BumbleKast Q&A – For November 16th, 2020


More questions, more answers… The endless cycle continues!

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  • Ian “BumbleKing” Flynn – Head writer of Sonic the Hedgehog comics for IDW Publishing and Mega Man for Archie Comics, Narrative Director for Rivals of Aether, writing for Archie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more
  • Kyle “KyleJCrb” Crouse – Founder & Administrator of the KNGI Network, host of the Nitro Game Injection video game music podcast

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Taryn Urban (Ko-Fi)
Hi Ian and Kyle! Ian, thanks for your tremendous work on Sonic and breathing new life into a series I’ve adored since childhood. My question is: what field of study is Dr. Starline’s PhD in?

Silly Rookie (Ko-Fi)
Hiya! What do you feel is the most important lesson you’ve learned about your creative medium? Specifically outside of the work-for-hire factors, I’m more asking about the craft.

Have you ever gotten any internal notes from Archie or IDW or Sega going “Some exec heard you or your podcast co-host said X badly about them, or said Y and caused a lot of fans to insult us” and gotten in hot water over it?

What do the two of you think presidential campaigns from the modern day versions of Sonic and Eggman would be like?

Sapphire Scarletta
Ian, If Tangle and Whisper had anti-mobius counterparts, what would their names be along with their personality and story?

Diane W.
SEGA says that the Hero Path in Shadow the Hedgehog is the canon pathway…Any thoughts on this?

Human x Mobian relationships. How do you think they’d be viewed in-world? Would they be biologically compatible? Would the offspring be one or the other species, or some kind of freaky mutant monster?

Scurvy Piratehog (Ko-Fi)
What would be the names of the zone cop counterparts of the Deadly Six, Zavok and so on?

is Maria still canon?

Andrew D.
Can a Power Core run out of whatever it runs on? If so, how would Dr. Starline recharge his new Tricore, or would he have to replace it?

What was the reason for [Tikhaos] being fused into one being (if there was one), and how did the idea of Tikhaos come into being?

In the IDW universe of Sonic, does Knuckles ever ask people to look over the master emerald when he’s away from it similar to how he did in the Archie Sonic continuity?

Liam B.
[How do you approach the paradox of character agency vs. writer’s intent]

-TheImagineBreaker 121212
[Question about Dark Horse’s Encyclo-Sped-ia content]

Sgt Byrd
If the Freedom Fighters ever came back…do you think it would be best to keep them together as a team or split them up as separate characters around the world?

Darkness rising24
Hey Ian, will there ever be an arc that takes place in Silver’s future?

…What strategy do you use to make sure a story can begin and end with just 4 15-20 page parts?

Common Writer Four Zed
I have a question for Kyle! What is your opinion about video game vinyls? Do you have any soundtracks you would like to see get a vinyl record release?

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