BumbleKast #76: Returning to the Switch


On this episode, Ian and Kyle return to the topic of the Nintendo Switch, their impressions of it at this point in its life cycle, and what’s on the horizon.

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Greetings, Ian and Kyle. I’ve recently been rewatching the Nickelodeon 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, and I was wondering which version or versions of the Turtles are your favourite, from both the comics and from tv and/or movies?

Was Super Silver ever planned to appear in the Archie Comics? While I recall seeing Shadow, Sonic, and Blaze achieve their super forms in the Archie comics, Silver never used his despite being one of the few game characters with a full super form.

Antonio V.
Are there any arcs in the comics (preboot/reboot) that you wish you could have done differently?

This has been on my mind since I heard the IDW Sonic Comics take place after Sonic Forces. I keep forgetting to ask this but, would you consider the four short Sonic Forces Comics you wrote (Moment of Truth, Stress Test, Looming Shadow and Rise of Infinite)
as canon to the IDW Timeline?

Nicholas H.
What’s your thoughts on the upcoming 2019 Sonic Live Action Movie.

Nicholas S.
In issue #7 Metal says that he wasn’t completed before Eggman was defeated and apparently lost his memory. If so, how was he completed and activated?

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