Amanda Lepre of Descendants of Erdrick & Those Who Fight joins Nitro Game Injection for the Women of VGM Special! April 29th, 2012

Amanda Lepre, acclaimed solo artist and guitarist for the game cover band Descendants of Erdrick, Final Fantasy-themed rock opera group Those Who Fight, and the brand new Protomen parody cover band The Protomans will be joining Nitro Game Injection on April 29th, 2012! She’ll be appearing to talk shop about herself being in ALL THE BANDS, sloths, gaming, and more! Amanda will be part of a special focused on the women of video game music,  both in composition and remixes/arrangements. Artists like Kinuyo Yamashita, Jillian Aversa, Chibi-Tech, Pongball, and many others will be featured on this episode, so be sure to tune in on April 29th at 5 PM Eastern Time, only on Arecibo Radio!

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