.CarboHydroM, Matheus Manente – Arcade of the Stars (WCW-nWo Revenge [N64])
4.Uncle & the Bacon – Cruis’n Shuffle (Cruis’n World [N64])

5.Shnabubula – Total Yardage (Tecmo Super Bowl [NES])
6.Shnabubula – Stage 1 (Silver Surfer [NES])
7.Shnabubula – Stage 1-1/Stage 5-2 Ver. 1 (Rocket Knight Adventures [GEN])

FEATURED ALBUM – MM25: Mega Man Rocks :: VGMdb
8.The Megas – Man On Fire [Enhanced Edition] (Mega Man 2 [NES])
9.Armcannon – Mangnet Mang (Mega Man 3 [NES])
10.X-Hunters – MM9 Medley (Mega Man 9 [WII/XB360/PS3])

FEATURED ALBUM – Nice. :: Bandcamp
11.Super Guitar Bros. – Mii Channel (Wii Menu [WII])
12.Super Guitar Bros. – Battle Theme (Final Fantasy VII [PS1])
13.Super Guitar Bros. – Tristram (Diablo [PC])

FEATURED ALBUM – Chronology: A Jazz Tribute to Chrono Trigger :: OverClocked ReMix
14.Fratto, Wiesty, The OC Jazz Collective – Driftwood (Chrono Trigger [SNES])
15.Wiesty, The OC Jazz Collective – Neuga, Ziena, Zieber, Zom… (Chrono Trigger [SNES])
16.Nostalvania, The OC Jazz Collective – Fight or Flight (Chrono Trigger [SNES])

FEATURED ALBUM – Tribute Album 64 :: Bandcamp
17.Daniel Brakke – Cloudy With A Chance of Love (Pilotwings 64)
18.Darby & Ian – Lounge to the Bumble (Buck Bumble)
19.Kirby’s Dream Band – Wave Race 64 Medley (Wave Race 64)

FEATURED ALBUM – West :: Bandcamp
20.Disasterpeace – The Outlaw
21.Derris-Kharlan – The Sheriff

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