BumbleKast Q&A – For June 21st, 2021


Heroes DO do that. Get to work, Batman.

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Your hosts:

  • Ian “BumbleKing” Flynn – Head writer of Sonic the Hedgehog comics for IDW Publishing and Mega Man for Archie Comics, Narrative Director for Rivals of Aether, writing for Archie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more
  • Kyle “KyleJCrb” Crouse – Founder & Administrator of the KNGI Network, host of the Nitro Game Injection video game music podcast

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Speed Weed
So, have either of you played Hollow Knight by chance? If not, I highly recommend it, great metroidvania, but if so, how do you feel about that dark souls-like troupe of NPCs giving off dialogue for world-building in a depressing bug game like that? And also, what would be your favorite aspect of the game, world or lore reason included, if you have one?
Finally, are you all for the eldritch abyss or the eldritch living gods of the world? That last part is less of an overall hollow knight question, more of a very specific hollow knight question to satisfy my burning desire to discuss those obscure bits of hollow knight lore.

Diane W.
What were you go-to kids channel to watch your favourite shows everyday; Fox Kids, WB Kids, Cartoon Network, or Nickelodeon? I know this isn’t really my place to ask since I’m British, I mostly grew up with the likes of CBBC, and CiTV, but because I’ve been watching videos from a YouTuber about the shows that they’ve grew up with, it got me curious hear what shows or TV channels people like you grew up on. Thanks.

Tik Tik
Recently, we found out about something that Batman cannot do, which has caused a bit of a stir online becuase “heroes don’t do that.” Ian (and Kyle, if you’d like), consider the major adult characters of your various works. Would you consider them “selfish lovers?”

Will we ever see Dr. Eggman and Dr. Starline teaming up again in the future? Or are they done for good?

are you two fans of NiGHTS in any capacity? there was a brief run of a NiGHTS comic back in ye olde archie days, do you think if SEGA gave the order you guys would try your hand at it? (or any sega series for that matter, like billy hatcher or space channel 5? a handful showed up in worlds unite and i think they have comic potential)

What’s the rule in regards to Vanilla fighting?

If you could see or be involved in another side story for IDW Sonic on characters that aren’t Sonic, who would you like to see?

Can people used the chaos force to prolong thier lifespan and slow down their aging process

After learning that Jun Kun was one of the Khans, does this mean the Iron King is a cyborg? If so, how different are his cybernetics compared to Ken’s?

Where does Omega go to restock and resupply?

To Ian: If Sega tapped you to create a video game, and gave you absolute creative freedom what kind of game would you make?
To Kyle: Speed Racer (2008). Good fantasy racing film, or best fantasy racing film?

If we were to get a new fighting game starring SEGA characters, would you prefer something along the lines of Smash Brothers, or some sort of crossover game?

Scurvy Piratehog
As we have seen in the preview for the 30th special, classic Sonic has FINALLY learned how to talk! How did that process go? Did classic Tails struggle teaching Classic Sonic to speak actual words?

Fionan M.
Hey are Gerald robotnick,Maria and eggman nega still related to eggman Are the family members of certain characters that are mentioned but never seen allowed to be used in the comic.

Andrew D.
Why do you guys think people love villains in fiction but not in real life?

If there ever came a time when there were no world ending threats to focus [Shadow’s] anger towards, what then? Would he then become the villain in his never ending quest to prove himself as the Ultimate Lifeform?

Dear both of you: Do you consider yourselves Based or Cringe?

To Ian: Hey, uh, what would happen if you Roboticized a Zeti?
Question for Kyle: Any good remixes you’d suggest?


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