mr. sad moon is sad

1. Wetrix for Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PC

A 1-2 player puzzle game in which pieces of land fall from the sky, and your job is to arrange them on your landscape board into pools. Then, water falls down and you try to collect it. All hell breaks loose when bombs and fireballs try to disrupt your little landscape, as you scramble to try to keep your hands on as much water as possible. This game has it all: addicting game play, cool music, water graphics, and rubber ducks! Play this game today, and tonight you will dream of collecting water.

wetrix... wet tricks.. HAHAHA

Nick: Before The New Tetris came out for the N64, this was the premier puzzle game on the Fun Machine, even if most people had never heard of it. There’s an addictive quality to the game that will make you start to think that collecting water would be fun in real life. Well, I tried, and.. it's not. What a sad day that was. Oh well.

2. Beetle Adventure Racing for Nintendo 64

A 1-4 player racing game in which you can choose to either: race against the clock, race or battle your friends, or race against 1 (single race) or 7 (championship) computerized friends. The tracks are long and cool-some include a haunted house, a dinosaur, or flying skulls. The tracks are good for racing, but also fun for exploring because there are many hidden areas. And perhaps best of all, the cars are super cute! It’s a wonder this game never really caught on.

racing + adventure = fun !

Nick: I don’t think real VW Bugs would hold up to the kind of punishment you put them through in this game. Actually, I’m positive, because Justin Kong and I did a few home tests and we’re pretty sure the results were conclusive. Anyway, for this reason, I don’t think these are real Beetles. Also, the game would be more fun if it was Beatle Adventure Racing. But that’s obvious.

3. World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck for Sega Genesis

A 1-2 player magical adventure starring your old friends Mickey and Donald. You can be either one, or if you have a friend to play with you, both can play. The graphics are really quite good, and the music fits in just right. The game is full of cool things, like a magic carpet and an evil spider. It is easy but entertaining, and of course, cute. Check out this side scrolling action when you get the chance.

world of FUN!!

Nick: I do not remember any illusions in this game. How MYSTERIOUS!!

4. A Boy and His Blob (Trouble on Blobolonia) for NES

A classic 1 player adventure game featuring a boy and his blob. You play as the boy, feeding your blob friend different kinds of jellybeans to get him to turn into different things. Each metamorphosis of the blob helps you get through the different obstacles of the game. It is a cool treasure-hunting adventure game with a completely bizarre premise and entertaining game play. What more could you want?

what an exciting game!  Even the box tells a story!

Nick: Something fun to do is throw a jellybean away from the Blob and watch him frown. Then you can toy with him for a while until you finally feed him a jellybean, content in the knowledge that you are his master.

5. Bubble Bath Babes for NES

A 1-2 player “adult” puzzle game for the NES! In it, a bubbles float up from a naked 8-bit bath babe’s tub and the task at hand is to match up four of the same color to get them to disappear. If you play well, you get to see a crappy little animation of one of the 8-bit beauties. But all in all, this game is shamefully fun. The naked ladies might make you laugh once or twice, but the addicting bubble puzzle is what will keep you playing for hours.

Just look at those BABES

Nick: This is BY FAR the best of the illegal adult games for the NES. Bubble Bath Babes is a nice little puzzle game clone made better by the addition of 8-bit nude honeys. The graphics are SUMPTUOUS!

6. Jetforce Gemini for Nintendo 64

A 1-2 player action/adventure game, which also features a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players. You can play as either Juno (boy), Vela (girl), or Lupus (dog), and the task that has been bestowed upon you is: save the planet! You get to shoot bugs, and have a huge amount of weapons to choose from. The music in this game is way cool. The graphics are pretty impressive. And this game is good for the long haul-it has a satisfying difficulty/fun balance that will keep you entertained for a long time.

Look at them go SPLOOSSH!

Nick: The best exploding humanoid ants ever in a game, in my opinion, are featured in this game. SPLOOSH!! It's so fun!

7. Bad Day on the Midway for PC

A 1 player mystery/exploration game set in a run-down carnival. You can switch who you play as throughout the game as you try to figure out the mysteries of the midway. This game is extremely creepy and weird. It was made by the Residents (strange musical group who wears huge eyeball masks to hide their true identities). The game is filled with cool carnies, like Lottie the Human Log, and features multiple endings to keep the replay value high.

Nick: A lot of “multimedia” games from the mid-90s sure do suck the big fat chunky one. Bad Day avoids this problem, however, by keeping the video entertaining and the mystery… uh… mysterious. I also recommend the soundtrack. It’s good to fall asleep to. You’ll have pleasant dreams of floating human heads and bloody elves trying to pry their way into your nostrils. Wheee!

8. Fast Food for Atari 2600

A 1 player game for Atari that is actually fun! You play as a pair of lips, and as you coast through black empty space you try to gobble up different kinds of food. But if you eat too many purple pickles, you burp and the game is over. The graphics are good for the Atari, and the controls are pretty good for the joystick. Most Atari games are playable for a good 2-3 minutes, but this one will last you almost 10!


Nick: The graphics in this game show off just how “special” the Atari’s graphical capabilities are. The good thing is that even though the pizza slices look like Doritos, Doritos are still food, so it’s okay. In fact, I thought the pizza slices were Doritos up until this past Summer, when Justin Kong and I broke out the 2600 for a weekend of wild fun. It was then that I realized that Fast Food was probably pre-Dorito, and that my childhood Dorito-eating-floating-mouth fantasies were all based on a horrible misunderstanding, and that Justin Kong was passed out on the floor from a few too many rounds of Barnstormer.

9. Snake Rattle N Roll for NES

A 1-2 player puzzle type game in which 2 snakes (Rattle and Roll) are stuck on an island and must try to reach the top. The snakes have to grow their tails longer to open the door to the next level, so that they can eventually reach the top of the island and flag down a spaceship. This game is cool, and also downright weird. You get to eat things called Nibbely Pibbelys (which make your tail grow). It’s playable for a pretty long time, and the 2-player mode is just as fun. You’ll have a good time with this one.

Nick: What can I say about this great game that hasn't been said by a million great scholars? Nothing! This game is a reason to live, just like Fast Food! Play it! Live it! Love it!