BumbleKast #68: Author Intent vs. Public Perception


Ian & Kyle get cerebral as they discuss which has more merit when considering media: the author’s intentions, or how the work is perceived by the public that consumes it?

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Priority Q&A
ScruffyMatt – Sonic and his friends go to see “Avengers: Infinity War.” Who do they cosplay as?
Eric F. – What can you get your comic hardbound? Would you sign it?
Chris A. – How are fans liking IDW Sonic?

Standard Q&A
Neal H. – Will loose adaptations of past games appear in IDW Sonic?
Brodie M. – If the Archie Sonic comics continued, would you have liked to do a story where Sonic gets turned into a baby?
GoodfellaZombie – Is there a chance “Sonic: Megadrive” will be completed by IDW?

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