GameFuel #178: Cyberspace (Patreon’s Choice #8: Sci-Fi Games Special)


This episode explores the world of fictionalized science in video game music form.

Patreon’s Choice this month comes courtesy of David P.! If YOU want to select an upcoming playlist theme for GameFuel, become a $3 patron today!

1.Yousuke Yasui – SURVIVE [AREA 6-11] (Eschatos [PC/XB360] :: Steam)

2.Ace Waters, Arcadea, Josiah McDaniel, RichaadEB (Involved in the Troubles) – Opening Stage (Mega Man X [SNES] :: YouTube)
3.Amaranthine Skies – Lady B. Wankmeister, Space Mistress of Funk (Space Quest 5 [PC] :: Dwelling of Duels)
4.Magellanic – Data Flux (Tyrian [PC] :: OverClocked ReMix)

5.halc – Human Soldier (Deus Ex [PC] :: OverClocked ReMix)
6.Little V Mills – Fallout 4 Theme (Fallout 4 [PC/PS4/XBONE] :: YouTube)
7.Mazedude – Cohens 8-Bit Masterpiece (Bioshock [PS3/XB360/PC] :: Bandcamp)

8.BrainCells – Power Up! Powered Up!! (Gradius 3 [SNES] :: Dwelling of Duels)
9.Hale-Bopp – Sludge Pit (Perfect Dark [N64] :: Dwelling of Duels)
10.Wake – Use the Plasma Gun! (Super Earth Defense Force [SNES] ::: Dwelling of Duels)

11.String Player Gamer – Terran 2 (Starcraft [PC] :: YouTube)
12.Beatdrop – cy-AMP (System Shock 2 [PC] :: SoundCloud)
13.jaxx – Twenty Year Journey (Out of This World [PC/SNES] :: Dwelling of Duels)

SOUNDTRACK SPOTLIGHT – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon [PS3/XB360/PC] :: VGMdb
14.Power Glove – Blood Dragon Theme
15.Power Glove – Power Core
16.Power Glove – Resurrection

17.WASD – Enemy Unknown (X-COM: UFO Defense [PS3/XB360/PC] :: Bandcamp)
18.Tron – Lime on 45 (Cybernoid II [C64] :: KWED)
19.Harumi Shiina, Namihei – Barrelfire Desperado (Thunder Force III [GEN] :: VGMdb)

20.insaneintherainmusic – Phendrana Drifts (Metroid Prime [GCN] :: YouTube)
21.MunzadetH ft. Prince uf Darkness – Area A (Shatterhand [NES] :: Bandcamp)
22.Richard Jacques – Space Harrier [Race of Ages] (Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed [PS3/XB360/PC/MOBILE] :: VGMdb)

23.LONELYROLLINGSTARS – Turrican’t (Turrican 2: The Final Fight [AMIGA] :: Bandcamp)
24.Thunderclash – Maximum Overdrive (F-Zero [SNES] :: Harmony of Heroes)
25.Dream Fiend – Power Drive 2000 Theme (Power Drive 2000 :: SoundCloud)

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