Radio OverCoat #242 (2017-12-03): The Allegory of the Mario Stairs


I’m back and I’m feeling almost as fabulous as Kakyoin. I feel “chiptune fatigue” after a few shows of doing only that, so I went and played my other favorite kind of music: Japanese doujin music and city pop! Also threw in some choice synthwave/synthpop in there and finally got those Zalza albums because that’s some good music right there. Fun fact: I also battled an impending sneeze for what seemed like an entire hour of the show. Read on for the full playlist.

  1. Apogee & Perigee – ホープ
  2. Le Cassette – 1-UP
  3. Miharu Koshi – L’amour Toujours [Telex]
  4. Zalza – Chasing The Clouds
  5. FM-84 – Running In The Night (feat. Ollie Wride)
  6. Masayoshi Minoshima – Shadow of Memories
  7. RIC – Breath of Asia
  8. 隣人 – butterfly – CYTOKINE Remix
  9. Taishi – Old One
  10. Meiko Nakahara – Dial Mawashite
  11. Kristine – The Deepest Blue- Miami Nights RMX
  12. Akiko Yano – ramen tabetai
  13. Yukihiro Takahashi – are you receiving me
  14. Haruomi Hosono – Living Dining Kitchen
  15. Zalza – Hard Drive
  16. Lazerhawk – Arrival
  17. mitch murder – Feel the Air (feat. Kristine)
  18. Shibayan – SUPER MOON
  19. Chouchou – shion
  20. 鳩小屋 – 彼岸の塚
  21. <echo>PROJECT – 羊の塔
  22. Chouchou – kagami
  23. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Takako Minekawa – 風の谷のナウシカ

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