Announcing Super Dodge Ball: Around The World!

Nitro Game Injection and OverClocked ReMix are proud to announce the release of OCR’s 28th arrangement album, Super Dodge Ball: Around the World. This album, co-directed by Kyle Crouse (KyleJCrb ) and Alan Bish (Murmeli Walan ), features a variety of musical styles from a diverse lineup of musicians, paying homage to the classic 8-bit dodgeball game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

With 19 arrangements from 25 artists, we pay tribute to Kazuo Sawa’s amazing Super Dodge Ball soundtrack with an eclectic mix of ethnic, metal, nerdcore hip-hop, new age, hardcore trance, and orchestral music. I am very proud to have assisted Walan in putting together an album that I feel is very consistent and fun to listen to. I hope everyone enjoys checking out Around the World!,” said Kyle.

The album was produced to help promote the music of Super Dodge Ball, was made by fans, for fans, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Technos; all original compositions and characters are copyright their respective owners.

Alan Bish added: “The original concept of Around the World was to showcase and tribute the music of Kazuo Sawa by reimagining his Super Dodge Ball soundtrack in an ethnic style. Over seven years after the concept’s creation, Around the World has been released! …This album would have never been completed without the help of co-director KyleJCrb, who stepped in in 2009 and recruited an amazing group of talented musicians from all corners of the Internet. It’s my hope that everyone who listens will enjoy Around the World!



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