Bonus Touhou Tuesday 2013-07-16: Mr. Teezan’s Neighbourhood


トラブル! OverCoat is unavailable! Teezan offers to step in and help as OverCoat and TrueStar look on in horror, helpless to stop the events set in motion. Fortunately the show wasn’t all that bad. Also, the week prior to this show, Babbe released his new album, DEVISED DANCEFLOOR. Read on for the playlist!

凛 – Myorenji set 00


IRON ATTACK – Ghost in the other world

Kurogane Lab – Mind Fall

CROW’SCLAW – Common State of Innocent Violence

Demetori – Japanize Dream

O-Life Japan – 出番待ちの用心棒

O-Life Japan – イクサン・シュッド・ビー・フィーバー

t=NODE – Illusion of Sky

IOSYS – Professional Breeders

Shibayan – 荊の城

LAZ – Pilgrimage (LAZ Remix)

dBu music – 空の帰り道 ~ Landings from sky

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