Touhou Tuesday 2013-02-05: YES! YES! Double Rainbow Birthday Cirno 3+6=⑨ Special!


Hooray! It’s the special where both TrueStar and I have nearby birthdays. My birthday is on the 3rd of February, and TrueStar’s is on the 6th, and 3+6=⑨ huhuhuhu Anyway I asked TrueStar what we should do for today’s show, and she jokingly said that we should play all Cirno arrangements. I accidentally took her seriously, so we have 2 full hours of nothing but arrangements of “Beloved Tomboyish Girl” from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Also, at the same time, several amazing things are happening! First the big news, ZUN is finally coming to America! He will be a guest of Anime Weekend Atlanta in September. Yes, I know Touhou isn’t an anime! Second, on the other side of the world, the Touhou VN [Vietnamese] Community is having a style contest! Vote for Gensokyo’s most fashionable youkai in “Gensokyo’s Next Top Model!” On to the playlist. Can you handle all this ⑨?

紅い流星 | 蒼い刹那 | [TEST] | 黒侍 | MAXつかさ | ムター | 山石本薫 – 湖畔夏風邪隊


minami – 9190

miko | 夕野ヨシミ | ARM – チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室

Yuyoyuppe – Melting Time

TaNaBaTa – Cirno Cirno Cirno

Demetori – おてんば恋娘の冒険

如日 – おてんば恋娘

IOSYS – The Legend Of Cirno

凛 – Koumakan set 04 〜 おてんば恋娘

隣人 – in the ice cube

神波千尋 | 夕野ヨシミ | ARM – 青色のチルノ

cYsmix – House of Cirno

Babbe feat. kuroTenshi – Wanna steal the Ice Fairy’s Pantsu!

miko | イザベル | ペス | 夕野ヨシミ | ARM – 愛のチルノ劇場「虫のくせに偉いね!」の巻

izna – Skittish Trooper

daitem – おてんばブギ(冷血物語BGM)

Kurenainagi Tabibito – おてんば恋娘

cittan* Gt.Soh Yoshioka – Otemba de Jane-yo [おてんば恋娘]

Coro feat. らっぷびと – そんなゆめをみたの ~lonely dreaming girl~

EoSD Stage 2 Boss – Cirno’s Theme – Beloved Tomboyish Girl

DJ Command/Vo. 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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